Topic: How can I set this up for testing?

1) Daily open at 6 GMT
2) If Inside bar is form after 6GMT on any bar, Sell at 1 pip lower than inside bar low if Inside bar is Lower than Daily open, Buy at 1 pip above inside bar high if higher than daily open.

3) Set inside bar range to be no more than 50% of average hourly range

Trade on 1 hour time frame

HOw do I do that?

Re: How can I set this up for testing?

What does "Daily open at 6 GMT" means? The daily open is always at 00. You cannot move this.
Or you mean that your data are 6GMT? In this case "Inside bar is form after 6GMT" has no sense.

Re: How can I set this up for testing?

Please take a look at this thread. smile

Re: How can I set this up for testing?

it would be interesting to know if fsb can be programmed to test this strategy.

i would like to try at least.

the rules are

we need to know the opening price at 0600 gmt
we need to identify an inside bar that happens between the hours of 0600gmt and 1600gmt
if an inside bar occurs between these times and the high of the inside bar is above the opening of 0600gmt, then we buy at the high of the inside bar + 1 pip, with a stop set at the low of the inside bar.
if the inside bar low is lower than the open at 0600gmt we sell the low of the inside bar -1 pip.
remove half the poition when in profit the same amount being risked by the stop loss.
close the whole position when stoploss hit.
close remaining half position if stoploss hit or trailing stop.

not sure if this is clear to anyone else,
but if some assitance can be given to point in the right direction would be great, but if the program cant do this type of thing please say so.

thanks in advance