Topic: Learn for The First Time Disclosed Unfair Methods of FOREX Trading

Hi everybody,

I just found and read an interesting book about Forex trading titled: "Forex Perfection in Manual, Automated and Predictive Trading". This book covers manual, automated and predictive trading. In manual chapter the book claims:

How hunt 90% probable signals and place top hand-picked high performance trades

In the next part the book introduces a piece of free software and explains the strategies that you can use to make profit using this software. The book claims:

How fully automate your trading using a free, smart, advanced piece of software and start making money on autopilot

A profit curve of a sample automated strategy from this book is like this:

The third part of the book explains a mathematical method that you can predict next day Forex (or any financial asset) prices using it. The book offers:

How predict (yes you read correctly) daily prices (with 80% accuracy) using a scientific method and trade according to this prediction

An example of a prediction by the method introduced in the book is like this:

At first I was a little skeptical about the claims of the book but after reading and testing I found them rock solid true. You can learn more about this book searching its name "Forex Perfection in Manual, Automated and Predictive Trading" on Google.