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Strategy Description


I have problem during Back test .
its not adding orders and getting below error . If any one can help me to fix this .
(XAUUSD,M15) 2020.03.24 22:00:00 Error: ActionTrade::ManageOrderSend(): OrderCheck(): Invalid volume in the request
hello ! i have a problem! i run expert on my demo acuont Forex but cant open the order ! always show this message :

"The order is canceled becasue the entry amount is below the allowed minimum"

please help me
Having that many open orders will bog down your computer (or VPS) to the point where it wont be able to open, close or modify orders. That strategy will destroy your account quickly but the basic idea of the strategy is good. I'm working on a revamped version that'll actually work in the real world because I had much different results from my backtest with your original parameters, plus I know having that many open orders will cause havok, most likely your computer (or VPS) wont be able to handle that many calculations simutaniously, possibly not being able to close, modify or open orders and if you are able to close out profitable trades I would imagine you would be faced with a lot of slippage from your broker trying to close out that many orders at one time, especially because gold can really change price fast.
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The slots show the logic for the long positions only. Forex Strategy Builder automatically computes the proper logic for the short positions.

Strategy Properties
Same direction signal - Add
Opposite direction signal - Reverse
Permanent Stop Loss - 522
Permanent Take Profit - None
Break Even - None
Opening Point of the Position
Bar Opening
Enter the market at the beginning of the bar
Base price - Open
Opening Logic Condition
Fisher Transform
Fisher Transform is higher than the zero line
Base price - Open
Period - 65
Use previous bar value - False
Closing Point of the Position
Week Closing
Exit the market at the end of the week
Base price - Close
Closing Logic Condition
Average True Range
ATR rises
Smoothing method - Smoothed
Base price - Bar range
Smoothing period - 22
Level [points] - 174
Use previous bar value - False
Closing Logic Condition
Williams' Percent Range
WPR falls
Smoothing method - Smoothed
Period of %R - 16
Smoothing period - 7
Level - -20
Use previous bar value - False
Account Stats
Acceptance criteria
Net balance1207924.10
Intrabar scanning
Ambiguous bars0
Backtest quality100 %
Profit per day1563.37
Max consecutive losses682
System quality number4.37
Sharpe ratio0.06
Average HPR0.02
Profit factor2.31
Tested bars49933
Minimum balance995.45
Maximum balance1209333.30
Max balance drawdown74138.80
Max equity drawdown13.02 %
Max stagnation27
Average profit2236.84
Average loss-49.84
Executed orders79918
Win/loss ratio0.05
Time in position100%
Market Stats
Count of bars50000
Time of updating2022-04-30 01:00
Time of beginning2020-03-18 06:00
Minimum price1461.89
Maximum price2074.87
Average Gap430 points
Maximum Gap315399 points
Average High-Low25669 points
Maximum High-Low666299 points
Average Close-Open12389 points
Maximum Close-Open613199 points
Maximum days off3
Input Stats
Profile nameDefault profile
Data source nameFSB Demo data
Strategy nameXAUUSDM15
Data bars50000
Time of updating2022-04-30 01:00
Time of beginning2020-03-18 06:00
Spread20.00 points
Swap long-2.00 points
Swap short-2.00 points
Commission0.00 points
Slippage0.00 points
Interpolation methodPessimistic
Initial Account1000 USD
Account exchange rateNot used
Auto scanSwitched off
Trade until Margin CallSwitched on
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