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Multi Market

The Multi Market tool can help you compare how your strategy preforms on different markets. In a sense, this is a robustness test tool. Here you can add markets to test your strategy on. EA Studio will draw a backtest balance curve for each test.


Multi Market Toolbar

Start/Stop button - run or stop the Multi Market tool

Progress - Shows how much of the work has been done i.e. what percentage of the market tests have been calculated.

Calculated - Shows how many backtests of the strategy have been ran.

Validated - Shows how many of backtest results do pass the Validation criteria tab in the tool


Multi Market Markets

Adding markets is very easy. Just click the + Add market button. To set the market use the dropdown select options. To remove a market use the x button on the right side of the market.

Multi Market Chart

Multi Market Chart

The chart shows how the strategy preforms on the markets you selected. The color of each line corresponds to a different market. You can see the color for each market on its left side.

Multi Market Statistics

Multi Market Statistics

The statistics tab shows some basic backtest statistics for each market test.

Market - The market the strategy was tested on.

Balance - The balance of the account at the end of the backtest.

Profit / day - Average profit per day.

Max DD % - Max Drawdawn in percent

Return / DD - Return / drawdawn ratio

Trades - Number of trades

Win / loss - Win / loss ratio

Multi Market Validation

Multi Market Validation

You can add, remove and modify criteria to validate each backtest result.

To add criteria use the + Add validation criteria button and select a criterion. To remote it click the x button on the right in the criteria list.