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Topic: Question about top bottom price

I want to use top bottom price indicator as for opening positions but it only has some defined time frames. It has previous bar, day, week and moth. But i want to use other time frames for example 4 hours. How can I do that?
Can i change Time[bar ].Day to  Time[bar ].Hour in below code and multiply it by 4 like this?

    case 1: // Previous day
               isPeriodChanged = (4*Time[bar].hour !)= (4*Time[bar - 1].Hour) ;

I myself think  it does not work for my purpose.
Please help me to use 4 hours time frame.

Re: Question about top bottom price

No, this will not work. I suggest you change the indicator, one possibility is to use Previous High Low with appropriate longer timeframe and another would be Donchian Channel with LTF. The latter offers possibility to use highest/lowest values from a defined period. All depends on how you want to use it, but you should be able to find what you're looking for.