MQL code is updated to v47 - Covers issues in MT5

After update exported EAs stopped making trades in mt5 tester ... Is there any way to make it work again? Or somehow to revert to older mql code version?

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When would you have stopped this robots?

what is the probability for a trade to succeed if W/L ratio for previous n trades is above x threshold?

Ahhh -- good question.  I get to use my favorite answer -- "I don't know -- it depends"...

I don't have any statistics on this -- this is something that remains to be evaluated and, hopefully, the more people who experiment with it and share results then something interesting will fall out.  My guess is this will vary according to your strategies, trading approach and the market.  I prefer empirical over theoretical, and I it occurred to me the demo account could be used to provide a clue as to how a strategy was trading in the current market.  At this point I just want to distinguish between strategies that are total losers and those that are not.  This is also much simpler than constantly pruning and allows for a strategy to begin working again if it likes the data -- which wouldn't happen if you solely relied on pruning.

This is all new.  And with time, if people share their observations then I can include more "policies".  However, to be honest, I'm not really interested in people suggesting that I try this or that.  I have better things to do with my time.  However, if people do their own testing and can show some results where a particular policy tends to help their results then, sure, of course I'd be interested in giving it a try.  I leave the theoretical to Popov's software, and after that I'm only interested in empirical -- i.e. real testing.  I've noticed people tend not to like to do their own testing because it takes time and you have to be a good detective.  I don't want to fall into the trap of being the guinea pig who tests everyone else's ideas.  As you know, coding does take time. 

Another policy I've added (besides WinRatio) is "consecutive wins".  I've noticed that the majority of strategies exhibit streaks of winning and losing.  I suspect this is due to the fact that strategies are better fitted to certain data patterns compared to others.  And as the market pattern changes, then strategies will perform better or worse.  So, if a strategy has two consecutive wins in the demo account then it gets a green light to trade in the live account -- otherwise it is paused (until it again gets two consecutive wins).  Very simple -- but it matches the data and increases the overall profitability.  Though you miss out on a couple of winners, you frequently also avoid a string of losers.

As long as I'm hijacking, one last point.  Just as there is a "disconnect" between back testing and demo accounts, there is also a disconnect between demo and live accounts.  There is also a disconnect between demo accounts from different brokers.  I don't think it is due to anything dishonest, just that they each are using different data sources and probably add a little magic sauce to fit their business model.  So, using a demo account is not a substitute for creating good strategies -- that should still be the #1 priority.  But this new app can provide some protection if you happen to have a few real losers hidden in your portfolio EA and, also, make your good strategies a bit more profitable.  So -- at worst, no harm is done.  And, at best, profitability can be increased.

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heres gmi exe, thanks

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sorry here you go, my broker is gmi btw

When would you have stopped this robots?

footon wrote:

I love hijackings smile

Steve, what is the probability for a trade to succeed if W/L ratio for previous n trades is above x threshold?

I'm curious to know too.  What's your observations from your own tabulation and also what kind EA are you trading, Breakout EA or Ranging EA?

I think there is Generally 2 Basic Functions when I performance metric, such as PF, Win/Loss etc(of cos there are more, than 2)

Phase 1/Function 1
1) To measure the EA's overall performance over time (in another words, we want to know the EA's "average" performance over a certain period of time.  I usually wait till I got at least 2mth (the longer the better) demo testing to gather the performance metric.  Once I've these statistic, I use it for EA selection and put into a portfolio.  This is rather a "easy" decision making, choose EA with the top performance metric.

Phase 2/Function 2
2) To use Performance Metric as a "Predictive" indicator for deciding when to Turn On and Off EA.  This is by far the most "difficult" factor in my opinion, because by the time we "gathered" the results, It's "Post" results and not "pre"dictive results

Assuming all my EA selected in Phase 1 is done "correctly", in another words, all the EA selected are "profitable" hence I don't have to question the issue whether this EA will "fail" or not.  The question is when to turn off when the market is not "favourable " to my EA's make up/"training"/market cycle.  Such as a ranging period for a Breakout EA.  Hence my "challenge" is how to switch off EA during ranging times when EA isn't performance well?  Hence, which performance metric has the "best" or most appropriate "predictive' factor?

We tend to choose the "best" performance metric to "turn on" EA.  In my opinion, choosing Best performance metric should be done in Phase 1 as part of EA selection process. 

Imagine, using a Breakout EA, we wait for a few days of ranging just to get 1 Breakout.  So by the time I collected back the results that the EA is "making" money and hence win/ratio went up, I already missed out the Breakout and I'll will then be turning it On (after the Breakout period and that mean, I'm actually turn On my EA during Ranging, which is the very period I should be avoid trading, i.e. Turn off my EA.

So the question, is which performance metric is a "best" metric that may "indicative" that my EA is going to start making money?  I think Max DD or turn ON EA when it has lose a number of trades, Consecutive number of loses  (during ranging times, would be a better predictive indication).  Eg Turn ON EA when EA reached Max number of consecutive loses (during ranging time, may signify that Breakout is going to happen next).

I think we tend to mix up Phase 1 and Phase 2 Functionality of performance metric.  Selection of EA for Portfolio and Criteria for Turn on/off EA are 2 different Phases we need to consider them as separative process.  Don't use Phase 1 as decision marker for Phase 2.  Cos for Phase 2 to be effective, we need to see which performance metric has "preventive and predictive" value.

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You have to attach the expert for inspection.

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Hi guys, my EA is showing an Invalid pointer access error, can anyone help fix this problem. thanks

When would you have stopped this robots?

I love hijackings smile

Steve, what is the probability for a trade to succeed if W/L ratio for previous n trades is above x threshold?

Compatibility table EAS vs FSB {February 2018}

Hello forexsb fam

Today I was doing my usual research using FSB
and exporting the generated strategies to EAS ( I love eas )

I've found that some indicators are fully compatible in both softwares for opening logic condition


  • Accumulation Distribuition

  • ADX

  • Alligator

  • Average True Range

  • Awesome Oscillator

  • Bears Power

  • Bulls Power

  • Commodity Channel Index

  • Force Index

  • Momentum

  • Money Flow Index

  • Moving Average

  • Moving Average of Oscillator

  • Moving Averages Crossover

  • On Balance Volume

  • RSI

  • Standard Deviation

  • Volumes

As confidential information I'll share just with you the reader of this topic...
A trade bird has told me that Popov is working on the new version of FSB Pro that will bring compatibility between both engines (eas and fsb)... While the feature is not ready you can use your FSB instance with these indicators listed above in both platforms successfully wink

Trade safe and give me your feedback smile
Cheers from BR

When would you have stopped this robots?


I didn't mean to hijack rjectweb's original post.  I thought he posed an interesting question and topic, so I took the risk of mentioning the approach I'm currently working on.

The idea is very simple -- two accounts (demo and live) running the *same* strategies.  The demo account always trades and keeps track of wins / losses.  The live account checks the wins / losses before proceeding with a trade.  The wins / losses are computed using the most recent 10 trades -- and it's adjustable.  In this way one can use the demo account to get an idea whether a strategy is currently a winner or loser.  It all depends on the incoming data, and the incoming data is always changing.

I'll have more to say in a different thread -- for now, let's return to rejectweb's original question.