Topic: List of non repainting indicators

As a FSB project adept i`m at the stage of undertaking the differences between the trades in FSB and FST. smile
First, many thanks to the developers team and especially to Mr Popov for this freeware product and their huge contribution to the system traders community.
Second, I would like to propose to make a list of the non repainting FSB indicators. My strategy is OBOS based, ofcourse the trades in FSB and FST are not identical. But it still looks pretty. Today i`ve noticed that OBOS indicator repainted after a loose.
I think this list of "non repainting indicators" would be very usefull for newcomers as well as for professional developers.
Thank you.

Re: List of non repainting indicators

As far as I was aware, FSB doesn't have any repainting indicators. Can you post an image to look at?

Re: List of non repainting indicators

Yeah, pics of repainting would be good, but they're hard to catch when needed.

I'd like to know to what extent the repainting took place, how much the value changed?