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 {{:​fsbpro_guide:​trade_status.png|Trade Status}} {{:​fsbpro_guide:​trade_status.png|Trade Status}}
 +On the picture above, you can see how the Trade Status panel shows information about the currently trading strategies. This is beneficial, because you can leave the trade status open to keep an eye on the trading. Meanwhile you can work on other things in FSB Pro, without the need to click each of the trading tabs, to see what is going on.
 +You can open the Trade Status panel by clicking its icon in the toolbar or by going to **View -> Trade Status**.
 +The Trading Status is a table, where each row is a connection to a MT4 chart. The first column holds an icon for each row. The icon signifies if the auto trading is running on this connection or not. The following columns are:
 +  * ID - connection ID; 
 +  * Strategy – Strategy name; 
 +  * Chart – the symbol and the period of the chart, this connection is associated with; 
 +  * Time – the moment when the last position opened;
 +  * Direction – the direction of the position;
 +  * Size – the number of lots in the position;
 +  * Price – the price of the position; ​
 +  * SL – Stop Loss of the position; ​
 +  * TP – Take Profit of the position; ​
 +  * Price – (again, but this time) the current market price of the position;
 +  * Profit – the current profit of the position (in the currency selected in the Account Settings)