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Topic: Skype Conference 2012-03-18 Chatlog

[12:00:12] Miroslav Popov: Hello everyone
[12:00:24] Miroslav Popov: Welcome to our first online conference
[12:01:27] Miroslav Popov: I prefer to chat in order to be possible to post the chat in the forum later
[12:01:49] Miroslav Popov: I'm Miroslav Popov, the lead developer of FSB
[12:02:01] sebastianjercan: hello Popov
[12:02:49] Gary Green: Hi Mr. Popov.
[12:03:27] satastyle: Hello, Popov
[12:03:40] Miroslav Popov: The purpose of the conference is to generalize the current issues and todo
[12:04:10] Miroslav Popov: in order to be fixed the next weak
[12:05:04] Dr. Kirov: hey guys
[12:05:17] Miroslav Popov: Lets first to start with the schedule for the upcoming conferences
[12:05:43] Miroslav Popov: I think to make them on every Sunday at a certain hour
[12:06:14] satastyle: Im ok
[12:06:32] sebastianjercan: Sunday it is ok but I think is better 2 hours earlier
[12:06:41] sebastianjercan: from my point of view
[12:06:43] Miroslav Popov: What do you think about the time
[12:06:46] Gary Green: 1 hour later
[12:06:51] sebastianjercan: smile
[12:06:57] sebastianjercan: or so
[12:07:29] Krog Krog: 1 or 2 hour later for  me
[12:07:39] satastyle: This time is ok for me
[12:07:40] Miroslav Popov: If we cannot decide now, I'll move the vote to the forum
[12:07:46] Krog Krog: ok
[12:07:49] Gary Green: ok
[12:07:50] sebastianjercan: I think is better on forum
[12:08:03] sebastianjercan: and maybe is better to decide every week
[12:08:26] Miroslav Popov: The criteria for decision will be the number of posts and the rank
[12:08:37] Miroslav Popov: It's better to be at a certain time
[12:09:26] sebastianjercan: anyway I thing the most important thing is that always the chat must to be on forum available
[12:09:38] sebastianjercan: for all
[12:09:42] Miroslav Popov: Yes, of cource
[12:09:54] Miroslav Popov: after the chat, I'll post a copy in the forum
[12:10:15] Miroslav Popov: The discussion will continue there offline
[12:10:27] sebastianjercan: ok
[12:11:30] Miroslav Popov: So, I'll post the time of next conference on Sunday at 10:00 UTC
[12:11:55] Miroslav Popov: but will decide up to Wednesday
[12:12:13] sebastianjercan: ok
[12:12:32] Miroslav Popov: Let's continue with the current TODO for FSB
[12:12:36] sebastianjercan: ok
[12:12:47] sebastianjercan: I have to ask you something
[12:12:53] sebastianjercan: http://forexsb.com/forum/topic/2621/atr-ma-oscilator/
[12:13:10] sebastianjercan: this is still not solved I think
[12:13:55] Miroslav Popov: I'm not familiar with this topic at the moment
[12:14:05] Miroslav Popov: I'll check it and will answer in the forum
[12:14:29] sebastianjercan: the ideea is, if we cannot make anything for this oscilator, maybe is better to take it away
[12:14:32] sebastianjercan: from fsb
[12:14:55] sebastianjercan: because is realy not working in fst
[12:15:13 | Edited 12:15:22] Miroslav Popov: No. We'll fix it. I'll check the problem these days
[12:15:35] sebastianjercan: ok
[12:15:58] Miroslav Popov: I think to add Point measures of the Krog's Histogram Chart
[12:16:18] Miroslav Popov: I tried to do it, but it was a little tricky
[12:16:32] Miroslav Popov: so probably I'll rewrite the code
[12:16:37] sebastianjercan: krog said there that maybe we cannot solve the problem
[12:16:51] Krog Krog: hunh? what Point measure?
[12:17:04] sebastianjercan: Hi mentosan,
thanks for your help. I don't know if we can fix the issue, but this is important info needed to help fix it. Let's gather info on the first issue, the indicator never goes negative, and check if the ATR and MA ATR values are the same or different between FSB and FST.
[12:17:07 | Edited 12:18:01] Miroslav Popov: ops. Pips and Currency in Histogram Chart (Trade Distribution Chart)
[12:17:26] Gary Green: YES!
[12:17:46] sebastianjercan: anyway, important thing is to solve it, not what we said or not
[12:18:18] sebastianjercan: the second point
[12:19:02] sebastianjercan: what about connection with MT5?
[12:19:16] Gary Green: Do you have a list of TODOs so we can prioritise them?
[12:19:31] Miroslav Popov: Connection with MT5 is not a priority now
[12:19:37] sebastianjercan: ok
[12:19:43] Miroslav Popov: I'll make one soon
[12:19:58] Miroslav Popov: But first I want to publish Release Candidate of FSB
[12:20:09] Miroslav Popov: up to the next weekend
[12:20:26] Miroslav Popov: after that to check the most important issues of FST
[12:21:06] Miroslav Popov: - new Previous High Low indicator
[12:21:14] Miroslav Popov: - fixing Enter Once issue
[12:21:47] Miroslav Popov: This is my priority for the next two weeks
[12:22:09] Miroslav Popov: Of course, if a new bug is reported I'll try to fix it
[12:22:38] Miroslav Popov: After both FSB and FST are fixed and updated
[12:23:02] Miroslav Popov: I'll start major refactoring of both programs
[12:23:15] Dr. Kirov: how much time do we have till the end of this meeting?
[12:23:53] Miroslav Popov: If there is no further questions, the conference will end at 11:00
[12:24:09 | Edited 12:24:18] Miroslav Popov: Of course you can continue chatting
[12:24:52] Miroslav Popov: Do you have any questions about the current TODO
[12:25:20] Krog Krog: what about the issue with BreakEven? Someone had a post, something about if you add lots
[12:26:00] Miroslav Popov: I'll check the source
[12:26:09] Miroslav Popov: can you post a link to the topic
[12:28:18 | Edited 12:28:20] Miroslav Popov: Do you have any problems with running FST on VPS?
[12:28:42 | Edited 12:28:51] Miroslav Popov: Some users reported that there was no .NET 2 on their VPS
[12:29:53] satastyle: Im running FST on VPS and there`s no problem.
[12:30:20] Miroslav Popov: I'll post some ideas for the next FST versions
[12:30:56] Miroslav Popov: - making one FST running multiple strategies (on different tabs or so)
[12:31:17] Miroslav Popov: - one account chart for all strategies
[12:31:31] Miroslav Popov: - writing log file for all trades and events
[12:32:10] Miroslav Popov: I hope to reduce system requirements in that way
[12:32:48] Gary Green: I would like the log file to remember previous operations so that when FST is opened it just appends the new info to it.
[12:33:27] Miroslav Popov: ok. this is a good idea
[12:33:53] satastyle: I`m agree with Gary Green
[12:34:56] Miroslav Popov: I'll move the Enter Once code from FST to the Expert
[12:35:10] Miroslav Popov: in order to make it more reliable
[12:36:22] Miroslav Popov: Krog, do you tested the exp branch of GitHub
[12:36:36] Miroslav Popov: It will be the next step for FSB
[12:36:51] Krog Krog: currnetly I've go tmy local copy updated to to github
[12:37:03] Krog Krog: I've used a couple times the past 2 days
[12:37:37] Miroslav Popov: Main screen strategy editor, Generator and Optimizer will have their own copy of the back-tester, data and settings
[12:38:05 | Edited 12:38:34] Miroslav Popov: in that way a user can run several Generators or Optimizers and to continue editing other strategy on the main screen
[12:39:00] satastyle: This will be nice.
[12:40:36] Miroslav Popov: I cannot decide whether to continue maintaining .NET 2 or to go further to .NET 4.5
[12:41:14 | Edited 12:41:39] Miroslav Popov: Unfortunately many users from eastern European and Russia has old computers with Win XP
[12:42:58] Gary Green: All my computers use XP, it is stil the best in my view.
[12:43:17] Krog Krog: best to stay with .NET 2, help the most users, not make them have to update if it's a problem
[12:44:17] Miroslav Popov: I made some experiments with .NET 4.5 with WPF ...
[12:44:56] Miroslav Popov: Tested Tabs user interface
[12:45:07] Gary Green: Many older computers cannot be upgraded to Windows 7 e.g. Pentioum 4's
[12:45:49] Miroslav Popov: I see, even .NET 2.0 needs an additional update
[12:46:52] Krog Krog: (not to interrupt, let's continue with .NET 2 vs 4.5 -- found 2 topics with the Breakeven issue: http://forexsb.com/forum/topic/2767/whe … t-breakev/    and     http://forexsb.com/forum/topic/3102/bre … ling-stop/ )
[12:48:20] Miroslav Popov: Thank you Krog, I'll check the issue later
[12:48:36 | Edited 12:48:44] Miroslav Popov: Do you have any general questions about FSB or FST?
[12:57:50] Krog Krog: Would it be possible for different instances of FSB running at the same time to communicate with each other?
[12:58:28] Krog Krog: Goal -- to test running several strategies or instruments at the same time
[12:58:55] Krog Krog: I'm trying to imagine how this might work if it is possible
[12:59:33] Miroslav Popov: This will be possible with the next versions of FSB. Check "exp" branch at github
[13:03:39] Miroslav Popov: Ok, guys,
[13:03:56] Miroslav Popov: Thank you for attending our first online chat
[13:04:25] Gary Green: Thank you for being a good host!
[13:04:26] Miroslav Popov: I'll take care of the topics mentioned here
[13:04:40] satastyle: Have a nice day.
[13:04:44] Krog Krog: thank you
[13:05:06] Miroslav Popov: Thank you. Have a nice day / evening!

Re: Skype Conference 2012-03-18 Chatlog

My comments in the meeting were incorrect:
[12:36:22] Miroslav Popov: Krog, do you tested the exp branch of GitHub
[12:36:36] Miroslav Popov: It will be the next step for FSB
[12:36:51] Krog Krog: currnetly I've go tmy local copy updated to to github

Correction -- I currently use the beta on my local copy, I haven't used the exp branch yet.

Re: Skype Conference 2012-03-18 Chatlog

The "exp" branch is a major rewrite. It is not stable yet but you can start several independent Generators or Optimizers. What I have to do on it is to separate the configs, so that we can introduce user profiles. Also Each toll has to be able to use its own data copy and to has strategy save / open ability.
Tomorrow afternoon I'll check the reported ATR issue.

Re: Skype Conference 2012-03-18 Chatlog

Dear mr. Popov.  On Breakeven issue disregard the First link provided by Krog in his edit of the above Conference summary.  That thread is based on a misunderstanding jgp and others shared about the operation of the Breakeven function.  Please, however, read the Second link, which essentially asks if the Breakeven function could be easily modified so as to function the way we thought it did. 
Example, if the optimized BE setting is determined to be 200 pips, and the entry price is 0.90000, can the new S/L be 0.900100 rather than 0.90000.  That is the entry price +/- half [or some fraction] of the BE setting.  Thanks