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Indicator Properties

Clicking an Entry Rule or an Exit Rule will open the Indicator Properties Panel.

In the Indicator Properties panel you can select an indicator for the Entry or Exit rule. You can choose logical rules for the indicator parameters.

To open the Indicator Properties panel click on + Add a new entry rule or if there are already indicators you can choose an indicator to change its properties.

While the Indicator Properties panel is open you won't be allowed to change other parts of the strategy. To change the other parts of the strategy first close the panel.


Indicator Properties

The Indicator Properties panel consists of several vertically arranged zones:

Indicators list

Contains all available indicators. When you select and indicator EA Studio will load its default parameters.

If you want to reset the parameters - select another indicator and return back to the previous one. When you do that the program will replace the current parameters with the default ones.

Indicator name

The name of the currently selected indicator.

Logical rules

Every indicator has a predefined set of logical rules. The rules are carefully designed in a way that can be always evaluated to 'true' or 'false' for both - Up and Down trade.

It is important to remember that you always set trading rules for a Long position. The program automatically composes mirrored rules for a Short position.

List parameters

Most of the indicators have their parameters arranged in drop-down lists.

Some of the important parameters are:

MA method - this parameter determines what type of Moving Average smoothing is used for calculation of the indicator. The available options are: Simple, Weighted, Exponential, Smoothed.

Apply to - it determines what price is used for the calculations. The common options are: Open, High, Low, Close, Median, Typical, Weighted. There are some indicators that use 'Bar range' or some other value instead.

Numeric parameters

Some of the most common numeric parameters are listed below.

Period - many of indicators has a period. It is measured in bars. You can set maximum 200 bars.

Level - the level parameters is used commonly from indicators like oscillators or histograms. The Level parameter is considered in the calculations only if it is included in the logical rule. For example, 'RSI crosses the Level line upwards'

Control buttons

  • Cancel button cancels all changes you have made and leaves the strategy unchanged.
  • Accept button applies your settings to the expert. EA Studio recalculates the strategy immediately and shows the corresponding stats and charts.