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 ==== Numeric parameters ==== ==== Numeric parameters ====
-Some of the most common numeric parameters are listed below.+Some of the most common numeric parameters are:
-**Period** - many of indicators ​has a periodIt is measured ​in bars. You can set maximum ​200 bars.+**Period** - many of the indicators ​have oneMeasured ​in bars. You can increase it up to 200 bars at most.
-**Level** - the level parameters ​is used commonly ​from indicators like oscillators ​or histogramsThe Level parameter is considered in the calculations ​only if it is included ​in the logical rule. For example, ​'RSI crosses the Level line upwards'​+**Level** - the **level** parameter ​is used commonly ​in oscillator ​or histogram indicatorsThis parameter is taken into account when backtesting ​only if it is present ​in the currently chosen **logical rule** e.g. 'RSI crosses the **Level** line upwards'​.
 ==== Control buttons ==== ==== Control buttons ====
-  * **Cancel** ​button cancels ​all changes you have made and leaves ​the strategy unchanged. +  * **Cancel** ​- Undo all changes you have made in the Indicator Panel and leave the strategy unchanged. 
-  * **Accept** ​button applies ​your settings to the expert. EA Studio ​recalculates ​the strategy immediately and shows the corresponding stats and charts.+  * **Accept** ​- Apply your settings to the strategy. EA Studio ​will recalculate ​the strategy ​backtest ​immediately and show the corresponding stats and charts.