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Founders of Forex & CFD Broker Plus500 Offer 15.5 Million Shares of Company Stock to Investors

Plus500 Limited (LON:pLUS), one of the largest retail Forex & CFD brokers in the world, announced today the company founders (Alon Gonen, Gal Haber, Elad Ben-Izhak, Omer Elazari, Shlomi Weizmann) will be selling up to 15.5 million existing shares of the firm to qualified investors.

According to the press release, the sale represents about 13% of the firm’s share capital. The new offering (Placing Shares) is currently valued at £116.25 (£7.5 per share at current rates).

http://www.razor-forex.com/2016/09/foun … us500.html

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FXOpen - a regulated Forex broker in the UK, Australia and Nevis - announced today that all existing clients will be able to fund their trading accounts with the Ethereum virtual currency (ETH).

The minimum deposit amount is currently set at 0.01 ETH, with no maximum limits, according to the announcement page. FXOpen also decided to waive deposit fee, however, clients will be paying 0.01 ETH withdrawal fee.

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The Israel Securities Authority (ISA) granted five Forex brokers a foreign currency dealers' license today. According to the press release, Atrade Ltd, FXCM Trading Ltd, R.F.X Global Trading Ltd, First Index Ltd, Plus500 IL Ltd, have been green-lighted by the ISA to start operating in the country at the end of October, 2016.

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Forex Capital Markets Inc., one of the largest FX retail brokers in the United States, has entered into a deal with IG Group for the sale of DailyFX, a market news and research portal owned by FXCM. Per the press release, the IG will be buying DailyFX for $40 million, with the deal closing by the end of October.

http://www.razor-forex.com/2016/09/reta … ilyfx.html

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Forex broker FXCM announced today that $15 million worth of Class A common shares will be sold “at-the-market” through Jefferies LLC, which will be acting as the sales agent for the offering. According to the SEC filing, Jefferies will be compensated via a 3 percent commission of the “gross sales price per share for any shares sold.”

http://www.razor-forex.com/2016/10/fxcm … ommon.html

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Nigerian lawmakers are seeking to oust the governor of the country’s central bank, Godwin Emefiele, over the disastrous performance of the naira against other major currencies and a worsening dollar shortage in the country.

Rep. Ali Isa from The Nigerian National Assembly delegation from Gombe State, had previously called for an investigation into CBN’s Forex policies, citing the precipitous fall of the naira against the dollar and other currencies.

http://www.razor-forex.com/2016/10/nige … -oust.html

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Ontario Securities Commission Warns Canadians About Unlicensed Forex Brokers: CFD Capital Markets & Apex One Trading Group

The Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) has warned Canadian residents about numerous unlicensed Forex & CFDs brokers this month.

The latest bulletins from the OSC on October 7th warns Canadians about CFD Capital Markets (cfdcapmkt.com), a Morocco-based CFD brokers, and Apex One Trading Group (apexonetg.com), an FX sport and options brokers based in Panama.

http://www.razor-forex.com/2016/10/onta … warns.html

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CFTC Busts SchoolofTrade.com for Fraudulently Marketing Commodity Futures Trading Strategies

The U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has charged the founders of SchoolofTrade.com (SOT) with fraudulently marketing futures trading systems.

According to the complaint, Joseph Dufresne, Megan Renkow and their company United Business Servicing. Inc., have been lying about the performance metrics of their trading systems and the nature of the activity in the SOT’s live trading room, since 2011.

http://www.razor-forex.com/2016/10/cftc … m-for.html

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ForexClub Becomes 5th Licensed Retail Forex Broker in Russia

ForexClub, a retail FX broker based in St. Vincent & the Grenadines, has received a license to operate within the Russian Federation from the Bank of Russia. Since the beginning of 2016 - when Russia’s new laws for Forex dealers took effect, requiring all dealers in the country to be licensed - only 5 firms have been granted approval by the Bank of Russia.

http://www.razor-forex.com/2016/10/fore … etail.html

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Hong Kong SFC Launches Security Review of Forex & Futures Brokers After Unauthorized Trading Tops $100 Million

The Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) has announced a review program to ascertain the “cybersecurity preparedness” of securities brokers. The SFC was spurred into action following multiple incidents of unauthorized securities transactions taking place on compromised trading accounts:

http://www.razor-forex.com/2016/10/hong … eview.html

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French Financial Regulator AMF Warns Against Three Unlicensed Forex Brokers

Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF), the French financial regulator, has issued a warning against three unlicensed Forex brokers operating in France: Original Markets LTD, Marshall Advanced Innovation and UTC Invest.

http://www.razor-forex.com/2016/10/fren … warns.html

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Canadian “Forex Visionary” Reza Mokhtarian Charged With Fraud by Ontario Securities Commission

Reza Mokhtarian, a self-described “forex visionary” and former head of Kaizen Global - an MLM-based Forex education company based in Canada - will be appearing in an Ontario court on October 26, to face charges of fraud over $5,000 CAD:

http://www.razor-forex.com/2016/10/cana … a_16.html

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Forex Broker Icetrader Shuts Down After Losing Cyprus Investment License; Owner Fined €100,000 for Fraud

The financial regulatory body in Cyprus (The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission) announced today that FX broker icetrader.com - owned and operated by CIF Glistentree Holdings Ltd - has renounced its Cyprus Investment Firm license and will be winding down operations.

http://www.razor-forex.com/2016/10/fore … -down.html

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British Forex Marketplace LMAX Threatens Move to Ireland Over EU Passporting Rights

London-based LMAX, a multilateral trading facility for FX and one of the most recognizable names in the financial services industry & interbank currency markets, is mulling a move to Ireland in the event that Brexit negotiations fail to preserve single market and City passporting rights for financial firms in the UK:

http://www.razor-forex.com/2016/10/brit … atens.html

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Forex Broker Icetrader Shuts Down After Losing Cyprus Investment License; Owner Fined €100,000 for Fraud

The financial regulatory body in Cyprus (The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission) announced today that FX broker icetrader.com - owned and operated by CIF Glistentree Holdings Ltd - has renounced its Cyprus Investment Firm license and will be winding down operations.

http://www.razor-forex.com/2016/10/fore … -down.html

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Luxembourg Financial Regulator Issues Warning Against FX Broker Zidex Financials

Luxembourg's financial regulator, Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF), has issued a warning today against Zidex Financials, a Forex broker that claims to be regulated by the CSSF.

http://www.razor-forex.com/2016/10/luxe … ssues.html

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FxPro Negative Order Slippage Jumps by 7.41% and Positive Slippage Drops by 13.22% in Q3 of 2016

FxPro, winner of the ‘Best FX Provider’ at the 2016 City of London Wealth Management Awards, released its quarterly execution statistics yesterday. The company began publicly disclosing order slippage and re-quote percentages in August of this year.

http://www.razor-forex.com/2016/10/fxpr … ps-by.html

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Hong Kong SFC Levies HK$4 Million Penalty on HK FXCM for Asymmetric Slippage on Clients' Forex Trades

The Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) has fined FXCM Asia Limited (HK FXCM) HK$4 million for asymmetric slippage of customers' FX orders between December 2006 and December 2010.

An investigation by the SFC found that HK FXCM netted US$1.4 million in profits over a four-year period from unfairly executing customers’ forex trades.

http://www.razor-forex.com/2016/10/hong … llion.html

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Luxembourg's CSSF Issues Warning Against Another Unlicensed Forex Investment Outfit: Millionet Investment Management Limited

Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF), the Luxembourg agency tasked with overseeing the activities of financial entities in the country, has issued a warning against Millionet Investment Management Limited.

http://www.razor-forex.com/2016/10/luxe … ainst.html

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CySEC Hits Forex & CFDs Broker Xtrade with a Hefty €225,000 Fine

Cyprus’ financial regulator, the CySEC, has imposed a hefty €225,000 monetary penalty on XFR Financial Ltd, parent company of Forex & CFDs broker Xtrade.com.

http://www.razor-forex.com/2016/10/cyse … trade.html

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Forex Broker Alpari Opens New Headquarters on Island Nation of Mauritius

Forex broker Alpari unveiled its new offices in the business district of the island nation of Mauritius. Alpari’s new international headquarters are situated in the Maeva Tower, located in the Mauritius’ Cybercity information technology hub, in Ebene.

http://www.razor-forex.com/2016/10/fore … s-new.html

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Fraud Accusations Mount Against FX Broker Option500 as Hong Kong SFC Issues Warning

The Hong Kong SFC has levied penalties against multiple Forex brokers this year and the agency has warned against several unlicensed FX firm this month, which have names resembling reputable brokers like Plus500.

http://www.razor-forex.com/2016/10/frau … st-fx.html

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UK FCA Warns Against London-based Forex Broker SLStrade; Disgruntled Investors Accuse SLStrade of Scamming

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK has issued a warning against London-based SLStrade.com, an unlicensed Forex broker:

http://www.razor-forex.com/2016/10/uk-f … forex.html

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ForexTime Sponsors Russian BASE jumper & Red Bull Athlete, Valery Rozov, Who Sets New World Record in China

Valery Rozov, a Russian BASE jumper and Red Bull athlete, set a new world record on Monday by jumping from mount Cho Oyo, in China, from a height of 7,700 meters. The Russian jumper set his new record with the help of a sponsorship deal from ForexTime (FXTM), a regulated FX broker in Cyprus, Britain, South Africa and Belize.

http://www.razor-forex.com/2016/10/fore … umper.html

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Swiss Forex Marketplace Dukascopy Will Reduced Leverage Ahead of US Election:

Swiss-based Forex broker Dukascopy has announced that leverage on all currency pairs will be reduced on US Election day, citing unusual volatility and unpredictable market liquidity. In particular, Dukascopy will be reducing leverage on the USD/MXN pair to 1:10, two days prior to the election, on November 6, while all other FX pairs will have leverage ratios trimmed on Tuesday, November 8 at 10:00 GMT.

http://www.razor-forex.com/2016/10/swis … -will.html