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Topic: What is TradingView? DETAILED instructions on how to use TradingView

TradingView has long been one of the best free tools on the Internet for traders, trusted by hundreds of thousands of traders and economic experts all over the world.

TradingView provides users with charts with various analytical tools for stocks, Forex, bonds and many other products with an intuitive interface and the ability to personalize trading charts that should not only be on the background Web platform but also on mobile devices through TradingView App.

TradingView is almost an indispensable tool used by longtime traders or professional traders, but for most newcomers, the TradingView is quite strange.

In this article, we will look at the hair of the TradingView, you will understand what the TradingView is? How will be instructed in detail how to use the TradingView? Features, characteristics and reasons why you should use TradingView.

1. Overview of TradingView
What is trading view
1.1. What is TradingView?
TradingView is one of today's top web based charting platforms.

TradingView was founded by the creators of MultiCharts chart software , with the goal of providing the smoothest, most advanced experience for users, with speed and web-based mobility.

With a wide range of customizations available to users and a smooth-to-use chart experience, TradingView has shown a much higher charting standard than what brokers offer you.

In addition to allowing you to personalize almost everything for the chart interface, TradingView is also seen as a social networking platform for traders, you can join roomchat, can follow traders. favorite, can like, share or comment right on the analysis you want.

With a very large number of members, no shortage of professional traders sharing and providing their trading ideas on TradingView, you can completely follow and consult for your analysis.

1.2. Why should you use TradingView?
As I just said, TradingView's service is superior to the charts that brokers provide for you. So what are the advantages of TradingView? Here I will list them for you to compare:

TradingView charts provide an extremely smooth user experience compared to the chart provided by the brokerage floor.

The chart of TradingView provides a full range of modern tools, indicators and functions

When you use the chart provided by the broker, it will be very difficult to know if the chart really shows the price correctly. Does this candle fail? Is this price closed, is it different from other brokers?
With tradingView, you can have a comparison between the charts of many different floors quickly and simply.

With TradingView, you have the ability to store charts and review it on different devices, instead of going anywhere, sitting on a new computer, you have to re-install it completely with the chart of the lip floor. gender supply.

You have the ability to share all of your analytical charts, your trading ideas on your personal Facebook, social networks or other websites.

What else? ... well, the above advantages, though not all that TradingView can bring you, but that reason is more than enough to start registering a talent. TradingView account right?
Sign up for TradingView account completely free right here:

Currently, in addition to providing web-based services, TradingView also provides services for two mobile platforms, Android and iOS through TradingView App.

Find out what TradingView App is and what interesting features it has right here.

1.3. What is TradingView App?
TradingView App iOS
TradingView App is the application developed by TradingView company exclusively for mobile devices.

In the first phase, TradingView only provides applications for iOS platform since the beginning of Q2 2017.

After a lot of requests and it took more than 18 months, Tradingview finally introduced TradingView App exclusively for the Android platform at the end of 2018.

This is what the TradingView Vietnam community in particular and the TradingView user community in the world generally look forward to even though the first version still lacks many basic features such as push notifications, item ideas or chat with user…

TradingView android app
Until now, only after about 2 and a half years of launch, TradingView App has experienced nearly 30 updates, which shows that TradingView always invests and takes great care to bring the best to people. use by yourself.

TradingView App iOS platform has supported the iPad version with all the features provided by TradingView.

In the latest TradingView App update in August 2019, TradingView has thoroughly overcome some errors of displaying currency pairs, displaying stock codes or real-time update errors on old versions, at the same time. Add two extremely important features, which are:

SUPPLY 18 LANGUAGE CATEGORIES: including Vietnamese, better support for TradingView Vietnam community.
DARK MODE: TradingView mode has caught the trend very quickly when integrating this trendy feature into TradingView App, you just need to install and activate this mode in a very simple way.
2. Types of TradingView accounts
TradingView currently provides 4 types of accounts for users, including the following:

Basic account (free)
Pro account
Pro + account
Premium account
Depending on the needs of personal use, each person has different account options.

What is tradingview
2.1. Free account (Basic)
With Basic (free) account, you will have to accept being bothered by ads, although they are not too annoying.

In fairness, the TradingView offers a lot of features for the free version and if you don't have too many needs to use the chart for daily analysis, use multiple indicators at once or without a need. Using TradingView on many devices at the same time, Basic account is quite enough for your needs.

2.2. Premium account (Pro, Pro + and Premium)
If you have a serious work plan and really need more advanced features of TradingView for daily trading, you should upgrade to a premium account.

So what are the advantages of tradingView account? Are they worthy of upgrading?

For premium accounts from low to high, Pro, Pro + and Premium, most of them are the same in features. The difference is that in higher-paying accounts, those features will be upgraded.

You will feel markedly convenient when you have just switched from Basic to premium accounts. For example:

With Basic account, you can only see 1 chart, but with Premium version, you can view 8 charts with the same chart.
With Basic and Pro accounts, you can only log in one device at a time, while the Premium version is 5.
For Basic version, you are only allowed to save 1 chart, while the Premium version allows you to save unlimitedly.
With Basic version, you can only use 3 indicators on each chart, with Premium version is 25.
……………………………………… ..
TradingView Vietnam
Of course, it's not just a feature upgrade between a low-cost version and a high-paying version. For Premium users, TradingView also prioritizes to provide some special features that are not available in other versions.

With the price of the Pro version paid monthly at $ 14.95 (if paid yearly it would be only $ 12.95), this is a price that can be said to be very accessible to most.

In general, if you want to use TradingView as the main tool for most of your trading process and you feel comfortable with spending a few dozen dollars each month to buy a powerful assistant to help you make money. Everyday, of course, there is no reason why you should not invest a premium account.

Note that these accounts are retained on the TradingView App.

3. Instructions for using TradingView details
TradingView provides charts with a lot of features, a new person like you might feel a little confused when looking at.

In this user guide, I will detail the features of each area on the TradingView chart to help you understand what they are.

And to make it easy for you to follow, I'll number it in detail. Let's start.

3.1. Overview of TradingView chart
What is tradingview, detailed instructions on how to use trading view for new people
Take a look at the image above, in the areas I marked:

Top Toolbar area : In this area, you can customize time frames, quickly search a currency pair, add indicators, set up layouts, save charts ... v. .v

Left Toolbar Area : This is the place for tools to show you graphs such as making notes, drawing trendlines, drawing trend channels, and you can quickly select tools. help analyze like Fibonacci ...

Main Chart area : The price chart shows the product you are analyzing.

Right Toolbar area : This is where you can create lists of products, currency pairs, stocks ... that you want to track. This is also where you can chat with other users, read the messages that TradingView sends you ...

Bottom Toolbar area : This is the place for you to write notes about personal analysis, or you can connect your account to trade right on TradingView if your broker allows (eg Oanda, Forex.com, ...)
3.2. Detailed areas on the TradingView chart

What is tradingview
Looking at the Top Toolbar bar on the Tradingview chart, you will see a variety of different tools, I have numbered each specific feature, see what they are:

1. CHOOSE COUPLE : This is the place for you to quickly select a currency pair, a stock code or crypto by entering a name in it instead of having to choose between a long list.

2. CHOOSE TIME FRAME : This is the section for you to change the time frame of the chart: TradingView allows you to select different time frames like 30 seconds, 1 hour, 1 day, ... Note: Time frame " seconds ”is only for paying customers, but this is not so important because most of us use a larger timeframe.

3. CHANGING CHART FORM : You can select bar chart, candlestick chart, line chart .... On the picture, I am using a candlestick chart.

4. COMPARE OR ADD THE TRANSACTION CODE : This is the section for you to add a product or transaction code to the chart you are tracking for comparison: This is a very nice feature, you can see the similarity. Relationship between pairs of money.

5. INDICATIONS AND STRATEGIES : This is the section that allows you to add indicators and analysis tools: You can add indicators like Bollinger Bands, MA lines, RSI, MACD, ... Here are hundreds of tools , full for your choice. There are many tools in which you have to buy to be able to use.

6. PATTERN SAMPLE : Allows you to add existing chart templates of TradingView and save your chart templates.

7. SETTING WARNING : for example, you can set alerts for XAUUSD pairs when it cuts through the price of 1520.15, alerts can be displayed on the App of TradingView, displayed via Popup on the web or sent via notification your email address.

8. THANH PHAT : you can choose a certain milestone on the chart, this tool will cut the entire chart later for you. For example, if you want to backtest try a trading setup on October 15, 2016, this tool will help your chart return right at the time you want.

9. CHOOSE TABLE : This button has the function of setting the layout for your chart. You can choose to display 4 currency pairs with Pro + and 8 pairs with Premium version.
For Basic version, unfortunately only one pair can be displayed.

10. SAVE THE CHART : allows you to save your chart, open a new chart, create a copy ...

11. SETTING THE CHART : You can choose colors for candle bars, set vertical and horizontal grid lines, etc.

12. IMAGE EXPRESSION : This simple tool helps you take a quick snapshot of your chart, allowing you to share them on Twitter with just 1 click.

13. PUBLISHING THE IDEA : you will share the chart you analyzed with the community on TradingView.


This is the TradingView area that gives you all the tools you can draw, make notes on your charts, let's see what are the following features:

What is tradingview, detailed user guide on how to use Vietnam tradingview
The tools on the Left Toolbar are quite understandable, so I'll just list them below:

1. ROAD TOOLS TRENDS : help you draw lines on charts such as arrow lines, trend lines, horizontal lines, parallel channels ...

2. GANN TOOLS & FIBONACCI : help you draw GANN models like GANN box models, GANN fans, Pitchfork model, Fibonacci Retracement, Fibonacci extension, ...

3. DRAWING TOOLS OF GEOMETIC FORMATS : support you to show geometric shapes on diagrams such as triangles, rectangles, ellipses, curves, arcs ...

4. NOTE TOOL : helps you record interpretations, notes, set comments, annotate the analysis, place arrows or flags to clearly represent your chart.

5. PATTERN TOOLS : here is full of tools to draw the most popular patterns such as: triangle pattern, ABCD pattern, shoulder and shoulder models or types of Elliott wave models ...

6. MEASUREMENT AND MEASUREMENT TOOLS : this is an extremely useful tool, you can measure the level of Stop loss or Take Profit, measure Risk: Reward rate intuitively. Also you can measure the time range or range of price ranges on arbitrary charts.

7. SYMBOLS : In addition to the great drawing tools and the ability to change colors, the icon icons are what TradingView offers you more so you can freely personalize your analysis chart.

8. MEASUREMENT TOOL : this tool instead of measuring the amplitude of a price range during how many candles, how many days, the amplitude of the candle is.

9. ZOOMING TOOL FOR CHART : this tool helps you enlarge the chart of a time you choose.

10. MAGNET MODE : this is a mode to help you "capture lines" of tools into the price line. If you know AutoCAD, this mode is similar to the capture mode in AutoCAD.


12. LOCK ALL DRAWING TOOLS : this tool helps you fix the lines that you have drawn, avoiding unintended moves.

13. HIDE ALL TOOLS DRAW : this tool helps you to hide all the tools you have shown on the chart (still keep the indicators)

14. CLEANING TOOL : is the trash icon, there are 3 options:

Delete the drawing tools
Delete indicators
Delete the drawing tool & indicator
This tool is useful when you have drawn many things and used multiple indicators on the chart at the same time, instead of having to click and delete each one, it will help you to bring the chart to its original state with just 1 click. .


This is the area that displays the chart you are tracking. Every tool you draw, every indicator you use will show up here.

In this area, right clicking will bring up a customized table for the chart.

instructions on how to use
1. You see the Reset Chart button. This is a button that helps you bring your chart back to the present time and doesn't erase the tools or indicators you gave earlier.

Useful feature for you when you are dragging a chart to the past too far and do not want to pull back to the current price.

2. Next is the Add alert function: This is the function on the Top Toolbar

This feature will allow you to add an alert at the exact price you want, with a variety of settings.

What is one thing that shows the difference between TradingView's charting tools and brokers? That is the care and careful investment in terms of features as well as user experience.

For example, for XAUUSD pairs, you can set up the following: Select the price X = 1480.50, Y = 1501.50

Receive warnings when prices cut through X.
Receive alerts when prices cut up Y prices.
Receive alerts when prices cut down to X.
Receive alerts when prices exit the X & Y area
Receive alerts when how much the price moves up (or down).
You can choose to receive alerts during a certain time or stop receiving alerts after a fixed time.

TradingView can send you notifications via App, via email or SMS .... However, SMS notifications are only available for premium accounts.

3. Select theme Color theme: You can select the LIGHT color theme or Darkness for the chart.

Also in the settings, you can personalize any display on the chart such as: Border color, candle color, change the background, align the top margin, bottom margin ...

TradingView gives you the ability to customize almost everything, you should take advantage of that to create a chart style according to personal preferences, because you will have to look at it, use it everyday. So why not make it more suitable for you?

4. Add another feature, which is the REMOVAL OF DRAWING TOOLS & REMOVAL OF INDICATORS

Actually this feature is on the Left Toolbar (the trash icon)

When you implement your analytical methods, of course you will draw quite a lot on the chart.

For example, if you draw more lines of support and resistance, you draw more price channels, you write annotations on each price area on the chart ... Not to mention you also add the number of indicators above.

At that time, if you want to start again with a "cleaner" chart, you want to remove the lines that were drawn earlier, of course if you have to delete them one by one, it will take you a lot of time and cause annoyed.

TradingView understands that, so it offers this feature for you.

5. There are also some other features such as adding notes or adding charts to the watch list.


What is tradingview
The right toolbar is a toolbar with many features that you will use a lot during analysis and operation on the TradingView, what are those features? Here I will give detailed information:


In this area, you can add a currency pair, a crypto coin or any stock code, track the list of products, currency pairs, stock indices ... that interest you.

You can also create, add new lists, import lists that you have available with text files.

With the currency pair you are tracking at MAIN CHART, you will be provided with the currency pair information in the DETAIL INFORMATION box below, including: BID price - ASK, fluctuation range,% rate instead change…

Under the DETAIL INFORMATION box is the NEWS section, where TradingView will aggregate news from various sources so you can follow it quickly.

SPECIAL: TradingView provides a new feature that is very convenient for users, which is a feature of CREATING CUSTOMIZED LIST.

Specifically, for each product (currency pair, crypto, ..) you can attach them to a specific color (out of 5 colors that TradingView allows) depending on the characteristics you want.

For example:

You create a list of the currency pairs you follow the big time frame is GREEN
A list of currency pairs paired with sterling is CAM
A list where you see a strong fluctuation range is RED
A list you are analyzing with the same uptrend is BLUE BLUE ...
…………………………………………… ..
This will help you create lists to serve your professional and scientific tracking and analysis.

Note for Basic version, users can only create one red list, want to add other lists, you must upgrade to the paid version.

What is tradingview?
2. MANAGE WARNING : In this area you will monitor the entire alert you received from your previous warning settings. In addition, you can also create alerts right here.

3. DATA WINDOWS : This area displays all the data you have on MAIN CHART. You look at the following picture:

How to use tradingview vietnam account pro free 2019
Example: On the main chart MAIN CHART is showing the XAUUSD pair. You can see the information on the chart that is completely recorded on the DATA WINDOW on the right, including:

Money pair watching: XAUUSD; Time frame: 1D; Exchange rate taken from FXCM trading floor
Opening price, closing, peak - bottom, change range of D1 candle.
Indicators are used: Bollinger bands, MACD, RSI, Stoch with full set parameters of the indicator.

Here TradingView gives you a list of stocks in 3 criteria:

Top 10 stocks with the highest trading volume of the day.
Top 10 stocks with the highest increase in the day.
Top 10 stocks with the biggest decline in the day
All data is updated in real time (Real time) throughout the day.


This area includes information about ECONOMIC SCHEDULE and ADVANTAGES SCHEDULE of companies listed by many different floors around the world.

This ECONOMIC SCHEDULE is quite convenient for you to quickly follow a certain event, but there are many other organizations in the market that provide a much better economic calendar, the most common traders are watching on ForexFactory .


After analyzing the chart of a currency pair, a crypto coin or a certain stock ... you determine what their trend is, which area to buy, which area to sell, you analyze it carefully and If you want to share them with the TradingView community, this is where your whole idea is published.

After you publish your idea, all TradingView users can see it and, of course, if your analysis is good, over time you will get many "Reputation" points and many followers. watch.

It provides full information including: Date, idea publication time, the time frame you choose, the product you analyze, the notes, the number of interaction (like, comment), number of visits your idea.


This is the area where you can chat openly with the TradingView user community.

You can also share your ideas here for more people to know, but this is a feature only for paid versions and users with more than 10 POINTS.


Private chat area is where you can receive messages, private messages sent to you by the management team.

You can also chat privately with someone, or you can text the experts, the traders you are following to ask more about trading ideas.


Here you will see the trading ideas that TradingView suggests for you, which may be the authors you are following or the ideas you are following.


This area is where you get all the notifications related to your TradingView account, including notifications like someone starting to follow you, someone who likes the idea of a transaction or someone who has commented on your trading idea.


TradingView allows you to connect directly with some brokers to cooperate with them so that their users can make transactions right on the TradingView platform.

Brokers provide this feature such as: OANDA, FOREX.COM, iBroker, Polo ...

Especially: If you want to experience trading on TradingView without having to use real account, Paper Trading is all you need.

how to use trading view vietnam account pro free 2019
You can practice trading skills, test methods, trading systems, get used to TradingView using this Paper Trading feature.

This is a feature that allows you to trade with virtual money similar to the demo account that brokers provide, except that you will be trading right on the TradingView platform with the support of the chart. along with the excellent analytical tools TradingView offers, it's really much better than the tools that brokers provide.

You are free to choose the amount of money you want to use for trading (the advice is to choose the amount of money that is suitable for the real account that you will use to trade because it will help you train your management feeling. better account).

With Paper Trading, you are trading no different from a real account, you can choose the rates of different brokers.

Ideally, when using an analysis chart, you should use the price of the same broker for different currency pairs, which will make the most of it. Of course, you can absolutely use the rates of other brokers to compare.

12. DOM

how to use trading view vietnam account pro free 2019
DOM stands for Depth of Market, which means the depth of the market . DOM allows you to see the best volume of BID / ASK prices.

You can select any trading volume and execute a Limit order right above the DOM list. Alternatively, you can enter the Market order (on the market price order) with the currently available ONE CLICK tool panel on the Main chart (circled in red).

When you make a transaction, the information of that transaction will be displayed immediately in the box below the chart, clicking on each item will see each type of information displayed there, for example: status command, pending orders, executed orders, limit orders canceled, orders rejected ... etc

Note: TradingView provides Paper Trading features based on actual data, realtime, so in essence Paper Trading is no different from a live account on your trading floor, except that you will not be subject to any What is the risk to it?

When the market is closed, your transactions will be rejected, you cannot make an order or close a trade until the market opens.


What is Tradingview
In the TradingView's bottom toolbar area, the most useful part is the Text Notes and Trading Panel, what are their features?

With Text Notes, you can write your analysis, annotations and attach it to a chart.

With Trading Panel, you can use the accounts of the linked floors to make direct transactions right on the TradingView platform.

Unfortunately, there are currently not many brokers working with TradingView, including famous, familiar brokers for Vietnamese traders such as IC Markets , XM or Tickmill .

Hopefully later, there will be more and more brokers cooperating with TradingView so that users enjoy great benefits from this platform.
4. Instructions for registering TradingView account
Step 1 : Access to the address https://vn.tradingview.com

TradingView has Vietnamese language for TradingView Vietnam community, so if you are seeing website displaying other languages, you can choose to switch to Vietnamese language right on the search box.

Click on the FREE JOIN box.

Register for trading view account
Step 2 : REGISTER page with information requests as follows:

Sign up for a free trading view pro account
Here TradingView gives you 6 quick registration options with social network accounts, including: Twitter, Google Plus (stop supporting), Facebook, Yahoo, StockTwits and Linked In.

You can optionally register in any way you like. Here, I choose to register with an email address.

Step 3 : Here you enter the full information:

Username: this is the username that will appear anywhere you appear on the TradingView, on the good idea publication on the chatroom ...
Email: your mail, you need to register by mail that you are using, just in case you need to recover the password, reset the account.
Password : enter your password
Check the Agree terms and CAPTCHA checkbox
Finally click on " Register "
Step 4 : After registering, TradingView will send you an email to verify your account, you just need to click on that email, so you have completed an account registration on TradingView already. Too simple. Log in to TradingView account only:

Register for free tradingview pro account
Step 5: After logging in to your TradingView account, you need to go to the CUSTOM RECORDING section to verify your PHONE NUMBER.

This is a very important step, because after completing the verification process, you are allowed to interact with other users' trading ideas such as like, comment, ... and publish your trading idea. .

5. Summary
This is a really long article, there are many things you need to know from this article and I think it is extremely valuable because it will serve your daily trading process.

With this detailed tutorial, I hope to help you understand what the TradingView is, why we should use TradingView and how to use the TradingView.

This whole content is very complete and detailed for a new person, but it is still a personal experience. You need time to get used to proficiently using the tools and features that TradingView provides to feel the effectiveness it brings.

Finally, if you have any questions, please leave a comment immediately below, I am always ready to answer your questions.

How do you feel about this article, don't forget to tell us, thank you for that.

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