Topic: Tradingview Black friday 2021 Discount Up to 60%.

What is TradingView?

Tradingview is a charting and social networking platform used by 30J+ traders and investors around the world to see opportunities across global investment markets.

30M+ traders and investors who visit the Tradingview website every month.

#1 Top website in the world on all things investing.

Rating 4.9 - The highest rated financial mobile apps in the world.

8J+ Indicator scripts by investors and ideas shared by their users.

It uses a "cloud" platform, so you don't lose your data even if your computer crashes - and it can be accessed via other computers, laptops and your mobile so you have a seamless experience without any access issues.

You have access to various markets like Stocks, Forex, Commodities, Agriculture, Indices, Bonds, Metals etc. which is a dream for current investment Trend Followers.

You don’t have to register an account every 30 days because the account doesn’t expire (which means you have lifetime access to it).

TradingView Alert: You don't have to see the market 24/5.

TradingView offers indicators - for free.

You can trade with multiple timeframes like a professional investor.

At the end of November 2021 unofficial date is 22nd Nov (date not yet determined), Tradingview will offer a Black Friday discount up to 60% for annual packages.

To be notified of the launch date, you can join the Whatsapp or Telegram channel in the link below: … iday-2021/

p/s: Infographic of the Black Friday offer in 2020.