Topic: Possible omissions and bugs

I'm new to FSB and think it's a great tool. I've been able to generate strategies I would have never thought of myself and it has definitely sped up my development . However, I think I've found some omissions and bugs

1. Account Base Currency.
Allowable base currencies are USD, EUR, GBP and JPY. Can AUD (Australian Dollar), NZD (New Zealand Dollar) and CAD (Canadian Dollar) be added to this list? These currencies are also frequently traded and my broker allows accounts to be denominated in these currencies

2. When downloading data in History Center.
There is an option to change the data files time zone. UTC+12 is missing. Countries such as New Zealand are in this timezone.

3. Locked conditions
This one is more involved and I've attached screen prints to help explain what I mean.

When creating a new strategy, I can lock conditions. In screenprint1, I have added 2 moving average conditions into 2 logical groups (A and B) and, in screenprint2, have locked them both. Screenprint 2a and 2b show details of each locked moving average.

If I switch to the Editor tab, the Lock symbols are missing. If I switch back to the Generator tab, the Lock symbols are also missing. I have to re-lock the two moving average conditions.

The same applies to creating a template with Locked conditions. When I create a new strategy from a template with Locked conditions, the Lock symbols are missing too.

I have been caught out by this, not realising the Lock symbols are missing and the generated strategies without the locked conditions. I believe this is a bug. If I lock conditions, move to other tabs and return, I think the Lock symbols should still be set.

Keep up the good work. I think FSB is great.

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