Topic: How to join strategy collections?


since EA Studio cannot use multiple CPU cores within 1 instances (I would LOVE to see this whole program as a real desktop app instead of that weak web-based approach which has so many shortcomings), I am running several instances of it (30 right now, since I have 32 CPU cores). Now each of these instances creates a collection (same symbol, same settings). I end up with many different collections once it finished, but I would like to join them, since they belong together as all the instances used the same symbol (EURUSD) and the same settings, I just wanted to make full use of my CPU. Right now, except I am missing it, it seems to be impossible to join / merge collections between different instances and neither via the downloaded collection JSON files. Or is there a trick how to do it? If not, I would love to see this implemented.


Re: How to join strategy collections?

Actually it is very easy.

Save all of your collections. Than load all of them in the Validator and run it. It will recalculate the strategies and will push all in the Collection. There they will be sorted by the chosen criteria. Our unique Correlation analysis engine will filter out the repeating or the similar strategies.

Re: How to join strategy collections?

Thanks, that is superb and looks like EXACTLY what I need :-) I didn´t know that the Validator can load more than 100 strategies at once as I was excepting the limit of 100 there too. Will test now :-)

Re: How to join strategy collections?

Great, that works just fine, thanks again!