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Strategy Samurai

Strategy Samurai by Blue Capital Trading helps you manage hundreds of trading strategies in MetaTrader

Strategy Samurai monitors and analyses the trading history in real time and assembles a curated portfolio.

Works with EA Studio

Expert Advisor Studio provides an automated workflow for generating and testing forex strategies and exporting Expert Advisors and Portfolio Experts.

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Works with FSB Pro

Forex Strategy Builder Professional comes with a precise backtesting algorithm, Strategy Generator, advanced Expert Advisors, and Custom Indicators.

Forex Strategy Builder Professional

Works with MetaTrader 4

MetaTrader 4 is the most popular and reliable platform for algorithmic trading. It allows you to trade different Expert Advisors on same symbol and period.

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Strategy Samurai by Blue Capital Trading

Strategy Samurai is an Expert Advisor that monitors and evaluates your trading performance.
Use it when you are trade multiple Expert Advisors with unique magic numbers or Portfolio Experts
to filter and sort the strategies by customisable Acceptance Criteria.

Current Version: Version v1.01, October 13th, 2020

Priority Support and Guarantee

Email and Forum Support
You can contact Blue Capital Trading directly via email for any support and purchasing questions.
You can also follow or ask questions on our forex forum and to receive hints and tips form experienced traders.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Unless stated otherwise, Blue Capital Trading provides full 30 Day Money Back Guarantee without questions asked.


Recommended Hardware:
CPU: a modern 4 cores processor. RAM: 8 GB or more.

Minimal Hardware:
CPU: 2 cores processor, RAM: 2 GB.

Software Requirements:
Forex Strategy Builder Professional or Expert Advisor Studio in order to generate thousands of expert advisors.
MetaTrader 4 trading terminal because it supports trading different strategies on same symbol.

How does Real Time Analysis Works?

Strategy Samurai is an ordinary Expert Advisor for MetaTrader4

The program work on any MetaTrader 4 terminal. When you run it, it loads your past trades and distinguishes the initiating experts by their magic numbers or symbols.
Then Strategy Samurai filters the deals by customisable Acceptance Criteria.
It also monitors the trading account live and once a deal is closed, it calculates its performance.

What are the Best Use Cases for Strategy Samurai

When you have hundred of strategies generated with FSB Pro or EA Studio

Managing a portfolio of HUNDREDS of strategies can be hard work… Depending on how often you filter your strategies, you might be moving them from your demo account to your live account several times each week! Each time you move them you have to copy strategies manually from one MetaTrader account to another… apply them to the chart… manage a complicated folder structure on your hard drive… make sure you are copying the correct ones or do a bunch of administration tasks to keep track of everything! All of this is time-consuming and prone to human error.

Isn't automated trading supposed to SAVE you time?

The whole point of using strategy mining software like Forex Strategy Builder Pro (FSB Pro) and Expert Advisor Studio (EA Studio) is to automate the generation process instead of trying to find these strategies manually. Using these tools we can automate our workflow to include In and Out Of Sample testing, robustness testing, Walk Forward Analysis, and Monte Carlo simulation just to name a few. That’s great for the generation side but what about the portfolio management side?

Generating expert advisors is only one piece of the puzzle...

There’s no point in having hundreds of strategies and expert advisors if you don’t know what to do with them all! To be successful in this space you need to use the right tools for the job, and up until now, the right tools did not exist. Previous solutions were convoluted, complicated, required multiple tools, were a combination of automated and manual processes, became unsupported after a short period, did not integrate with other software, or only provided limited functionality!

It's impossible to manage hundreds of strategies without proper software...

Excel has its place. It is a very powerful tool with the correct knowledge and when used the correct way, but it’s not built for traders. You need specialist software. You need software that is fit for purpose…

The Best Features of Strategy Samurai

Acceptance Criteria

Let’s use the long, medium and short term magic filters to only approve strategies that have at least 5 trades and a Profit Factor of at least 1.2 for each filter. Let’s further restrict each filter to only look back in their recent trade history, using a different look back period for each filter.

  • Short term filter – only look at the last 10 trades
  • Medium term filter – only look at the last 20 trades
  • Long term filter – only look at the last 50 trades

We are also going to sort the top 10 magics that match all filters by Profit Factor, largest to smallest, using the long term filter.

You can also do:

  • Use a custom time interval to recalculate the approved list.
  • Filter by trades or date! You can restrict the filter to only look at the last X trades, or within the last X days.
  • Filter and group by magics or symbol!
  • Control the output of the CSV to only display the statistics you are interested in
  • Rank and sort your magics/symbols by specific metrics like Profit Factor, Trade Count, Gross Profit, Return / Max-drawdown and more! More metrics are added every update!
  • Use your own filters! We don't impose any preset restrictions!
Strategy Samurai - Acceptance Criteria

Export Customisable Statistics

After filtering and sorting the strategies based on their trading results, Strategy Samurai is capable to export a CSV file with customisable statistics.

Strategy Samurai includes an easy to view legend in the first column so you can easily see which strategies were approved, which were not, and why!

  • Orange (“+”) represents magics that match that specific trade filter (long, medium, short etc).
  • Green (“*+”) represents magics that match all filters.
  • Blue represents magics that match all filters (like green) but did not make the approved list because we restricted our list by top 10 based off Profit Factor.
  • Yellow represents the statistics for the entire approved portfolio combined since trading inception!
Strategy Samurai - output parameters

Analise the Trade of Multiple Expert Advisors

With the help of Expert Advisor Studio and Forex Strategy Builder Professional you can export literally hundreds of experts and to trade them on various markets. During the trade on Real or a Demo account Strategy Samurai constantly monitoring the profit and loss of all experts. Provided that which of them have a unique magic number Strategy Samurai can manage the experts depending if they pass the criteria you set.

Strategy Samurai is fully compatible with the FX Blue Personal Trade Copier and this is where the magic REALLY happens. You will be able to send the approved magic list to the FX Blue Personal Trade Copier in real-time to only take the trades for the approved magic numbers!

With this functionality you can send the filtered magics to your LIVE account and FULLY automate your strategy management process.

Trading multiple strategies on MetaTrader

Extended Analysis in Excel

Strategy Samurai is capable to export a CSV file filtered by long, short, and medium term filters. It makes it easy to you to open it in any spreadsheet program like Excel to perform your custom analysis.

  • See at a glance which strategies are performing
  • Generate your own custom charts and analysis with the data
  • CSV files provided in a format similar to FX Blue
  • Control the output of the CSV to only display the statistics you are interested in
  • Easily see which strategies are approved overall or for that individual filter
  • Easily see which strategies were excluded
Strategy Samurai exports to Excel

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