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Topic: Profitable eur-usd mechanical trading system

Professional Trading Portfolio is a portfolio built by Professional Breakout Trading System and Professional Reversal Trading System that are 100% mechanical Forex systems created for Metatrader4.

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The concept behind the creation of the portfolio is that combining two winning strategies will achieve a significant increase in returns while reducing the risk.

The advantage of the portfolio is that its component systems work well in different market conditions and are built around different market models and concepts - Volatility Breakout and Intraday Reversal, which are mutually consistent.


Money Management - Adapted to both systems and adjustable to the personal preferences of each individual trader.

Advanced Money Management - With this MM formula we were able to grow an account 918% in just 4 months.

Free Expert Advisors A strategy codes (.ex4 files) for MetaTrader 4 which will enable you to trade automatically with the Portfolio after 5 minutes.

Revealed Trading Rules - You will receive all the trading rules of the systems included in the portfolio, and the concepts behind their creation.

Trend Filter - Custom trend indicator developed to filter out the trades and improve the system performance, which is used in Professional Breakout Trading System.

Reversal Detector - Special custom indicator that allows us to register when we have a trend reversal - used in Professional Reversal Trading System.

Stop Loss - Each trade has a stop loss level, which allows safe and confident trading.

Adaptability to Volatility - The portfolio inputs including the stop loss level depend entirely on the most recent volatility in the markets, allowing adaptation to the ever changing market conditions.

Manual Mode-  We provide simple worksheets on which you can calculate the systems signals in a few minutes per day if you prefer manual trading.

Platform maneuverability -  you can trade manually on all trading platforms like TradeStation, TradeNavigator, NunjaTrader, MultiCharts, Metastock, MetaTrader ect

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Forex Forum → Your Announcements → Profitable eur-usd mechanical trading system

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