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Topic: Cant attach portfolio ea to mt4 chart

Hi expert,

I created a bundle EA on my pc by portfolio maker.
Then, I uploaded the mql4 folder that has the EA to my VPS then replaced it over an old mql4 folder.
On VPS in MetaTrader, I cannot run portfolio ea. Input window is not shown when I drag it to the chart.
I do something wrong?

Thank very much

Re: Cant attach portfolio ea to mt4 chart


After building the portfolio EA -- use MT4 Strategy Tester to briefly test it within the same terminal session where it was built.

If you intend to run the portfolio EA in a different terminal session or a different machine (e.g. VPS) then simply copy the *.ex4 file. 

If you think you are going to build it again on a different machine you will fail -- there are multiple files and folders required to build.  So, again, just copy the *.ex4 file.

Another thing -- it may require the Sidekick.dll.  When the portfolio EA fails to load is there an error message in the 'Experts' or 'Journal' tab?

Re: Cant attach portfolio ea to mt4 chart

Hi sleytus

You are right. Just copy *.ex4 thank you so much