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Hello, i hope to get direct contact with developer but cant find the support email
i just found out this software today and i have no idea how to start to build a new strategy with the software
moreover, i see in "Product" , some video said it should provide the EA

like the attached link, and any backtest for the EA if i purchase the product ?

anyone can teach me how to start for this software or related course?

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Hello aaalove11,

The best way to start with the software is to make trial account with EA Studio. Then read the user Guide and watch the attached videos.

There is also a free course in YouTube: Expert Advisor Studio

Please read this forum. You will find many questions from new users answered.

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Hi Popov, i just back to this forum since my last comments,
would you pls tell me the differences between using the website and software Forex strategy builder pro ?
i see both can use the generator to generate new strategy and i am now testing on website, however i didnt try for the software then it got expired now ...(such a pity !)
from the youtube course you provided in comment its the website that i am trying now,
hope to get your reply soon, thanks

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Expert Advisor Studio works online and can be accessed from every device with a browser and internet.
Forex Strategy Builder Professional works installed on a Windows machine.

EA Studio is lighter, faster and has newer features as Strategy Reactor and Portfolio Experts for MT4. FSB Pro is capable to work with custom indicators, trading within a bar and provides possibilities to create complex strategies manually.
The experts exported from EA Studio are faster for backtesting in MT and draws indicators.

Think of the programs as a modern multicooker and an oven. It is easier to start with the multicooker but generally, you need both programs to cover more trading scenarios.

Please see a more detailed comparison here: Forex Strategy Builder Professional and Expert Advisor Studio

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thanks for reply
i just created some generators in EA studio but the result is not impressive at all ,
for H1 EU, i can only get around 600 usd over 7 years and 3000 usd for GU for H1 7 years ?
anyone can suggest me what did i wrong to generate ?
my acceptance data is not strict and lot size with 0.05 lot
some result cant even be shown for M30 and M15
any suggestion for using the generator ?