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Why FST miss most of trades generated by FSB  , i make a strategy and upload to FST then when FSB run and the exact condition for a trade is met it do nothing  and after that when take a trade it keep it running even the stop criteria is met !!!!!!!

Any help

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Screenshots, strats and everything which is involved to it needs to be uploaded.

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I am haing same problem since last week. Before that everything worked. I started to use FSB/BST from 2 Nov. But now FST doesn't do anything when I am watching all conditions being met in the chart of FST.

BTW, I can manually buy/sell/close change/set SL/TP  in FST without any issue. But it seems FST don't care about the strategy any more.

My broker is MB Trading UK.

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I tried to change to another strategy, it worked again. Must be some parameters that caused the problem. Testing....

Will let you know my findings.

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What does "Bar Closing time advance in seconds" mean? BTW? The default value is 3.

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I think this is what it does:
it is a timer to countdown to the end of the bar for entering at bar closing. At 3 seconds to the bar close (ex, 1:59:57 a.m. for an hourly bar), if there is an entry signal, it sends the order. This allows some time for a matching opposite order to come from someone else so the trade will happen as the closest approximation to the end of the bar.

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Thanks for the explanation. It is probably designed in an attempt to offset network latency, delay etween MT4 client and server, and delays between FST and MT4.

But this shouldn't affect sending signal to MT4 for execution, right?

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I think I found the root cause of the problem.

My strategy has "Bar Closing" as opening point of the Position.

I synced my computer time to make sure it's accurate.

If I leave "Bar Closing time advance in seconds" as default 3 seconds, I get "a bar close event" every minute on a 1 minutes chart in Journal section (system message turned on). It shows most bars close 2 seconds early. very few 3 seconds or 1 second early.

However, if I change the parameter to 1, I don't always see bar close event. Instead, I sometimes see "a secondary bar closing event", but not guaranteed. i.e. occasionally, there is no "bar close" or "secondary bar close" at all for that minute! In this case, even all conditions in opening logic slots are met, NO action will be taken in FST because there is no bar close event.

To sum up,

1, computer time must be accurate. I would use some tool apps to force time synced every hour. I think so-called "Bar Closing time advance in seconds" calculation is base on local computer's time.

2, the parameter in "Bar Closing time advance in seconds" should be adjusted according to the broker until "bar close event" is shown every minutes on 1 minute chart. Each broker may have slightly different timing on server.

3, this scenario may only apply to timing related issue, not issues caused by other factors, e.g indicators etc.