Topic: Get real-time signals via Whatsapp (first free)

Hello. My name is Alexander. Im a 6 year experience forex trader. My favorite trading style is swing and trends always my best friend.

I start up this service to help traders gain profit from FX market, and of course to generate some additional income for myseft. I provide real-time signals via Whatsapp. They are swing signals so you can comfortably have 4-16 hours to enter the order.

Usually there are 2-8 signals per month. Average monthly gained pips could be around 150-400 pips.

The first signal is free for you to try my service and take some profit. If you are satisfied then, you can start using my service for only $50 a month.

So if you guys want to try my signals, at least for free, please add me on skype “

Good luck to all.

Re: Get real-time signals via Whatsapp (first free)

Up up. The last 4 consecutive orders took profit all. Track my trades at … exanp.html