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How do you enable hedging in a strategy?
For example if my positions goes -10pips hedging trade is automatically open.

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You cannot, unfortunately. FSB deals with one trade (one direction) at a time.

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footon wrote:

You cannot, unfortunately. FSB deals with one trade (one direction) at a time.

Thanx Footon for the info , seem fsb is falling behind it compared to the competitors when it comes to EA development  i may have to look for another EA builder i find complex strategy are not possible with forexsb whenever i try to develop one.

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I have looked at other softwares also, each has limitations and developers are constantly being pressed for innovation.

I try to make a few separate strategies to make up for what I can not get into one.

I probably have a simplistic approach, I just have a target revenue that I want, keep adding to my portfolio to reach the target, I do not pay a lot of attention to the specifics of the strategy other than the metrics.

I keep up to date with the competitors, I am on all the mailing lists and I know that Popov is aware and is in continual contact with his competitors.

As far as Hedging goes.... one strategy to buy and one to sell will actually be far more profiatble than combining them.

This EA Studio compared to other softwares is going to 'blow them out of the water', and once that is to a further point, you will see FSBPro revised substantially.

I have three EA Studio running at the moment and cranking out good quality strategies faster than I can look at them, some nights I have 5 of them running.

I suggest that you consider what your goal is.. money or complex strategies.