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Forex Strategy Builder Professional V3.8

Dear traders,

We are proud to announce the release of Forex Strategy Builder Professional V3.8. This release fixes some noted issues and adds new features requested by our users:

New features:

  • Re-import expert advisor to FSB Pro. Now is possible to re-import back expert advisor created with FSB Pro. It is very simple to do it, just drag and drop your EA on FSB Pro and it will recover the strategy used for creating this expert. You can also do it also from the Strategy menu.

Import an Expert Advisor back.

  • Added Maximum equity drawdown percent sorting and filtering criteria to the Collection page. Now you can filter out the strategy collection using that criteria. It can be also used as a search method for the Generator.

Max Equity Drawdown criteria.

  • Expert Advisors automatically recognize the order filling methods for your MetaTrader 5 broker. The experts correctly set IOC or FOK filling methods.

Fixed issues:

  • Fixed indicators’ first bar for almost all C# and MQL standard indicators. Now the default program sets the first bar for the strategy backtest equal to the bars required from the particular indicator + 1 if the indicator uses “Use previous bar value” option + 2 additional bars. That correction guarantees the proper work of strategies sand experts for all logical rules.
  • Fixed a bug in the EA code when the expert trades higher amount when it bases the trading size on the account percent.
  • Fixed an issue in the Collection page when the program changes the selected collection when the user removes a strategy.


FSB Pro still do not support MetaTrader 5 Hedging accounts. We need more testing in order to provide this feature. We will try to provide support for hedging accounts as soon as we can.

Please test your experts carefully on a demo account first before starting a real trading. We do our best to provide the most reliable forex software in the industry but bugs happen. Please report all issue in the support forum.

Trade Safe!