How can i handle this

I want to have an portfolio with for example 10 strategies with 10years backtest data. 10 strategies with 5 years backtest data . 10 with 2 years and 10 with 1 year backtest data.

So i have created for each backtest time my collection. And now how can i handle it that i can put in all in one from my backtest times. i know that it will make bad balance curve. But i want to try it out.

Broker with best data History

rantampla wrote:

yes I use now also Tickstory, unfortunately the import into the MT4 is still too complicated, since always all data must be completely transferred. Hope that will eventually work as an update

I personally think it is worth considering paying for Tick Data Suite that simplifies the process after installation.

All you then have to do is map the software to your MT4 installation and you are good to go. You simply select 'Tick Data Suite' and ensure  your brokers symbols are mapped against Dukascopy's.

I agree with a member here that suggests that it may be beneficial to include Dukascopy tick data in the broker selections to allow for longer range data across all timeframes.

Broker with best data History

yes I use now also Tickstory, unfortunately the import into the MT4 is still too complicated, since always all data must be completely transferred. Hope that will eventually work as an update

Implementation of 99% Backtest data from dukascopy

I can only agree with that. That's why I bought the Tickstory subscription on the weekend. So I am at least sure about the quality of the data now. It was scary how my strategies produced on the bad data, with the good data now look ...

Implementation of 99% Backtest data from dukascopy


why not implement in eastudio a downloader or something to get the dukascopy backtest data?

I thought like it worked server side. I choose from eastudio what data i want and it downloads itself with my settings.

Or what about a standalone app for downloading data.

I think here are much people which use theier brokerdata which are full of mistakes what also make bad strategies. Ok they think they have good cause eastudio generates with their bad data strategies but in real they are bad strategies.

So it will be great to have such feature

Broker with best data History

hey i use 99% Quality data from dukascopy . you can download with tickstory

Broker with best data History


I opened an account by Forextime (FXTM) and I tried to use their history in order to generate strategies with EA Studio.
The problem is that there is a H4  gap of 4 years (10.2013-11.2017). I already tried everything, I also contacted support ...They gave me a blind copy-paste answer  without any connection to  my problem.

Now, I have to change them and the question is, which broker has an accuracy data history? Pls help

backtesting result is different from the real trading

geektrader wrote:

I´ve just compared some of my last live trades today with the EA Studio backtest (feeding it the same data of course), I´ve got a perfect match down to a few points on the entry and exit prices (spread differences and slippage - just normal). If your strategies pass the mentioned MC tests, you should be fine (also in terms of starting bar, don´t forget that).

My Acceptance Criteria in Reactor mode totally depends on what I am looking for and how many years of data I am using. In general here is what I use *most* of the time on my 32 years H1 data set (all pairs):

Minimum R-Squared: 80 (want at least to have a *somewhat* acceptable curve in the initial strategy before handing it over to the Optimizer, as I don´t want to waste CPU power on the Optimizer for strategies that anyway will fail even after the Optimizer as their initial stage is too bad right from the start)

Minimum Trades: 1500 (now that could be much too much if using < 32 years of data, but for my huge set it´s the minimum I want to see because anything lower is not really statistically relevant)

Minimum Backtest Quality: 99 (obvious, right?)

That´s it already, nothing special.

geektrader, which Broker do you use? I'm looking for a good quality data broker and it seems to me that you have a very good one...

Correct Data for EA-Studio

Hello ViniQ.
Thanks for your answer and helping.

In the meantime, I have acquired the data from tickstory and thus have reliable historical data. even if they are not from icmarkets. But I understand that these data are the most reliable. I hope I was right smile

Greetings, Marcus

Correct Data for EA-Studio

Hello Marcus

it's the ICM data?

I did that, the data is complete, but I doubt it's the ICM data

You will not have doubts, there it says my data.

Release your's data first at:
* Data > Data Import > My data
* Data > Data Statistics

Run the export script and upload the new data to EAS;

Can someone tell me the exact procedure?

In addition, the EA Studio after import maximum days off xx days
How do you do that exactly? Can someone tell me the exact procedure that is right, please.

With maximum "off days" you can investigate if there is any data missing in the quotations. It's simple data calculation, between prices that you had imported. To tell you the maximum difference from Data1(last) - Data2(previous)

E.g. I've discovered a "hole" in my current brokers data on intraday prices the market ran out of quotations for 2 weeks. It was during a Christmas/new years eve, this does not mean all the data is rotten, but some time does.

Suggestion is also use History Quality from metatrader tester
Marcus I also use and check my data history quality and I advise you too do the test.
Do a simple backtest (using any ea) and check it using the metatrader tester. Look at the backtest metric "History Quality".
Metatrader5 Tester > History Quality 7% for X - Broker A
Metatrader5 Tester > History Quality 94% for X - Broker B

This metric is useful also can reveal if there is something wrong with the exported data.

Best regards;