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Topic: Copier That Will Copy Magic Numbers

Hi guys,

So basically what I want to do is use a copier from my demo account to live account and have the ability to select certain magic numbers to copy and also copy the magic number over so that when I download the statement for my live account I can see which strategy’s are performing.

I’ve done a lot of searching online but can’t seem to find what I want exactly.
Has anyone had an experience using a copier?

Or is there a better way to pick out those winning strategies.

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Re: Copier That Will Copy Magic Numbers

Nothing more advanced and especially more stable than this one (and it´s free and can do what you are looking for):

https://www.fxblue.com/appstore/2/mt4-p … ade-copier

Using it since years without a single issue.

Re: Copier That Will Copy Magic Numbers

Yes I was having a look at the FXBlue copier however I do not understand how to only trade certain magic numbers ie if I have 1000 strategies on the sender how to I only pick the magic numbers I want to trade live?
Also could you please clear up for me is it possible to include the magic number in the trade comments on the receiver ie if the sender sends and order for magic number 12345 I want to see in my statement of the receiver that particular trade cane from 12345 so I can review that strategies from a live account.
How do you find it works with a portfolio of strategies? Ie I have a portfolio of 100 strategies but only want to trade 10 of those on the receiver account is this possible?

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Re: Copier That Will Copy Magic Numbers

I am sorry, but I can´t help you with these exact details as I am just doing simple copying and just meant to say that it never failed to copy a single trade (or it´s exit) in all the years. However, they have a good manual and in there it´s also explained how to just copy specific MN´s, but you´d have to take a look on your own.

Good luck!