Topic: Week Closing #2

I have installed the FSB 2.65 and the FST 1.4.8. I developed a strategy that use the Week Closing logical close for the transaction. As we are GMT +3 the Week Closing is not accure to shutdown the open positons. We found the custom indicator "Week Closing 2" in the FST that has the possiblity to program a specific hour but when we like to do the backtest on the FSB the application says he don't know the "Week Closing 2" custom indicator!!!

Can anybody help us please?

Re: Week Closing #2

Copy it from FST's custom folder to FSB's custom indi folder.

Re: Week Closing #2

For backtesting you should use "Week Close". "Week Close 2" allows you to bring the close time forward but you shouldn't use it for backtesting as it may give erroneus results. For example, if you are backtesting on hourly data and set the close to 23:55 then FSB doesn't know what the price was at 23:55.

Once you are happy with the backtesting, load it to FST and change the strategy to use "week close 2", then bring the time forward to send the close order before the market shuts.

In my backtesting, almost without exception,  I find that I get better results by leaving the position open over the weekend but practicality tells me to close all positions at the end of the week. That way I sleep better!

Re: Week Closing #2

Thank you SpiderMan, it's a very good explantion.