OOS filter?

Hi is there a filter whereby you can filter out strategies that didn't improve in the OOS?

For example, the Green section shows the equity curve of the strategy's performance under OOS data.

Some strategies improve in it's equity curve under OOS data, i.e. the equity curve goes up (instead of down), whereas there are some strategies that performed worse during OOS data, ie. the equity curve goes down.

The problem is - both these 2 groups of strategies still passed the overall performance test, ie. they both show positive equity curve.

I want to prune those Strategies that didn't make profit during the OOS data even if their overall performance show positive equity.  These strategies are likely be curve fitted and hence didn't make profit in the OOS data.

So is there such a filter currently available (if yes, what is it named as?)  I try searching but didn't seem to find one that fit the abovementioned function.

Indicator Chart - scroll with Home, End and the arrow keys

Excellent work Popov, that's one thing about you all these years.  You constantly seek improvement and never stop.  I admire you dedication.

Indicator Chart - scroll with Home, End and the arrow keys

You can scroll to the previous or next deal with Ctrl + left / right arrow. It centers the deal on the screen and updates the dynamic info.

MT4 Sidekick - Demo Account Barometer


Indicator Chart - scroll with Home, End and the arrow keys

Uploaded new version.

Now we have Zoom in / out with + / -.

Added dynamic info:


EA Studio Data Export Script Questions

Yes, you are right. You can sett a more meaningful spread manually during the weekend.

Expert Advisor Studio - Wish list

You can save / load all settings from settings wink


Indicator Chart - scroll with Home, End and the arrow keys

Zoom already working on dev. version:). I'll work during the weekend and will upload a new version on Sunday evening.

Expert Advisor Studio - Wish list

I'm now experimenting with different settings to understand which is the most ideal settings so that I can plan out a workflow that can replicate the success rate.  In another words, so that any users, if they were to follow certain settings or workflow, there is high success rate in the kind of strategies generated.

Because I'm trying out with different settings, it is crucial to journal these settings down.

Popov is it possible to save these settings as "Templates" or "Profiles" just like MT4 we can save our EA set ups under different profiles?

In another words, I can save several settings such as Setting 1, 2, 3 etc and so I can record my Strategies (base magic number to relate to the different setting) so that when I compare the results of different Strategies, I would know which strategies (i.e based magic number = Which settings)  produce the best results.

For example, currently I'm doing an experiment to test

1) Does longer historical data produce more robust EA (better trade results) or Shorter Historical data has better trade results (because it's parameters are not "flatten" out due to longer historical data).

2) Does the use of Preset Indicator really improve the search results or a normal generating process is better

3) Does the use Reactor produce better, robust strategies or a normal generating process is better

4) Acceptance Criteria - which filter enable one to search out strategies with high trade expectancy?

All the above required different settings and sometimes, I'm afraid I didn't journal these settings carefully and when I finally found which batches of Strategies did well, I may have "forgotten" or misplaced their recorded settings.

So if you can enable users to save the settings, then it's far easy to retrieve these settings for me to replicate the success rate.

Something wrong with the Portfolio Expert

Popov wrote:

Reload EA Studio and start the Generator again. EA Studio saves and recovers all the settings, collections, strategies, portfolios... automatically from the first day of the app.

Yes, that's what I thought and experienced in the past long ago but during those pass few days (before your most recent update), this is not the case, the EA Studio didn't recover all the settings.  And each time I opened a EA Studio webpage, I have to re-key in all the settings, AC, data horizon etc all over again and again (and I was puzzled why it didn't recover my previous settings).

I tried this out in my other computers and it's the same, each new webpage I opened, I have to re-input all my settings again.  I did it several times (re-input my settings), so don't tell me I'm imagining it. 

That is why I didn't want to stop my generator and refresh it.