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Re: Grand Capital

Grand Capital partnered with iTukar Indonesia and introduced BRI bank payment option

Grand Capital is glad to announce its partnership with iTukar - one of the biggest exchange systems in Indonesia. This partnership enabled us to add another convenient payment option - now BRI bank account holders can deposit and withdraw funds from their Grand Capital trading accounts through iTukar exhange system. iTukar also supports such popular payment options as BCA, Mandiri and BNI banks, which are also available for both deposits and withdrawals in Grand Capital.

To make a deposit using your BRI bank account:

  1. Go to the Deposit/Withdraw section

  2. Select BRI deposit option

  3. Fill in the necessary fields and click "Continue"

  4. Follow the instructions given

  5. The funds will be deposited to your account within 24 hours

If you wish to make a deposit using your BCA, BNI or Mandiri bank account throught iTukar exchange system, go to Deposit/Withdraw section, choose iTukar deposit option and follow the instructions.

We also remind you that Grand Capital offers a wide variety of other convenient payment options which are listed on the Deposit/Withdraw page.

Yours truly,
Grand Capital team

Re: Grand Capital

Grand Capital is exhibiting at Financial Partners Expo in Berlin

Financial Partners Expo, a major international event dedicated to Forex affiliate programs will take place from 21st to 23rd of October 2016. The aim of the event is to introduce Forex brokers, their potential partners and industry professionals.

The expo will be held in Messe Berlin at the following address: Messe Berlin GmbH, Gate/Hall 25, Messedamm 22, 14055 Berlin.

On the expo Grand Capital team will present the new terms and types of the four partnership programs and will demonstrate new company's products. We invite everyone to visit us at our stand FPE124.

During the expo various industry professionals will give speeches about brand development, marketing strategies, SPAM, web design, CRM development, etc. 

The doors of the expo will open for attendees on the 21st of October at 09:30AM local time.

The expo is free to attend. Registration can be done onsite from 09:00AM to 6:00PM on the 21st of October and 10:00AM to 6:00PM on the 22nd of October. You can learn more about registration procedure here.

The full agenda of the event is displayed on the official Financial Partners Expo-2016 website.

Yours truly,
Grand Captial team.

Re: Grand Capital

Grand Capital traders are hard to beat on the first try. Interview with Vyacheslav Vyushkin, Futures Trade contest winner

If your goal is clear enough, you’re going to reach it sooner or later. Vyacheslav Vyushkov, the winner of round 44 of Futures Trade, has been longing to become a trader for a long time. And this ambition has finally borne fruit years later: profitable trades and successfully developed strategies. In the interview Vyacheslav shared his reflections on what’s the difference between the contest and real trading and told us why he simply doesn’t distinguish futures from currency pairs.

«I rely on my intuition and BB indicator»

My line of work is civil engineering, construction of roads and aerodromes, but perestroika made me a jack-of-all-trades. As far back as the previous century I read a book on Forex and became extremely enthusiastic about becoming a trader. In the early 2000s I went to trading classes, took a loan, bought a PC and lost my first deposit. Yet I persistently kept on learning and trying. After all these years I realized that the biggest mistake of all traders is to expect the price to reverse to win back the deposit. But the price just keeps going in the same direction and traders lose their deposits. I have learned this the hard way, and I always try to close trades promptly. Usually I look for a good price movement in the charts and place trades there. I have developed quite a few strategies, but mainly I rely on my intuition and BB indicator (Bollinger Bands indicator). I don’t distinguish between futures, currency pairs and other instruments. Price movement is always unpredictable and you need to make a forecast.

The difference between the contest and real trading strategies lies in the degree of risk and execution speed

When choosing a broker, I look up traders’ reviews and only then I look at swaps, bonuses and contests. Futures Trade wasn’t my first contest. I think Grand Capital traders are hard to beat on the first try. My strategy for contests is different from real trading by the degree of risk and execution speed. If you compete with a multitude of seasoned traders and don’t risk large numbers of lots, someone else would come first. You may not believe it, but it was solitude that helped me win this round. My wife was away at the time and I free from her “When are you going to throw away the Christmas tree?” nagging. Of course it’s a joke, but peace and quiet surely contributed to my victory. I like everything about Grand Capital contests. I like the intensity, brain exercise, and an opportunity to test my strategy. I wish all traders not to give up!

Re: Grand Capital

Grand Capital at international exhibitions in November

In November 2016 Grand Capital will take part in several Forex exhibitions.

The annual «Moscow Financial Expo» will take place on the 2nd-3rd of November and will traditionally assemble major Forex industry players.

This year Grand Capital is participating as a Sponsor and a nominee for the «Best Trading Technology» award.

The event's agenda won't leave anyone bored: special promotions and contests from the exhibitors, sponsors and organizers are scheduled for the both days.

The event will be held at the address: Moscow, Europa sq 2. Entry is free of charge. Come and meet us at Moscow Financial Expo 2016!

An international event «Philippines Forex Expo-2016» will take place on the 15th-16th of November in Makati (Philippines). Among the participants - international brokerage companies and banks. Grand Capital will participate as a Sponsor.

The entry is free of charge. Agenda: consultations given by exhibitors, seminars, workshops, show program and more.

The event will be held at the address: Benavidez cor. Trasierra Sts. Legaspi Village, Makati City, Philippines AIM Conference Center Manila (ACCM).

Yours truly,
Grand Capital team

Re: Grand Capital

Sky is the limit. Interview with Anatoly Shevchenko, the winner of 178th round of Rally Trade

Sometimes lightning actually does strike the same place twice. Anatoly Shevchenko from Krasnodar Krai won our Drag Trade contest in 2013 and now he proved that the sky is the limit, having won Rally Trade. In the interview Anatoly told us how he managed to best all his opponents one more time and what part Japanese yen had in it.

$6000 in a couple of minutes

I’ve been interested in trading since 2000, but it was more of a hobby at first. For fifteen years I had been working in IT department at a local telephone exchange office: I used to do programming and technical support. But now, when I have no permanent occupation, I can give all my attention to trading and try to make a living off it. I began with reading Adam Smith, Charles Dow and books on candlestick charts, actively participated in trading contests. In 2013 I took the first place in Drag Trade contest. I even remembered the date — 13th December, 2013. But now I was just lucky. About 6AM (UTC+4) Japanese yen made a spike upwards and went up 70 points, I managed to take 45 of them and thus gained $6000 in a couple of minutes. This was the trade that got me to the first place.

«I deposited 1000 rubles and earned about 8 of my usual salaries»

Sometimes you are lucky enough to place as much as 30 profitable trades in a row. Once, in 2006, I was on holiday and earned about 8 of my usual salaries, with the initial deposit of just 1000 rubles. Mainly I use ordinary indicators like Fractals, Bollingers Bands, Moving Avarage, draw Fibonacci retracement and resistance trend lines. Speaking of the instruments, I trade currency pairs, namely EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, USDCHF, EURJPY, GBPJPY, AUDUSD, NSDUSD and also gold and silver. What advice can I give to beginners? I suppose, to be disciplined and control your losses. Keep your risks as low as possible — Euro can move 150 points in a couple of hours with no effort. As for the indicators and strategies, I think everyone should choose and test them on their own.

Re: Grand Capital

New promotion! Receive your personal bonus +200% in celebration of Grand Capital anniversary

In 2016 Grand Capital is celebrating its 10th anniversary and invites all cilents to celebrate this memorable date with us! The company has prepared a special promotion for the event. From the 1st of November till the 31st of December 2016 each trader can receive a personal deposit bonus of up to 200%.  The longer you have been trading with Grand Capital, the larger your bonus amount will be.

Newly registered clients receive a bonus between 50% and 75%, depending on the account type and deposit amount. And those who have been trading with us for over 7 years, can receive a bonus of up to +200%!

The promotion is valid for old and new clients and applicable to all account types (Micro, Standard, Option, Swap Free).

Minimum deposit amount required to receive the bonus is $100. The bonus is tradable. The complete terms and conditions of the bonus are available on our website.

To find our which bonus percentage personally You can receive, use the bonus calculator. Onve you've done that, make a deposit using any convenient payment method and request the bonus by contacting our customer support..

Earn even more profit with Grand Capital!

Yours truly,
Grand Capital team

Re: Grand Capital

Grand Capital weekly recap (October 24th – October 28th)

Successful people say that records only exist to be broken.  Last week the most active client of Grand Capital placed 1711 successful trades. Read more about this and other facts in our traditional weekly recap. Compare your trading results with others and strive for the best!

Here's the recap of the last week: 

The most active client

Placed 2992 trades, including 1711 profitable ones and 1281 that resulted in a loss.

Maximum deposit growth

In one trading week on a single account was +$28 833,00.

The most profitable trade of the week

Resulted in a profit of +$10 422,00. The trade was opened on the 20th of October at 4:45PM and closed on the 24th of October at 11:09AM.   

The most interesting trading instruments chosen by traders:

  • # CL – Crude oil futures. Light Sweet Crude Oil is traded at NYMEX. This brand is the most popular of all. Contract volume: 1.000 barrel;

  • # RP – Euro/British Pound futures. It is a low activity contract; its daily volumes don't exceed a few hundreds of contracts. Contact volume - 125 000 Euro, minimum price fluctuation (1 pip) - 0,00005 Pounds for 1 Euro or 6,25 Pounds per contract.

  • # ZR – Rice futures contract. It is traded at Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT). Rice is one of the most expensive crops to produce. It is produced worldwide and is the second among the three crops, losing to wheat and overrunning corn.

  • # SBER – Sberbank is the main creditor of the Russian economy. Sberbank has 17,5 thousand branches across Russia.

  • # GE – General Electric is an American corporation, manufacturer of many types of equipment, including locomotives, power plants (including nuclear reactors), gas turbines, aircraft engines, medical equipment, etc.

Earn with Grand Capital!

Re: Grand Capital

Grand Capital Forex trading school opened in India

Grand Capital keeps conquering the region of South Asia. We are glad to announce that very recently our office in Guntur, India has opened a forex trading school.

There are five courses currently offered to traders, which last from two days to three months and the curriculum includes technical analysis, money management, trading phychology, risk management and investment techniques, as well as customized trading systems. The shcool regurarily holds seminars and workshops.

The address of the school: # 5-90-24, 6/1 LINE, CHANDRAMOULI NAGAR, GUNTUR - 522 007, ANDHRA PRADESH, INDIA. The school's coordinator can be contacted by phone: +91 7661979797.

Clinets can also receive consultations about all Grand Capital products and services in the office during the working hours: Monday to Friday 9:00AM to 6:00PM.

Yours truly,
Grand Capital team

Re: Grand Capital

Never break trading rules. Interview with Dmitry Myasnikov, the winner of $200 in Drag Trade

When there are no rules, trading turns into chaos. When your own money is at stake, the value of rules becomes more obvious than ever. So thinks Dmitry Myasnikov, the winner of 337th round of Drag Trade. In the interview, he told us of his serious approach to Forex and the maxims of his multicurrency trading system.

Trader’s path

My very first trade was placed on a demo account in late 2009. The next year I started trading on real accounts and participating in contests on demo accounts along the way. I’m an accountant, but recently I’ve been working remotely from home for health reasons. I try to spend three hours a day on Forex, and I trade every day. I’m sure that anyone can become a trader as long as they don’t break their own rules and trade with multicurrency system. Now Forex is my favorite hobby, but I hope it becomes my primary occupation in five years or so, since the potential profit is not limited by anything. It’s easier for me to trade on five small accounts with $200 on each, than on a single one with $1000. I expect at least 3% profit from each of my accounts, but the last month resulted in 10% to 25% profit.

My trading system

I don’t pay heed to analytic forecasts. Every morning I look through the economic calendar, watch news and if something important comes up, I try to avoid trading half an hour before and after the publication. Or at least I trade with instruments that likely won’t be affected by that particular piece of news. When opening trades, I rely on signals I received from my own trading system. I repeat myself, it is vitally important to develop your own trading system and never break its rules. My trading system is multi-currency, it’s adapted for all currency pairs. The system is based on the crossing of moving averages, 50 and 100, and also AO indicator from MT4. Within my system I trade only with the trend direction on H4 and H1 charts. AO indicator on H4 chart confirms direction of the trend.

Trading instruments

Almost every day I open short-term scalping trades. I have experience and a developed multi-currency trading system, so now I can trade any instruments from MT4, even metals and oil. One of my first exotic instruments was GBP/HUF pair (British pound/Hungarian forint). The spread was 65 points, but I was easily expecting profit from 500 points, and sometimes even up to 2000.

Drag Trade contest

Grand Capital offers favorable conditions, competitive spreads and fast withdrawal. And Drag Trade is the only contest where you can win real money in an hour of trading. I won thanks to correctly chosen instrument, GBP/NZD pair. I assumed that it was headed for correction (for about 100 points) and during the contest I traded only with it. And so I won.

Re: Grand Capital

Grand Capital receives "Best Trading Technology" award

We are thrilled to announce that during the Moscow Financial Expo, which took place on the 2-3rd of November, Grand Capital was awarded the "Best Trading Technology" cup. It is not the first award coming from the professional community. One year earlier, the company took the "Best ECN Broker" award and was awarded "Best Micro Broker" and "Best Binary Options Broker" titles before that.

Stanislav Vaneev, CEO Grand Capital:

"An effective competition in the financial industry is above all, competition of technologies. The more convenient services are, the better they correlate with the current situation on the market and traders' expectations, the more chances there are that a company becomes №1 broker for its clients. Last year we've had many successful projects and many more are still ahead of us. What's most important is that we see the direction we should move in. This award showed us that we are doing things right."

Yours truly,
Grand Capital team.

Photo: Sergey Kozlovsky, Head of Analytics Department, Grand Capital.

Re: Grand Capital

Grand Capital will hold trading seminar in South Africa

The seminar, where one of the country's most successful traders Thembokuhle Shongwe and a famous financial analyst lucia Manthata will uncover their secrets of successful trading will take place on the 12th of November in Secunda (South Africa). The curriculum includes the basics of trading on financial markets, risk management strategies, market analysis tools, Grand Capital investment services and much more.

The seminar will take place in the Limelight Theatre of Graceland Hotel Casino Country Club (eMbalenhle Road, Secunda, Mpumalanga, South Africa) at 11:00 (local time).

We invite everyone to attend the event!

To register for the free seminar call +27615434073, or contact the organizers via WhatsApp: +79643293668, +27768740487.

Yours truly, Grand Capital team.

Re: Grand Capital

Grand Capital weekly recap (October 31st – November 3rd)

Last week the most active client of Grand Capital placed 3165 profitable trader. As always, follow the best trading results of fellow traders in our weekly recap.

Here's the recap of the last week:

The most active client

Placed 3766 trades, including 3165 profitable ones and 601 that resulted in a loss.

Maximum deposit growth

In one week on a single accout was $13 849,33.

The most profitable trade of the week

Resulted in a profit of +$6272,00. The trade was opened on the 28th of October at 08:30AM and closed on the 31st of October at 00:04AM.

The most interesting assets chosen by traders:

  • # 6N –NZD/USD futures. Trading volume is a few thousand contracts per day. The contract size is 100 000 NZD, minimum price fluctuation is 0,0001$ per 1 New Zealand dollar or $10 per 1 contract;

  • # PA – Palladium futures, traded on NYMEX. The contract volume is standard and equals 100 troy ounces (around 3,11 kg). 1 pip is 0,05 and costs $5;

  • # ES – S&P 500 mini futures contract. It is traded on electronic CME platform – Globex. The futures contract size is calculated according the the following formula: $50Xindex quotation;

  • # GAZPROM – A global energy company. It is focused on geological exploration, production, transportation, storage, processing and sales of gas, gas condensate and oil, sales of gas as a vehicle fuel, as well as generation and marketing of heat and electric power. The company holds the largest natural gas reserves in the world. Share in global reserves – 17%, share in Russina reserves – 72%;

  • # IBM – One of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of software products and IT and consulting services. The company's headquarters are located in Armonk city (New York state).

Earn with Grand Capital!

Re: Grand Capital

Grand Capital weekly recap (November 7th – November 11th)

The last week turned out to be quite tense and dramatic. Donald Trump’s unexpected victory in the US presidential election stirred up the markets. And as always, someone gained more and someone gained less. Learn about the best trading results in our traditional weekly recap.

Here’s the recap of the last week:

The most active client

Placed 1248 trades, including 1179 profitable and only 69 that resulted in a loss. Note that all the trades were on the USD/JPY pair.

Maximum deposit growth

In one trading week on a single account was $70 208,77.

The most profitable trade of the week

Resulted in a profit of +$13 097,85. The trade was opened on the 8th of November at 8:34AM and closed on the 9th of November at 7:29AM.

The most interesting assets chosen by traders:

  • # GC — Gold futures, traded on COMEX exchange market. The volume of contract: 100 troy ounces (about 3,11 kg). Minimum price fluctuation: $0,10 for an ounce ($10,00 for a contract);

  • # FGBL — futures contract for German long-term bonds Euro Bund, traded on Eurex exchange market. Contract volume is 100,000 EUR. Contract price quotation is a percent of the nominal value of the contract. 1 tick equals 0,01 points (percent) and costs €10,00;

  • # 6E — EURUSD futures. It is the most liquid currency futures, trading volume of which reaches hundreds of thousands of contracts per day. Contract volume is 125 000 EUR;

  • # ROSNEFT — Russian oil and gas company. It is the world’s largest publicly traded oil company. The company’s main activities include prospecting and extraction of oil and gas, production of petrochemicals and sales of its products.

  • # RUSGIDRO — Russian hydroelectricity company, owner of the most hydroelectric power plants in the country, one of the major Russian generating companies by installed plant capacity and world’s third largest hydroelectric generating company.

Earn with Grand Capital!

Re: Grand Capital

Grand Capital introduces new popular deposit options for clients in China and Latin America

Grand Capital is glad to announce its partnership with Accentpay, a payment solutions aggregator. The partnership has enabled us to expand our selection of deposit means by introducing online banks in China and a number of countries of Latin America. The deposit currency for all online banks is US dollars.

The full list of countries and banks added:


  • Santander Rio

  • Pago Facil

  • Dinero Mail (Cash)

  • Rapi Pago

  • Dinero Mail (Transfer)

  • Naranja

  • Tarjeta Shopping

  • Nativa

  • Cencosud

  • Cabal


  • Itau

  • Bradesco

  • Banco do Brasil

  • HSBC

  • Santander

  • Caixa


  • Efecty

  • Daviviends

  • PSE (All banks)


  • Credit Cards, Debit Cards and Online Bank Payments

  • Banco de Chile


  • Bancomer (BBVA)

  • Banamex

  • Santander Mexico

  • OXXO


  • BCP (via LatinAmericanPayments)

  • Inter bank

  • BBVA

  • Pago efectivo


  • Redpagos


  • ePayLinks

To make a deposit using one of the banks/deposit means:

  1. Choose “Online banks” option on the deposit/withdrawal page

  2. Choose the account and the deposit currency (USD), set the deposit amount and click "Continue"

  3. Choose your country and the bank/payment option

  4. Fill in all the necessary fields and press "Pay" button

  5. You will then be redirected to the bank's website, where you will be asked to confirm the transaction. The funds will be deposited to your account within 15 minutes.

Attention: If you choose the "Credit Cards, Debit Cards and Online Bank Payments" option for Chile, you bank will issue a special voucher (invoice), which must be paid in one of the bank's branches. The funds will be deposited to the account within 3 business days.

All the banks charge a commission of 6% of the transaction amount. Grand Capital compensates half of the commission. Therefore, the commission for all Grand Capital clients will be just 3% of the transaction amount.

You can access all the deposit/withdrawal options offered in Grand Capital on the deposit/withdrawal page.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to add up to +200% to your deposit!

Until the 31st of December you can receive up to +200% to your deposit by participating in the “Personal bonus +200%” promotion. Your personal bonus amount depends on the account type, deposit amount and how long you’ve been trading with Grand Capital. To learn what bonus amount you can claim, go to our bonus calculator.

If you have any questions, our customer support specialists will be glad to address them. To contact a manager use the LiveChat or email to

Yours truly,
Grand Capital team

Re: Grand Capital

Grand Capital weekly recap (November 14th – November 18th)

We wish you a successful trading week and, as always, present to you our weekly recap.

Here's the recap of the last week:

The most active client:

Placed 1903 trades during the last week, 1190 of which were profitable and 713 resulted in a loss. All the trades were placed on EUR/USD pair.

Maximum deposit growth

In one trading week on a single account was $99 501,57.

The most profitable trade of the week

Resulted in a profit of +$22 044,00. The trade was opened on the 10th of November in 11:56PM and closed on the 14th of November in 8:51AM.

The most interesting trading instruments chosen by traders:

  • # RY — EUR/JPY cross-rate futures. The trading volumes reach several thousands of contracts a day. Contract value is 125,000 EUR, minimal price fluctuation (1 point and 1 tick) is 0.01 JPY for 1 EUR or 1,250 JPY for 1 contract;

  • # HO — Mazut futures, traded on NYMEX exchange market. Contract value is 42,000 gallons (1 imperial gallon is 4,55 liters; 1 US gallon is 3,78541178 liters). The quotes are in USD for a gallon. Minimal price fluctuation is $0,0001 for a gallon;

  • # FESX — Euro Stoxx 50 index futures, traded on Eurex exchange market. Contract value is calculated by multiplying €10 by the current index quote figure. The quotes are specified in the index points. 1 tick equals 1 unit and costs €10,00;

  • # AXP — American Express is an American financial services corporation. The company is best known for its credit card, charge card, and traveler's cheque businesses. The company is headquartered in New York City, NY and its common shares are traded on New York Stock Exchange. American Express is one of 30 companies included in the Dow Jones Industrial Average;

  • # INTC — Intel Corporation is an American corporation headquartered in Santa Clara, CA. The company produces electronic devices and hardware components, including microprocessors, chipsets etc.

Earn with Grand Capital!

Re: Grand Capital

Grand Capital launches free Saturday classes on Forex trading in Emalahleni, South Africa

We invite everyone in the area to attend the very first two-hour class, which will take place this Saturday, 26th of November and will introduce students to the world of financial markets and Forex trading.

The event will be held in Highveld Protea Hotel Witbank from 12:00 to 14:00.

To learn how to participate in the free event contact our local representatives Mfundo Ndaba - 063 107 1865 or Thembokuhle Shongwe - 076 874 0485/+276 154 34073.

Follow our news and updated not to miss the upcoming events!

Yours truly,
Grand Capital

Re: Grand Capital

Enjoy no commission deposits until the end of 2016!

0% deposit commission” promotion turned out to be quite popular among our clients, so we've decided to prolong it for one more month - until the 31st of December.

Deposit to your account without worrying about any extra expenses - Grand Capital will take care of all the commissions!

Deposit any amount to your account in your Private Office, using any convenient payment method.

We remind you that wire transfers, Contact, Colibri, Western Union, Money Gramm and Korona payment systems are not eligible for the promotion.

Hurry to take advantage of the promotion by the end of December and finish the year with profit.

Yours Truly,
Grand Capital team

Re: Grand Capital

Grand Capital weekly recap (November 28th – December 2nd)

Find out how traders of Grand Capital finished the last week of fall and started the first week of winter. As always, the numbers don't fail to impress. Last week's maximum deposit growth was $109 360,00.

Here's the recap of the past trading week:

The most active client

Placed 1686 trades, including 950 profitable ones and 736 that resulted in a loss. The majority of the trades involved GBP/AUD, GBP/JPY, AUD/USD pairs.

Maximum deposit growth

In one trading week on a single account was +$109 360,00.

The most profitable trade of the week

Resulted in a profit of +$13 000,00. The trade was open on the 29th of November at 3:00PM and closed on the 29th of November at 3:08PM.

The most interesting trading instruments chosen by traders:

  • #GAS – One of the products of the distillation of crude oil or its refined products. It is traded on the ICE in London. The volume of a single futures contract is 100 metric ton, which equals 118,35 cubic meters;

  • #6C – CAD/USD futures. Contract size – 100 000 Canadian dollars, minimum price fluctuation (1 pip) – 0,0001$ for 1 Canadian dollar or $10 per contract;

  • #CC – Cocoa futures. Traded on the ICE (New York). The contract volume is 10 ton. 1 pip costs $10,00;

  • #PEPSI – An american manufacturer of non-alcoholic beverages and food. The company's products are sold in 200 сountries under 22 brands. In 2015 PepsiCo sales volume was estimated at $63 billion;

  • #AMAZON – An American company, the largest online seller of goods and services. offers 34 product categories, including e-books, home electronics, food, household equipment, etc.

Earn more with Grand Capital!

Re: Grand Capital

Grand Capital partnered with FXBC Changer

We are glad to announce that Grand Capital has partnered with FXBC Changer - one of the most popular exchange systems in Indonesia. This means that we have yet again widened our deposit method selection for Indonesian clients. FXBC changer supports deposits and withdrawals in IDR for the major Indonesian banks: BNI, BRI, Mandiri and BCA.

To make a deposit through FXBC Changer:

  1. Go to the Deposit/Withdrawal section

  2. Select FXBC Changer

  3. Fill in the necessary fields and click Continue

  4. Follow the instructions given. The funds will be deposited to your account within 24 hours.

The complete list of others convenient deposit/withdrawal methods offered by Grand Capital can be found at the deposit/withdrawal section of our website.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact our support team via LiveChat or email

Claim your personal bonus!

Till the 31st of December you have a chance to add up to 200% to your deposit. Find out which bonus you can claim using our bonus calculator.

Re: Grand Capital

Grand Capital website is now available in Malay

Grand Capital keeps expanding across the region of Southeast Asia. We are glad to announce that we have successfully launched Malaysian version of Grand Capital website with every section of it available to our Malaysian clients in their native language.

It is the 14th language version of Grand Capital website, which is also available in English, French, Portuguese, Russian, Indonesian, Arabic, Persian, Polish, Ukrainian, Armenian, Georgian, Thai and Vietnamese.

Yours truly,
Grand Capital team

Re: Grand Capital

Grand Capital opens a new office in The Netherlands

We are glad to announce that Grand Capital has opened its very first office in Amstelveen, Netherlands.

The office's address: Rembrandtweg 221-415, 1181 GJ Amstelveen, Netherlands.

You can reach Grand Capital's representative in the Netherlands by calling +31107449381.

The office working hours are Monday to Friday from 9AM to 6PM.

In the office you can receive consultations on all the company's services and products, as well as:

Welcome to the new Grand Capital office!

Re: Grand Capital

Interview with Grand Capital contest winners

We regularly hold trading contests and interview our winners. However, since Grand Capital has many contests and many winners, we decided to change the format of this news section. We value the substantively of information most of all. That’s why from now on we are going to gather several reviews of our winners in a single newsletter. Traders share their impressions of the past contest rounds and tell about profitable strategies, and we sum up the most interesting moments.

We present to you the feedback of our recent winners. Today we have two “Drag Trade” winners, one “Rally Trade” winner and a “Futures Trade” winner.

Denis Bulatov, Russia, the winner of 340th round of “Drag Trade”:

I became a trader by accident. About five years ago, I saw a Forex commercial and decided to give it a try. I learned trading on the web: downloaded video lessons and visited forums. I didn’t meet any particular difficulties while learning. The most important thing is patience, the rest will come. The most unsuccessful trade happened when I was a beginner. Then I learned what gap for $1500 after the weekend is. I didn’t close my positions on Friday, and on Monday I was shocked. Long story short, I learned my lesson the hard way. So here goes my advice for the beginners: do not leave opened positions for a weekend. I prefer trading with USD/ZAR (South African rand) pair in contests, but I don’t use it on my real account. I chose Grand Capital primarily for the diversity of contest. I love competition, when it doesn’t drain my wallet. Luck and a little of experience helped me win. I wish everyone successful trading!

Didik Dharmadie, Indonesia, the winner of 180th round of “Rally Trade”:

I’m 32 and I live in Bengkulu City, I work in telecommunications industry. First time I heard about Forex from my friend. Almost everything I know about trading, I learned from him. Forex is quite popular in Indonesia, especially in my city. Many private companies offer brokerage services here. In trading, I use trend lines and fundamental analysis. The only problem is that sometimes it’s difficult to cope with your emotions after lost trades. My most memorable trade was when GBP plummeted and couldn’t recover for several months. “Rally Trade” contest helps polish your trading strategies, including intraday trading. The prize is a pleasant addition, of course. My advice to beginners is not to give up after losses and difficulties. Keep practicing and you’ll learn to control your losses with time. Also, master money-management techniques, they’ll help you manage your risks!

Andriy Neznayko, Ukraine, the winner of 45th round of “Futures Trade”:

I don’t have a lot of experience in trading. I’ve been trading for a little over half a year.  Once I saw my acquaintance earn 11 USD in 10 minutes on Forex. Now I understand that it’s bare minimum, but then it impressed me. I watched a half an hour film about Forex, grasped the key-note (buy for less, sell for more), learned the terms, talked to people on forums. So, I decided for myself that was possible. My strategy is simple: move with the trend. It’s no surprise they say “Trend is our friend”. As a beginner, I often approached customer support. Grand Capital experts always helped me and answered all my questions. I like the diversity of contests that Grand Capital offers. Having read the interviews with the winners I realized that people actually participate and win. And I said to myself “Why not me?”. Guys, what I’m saying is, learn, try, listen to your experienced colleagues. But draw your own conclusions!

Mehmat Seylan, Turkey, the winner of 342nd round of “Drag Trade”:

I’m a student and don’t work yet.  I started trading because I wanted stable extra income. In Turkey Forex is quite popular, but at the same time is over-regulated. For example, maximum leverage offered by local brokers is 1:50. I learned to trade on my own. Started with Internet articles, then read more serious books. Nothing brings my such pleasure like a profitable trade. In trading I follow the market trend and use several moving averages for determining the current situation on the market. The entry and exit points I get using Fibonacci retracement. Usually I trade with GBP/JPY, GBP/CAD, AUD/JPY, XAU/USD pairs, but on my demo account I try other instruments. The contests help polish your skills, and in case of victory — bring money. What I want to say to beginners, is learn more and keep trading, until you find your own method.

You can read the contest rules and sign up for the next round here.

Trade and win with Grand Capital!

Re: Grand Capital

In 2016 Grand Capital received ISO certificate, which means that Grand Capital management system meets the requirements of the international standard (ISO 9001-2011).

It’s great news for everyone at Grand Capital.  We put together this 101 on the subject: what is ISO, why ISO standards are important for the company, and on top of all that, how it benefits our clients.

What is an ISO standard?

ISO stands for International Organization for Standardization. The organization was founded in 1946 and since that time has been engaged in developing and issuing international standards for various fields. The company’s name is a reference to a Greek word “isos”, meaning “equal” and is recognized in every language. Thus, the name perfectly reflects the idea of ISO: equal conditions and equal international standards.
ISO standard is a document that specifies the requirements for products, procedures and services. Certified organizations examine a certain company in accordance with ISO standards and issue a corresponding certificate. ISO standards are constantly being edited and updated.

Why is it important for the company?

ISO international standards provide tools for development. They help companies to enter new markets, increase sales, win clients’ loyalty and improve their production system.
Grand Capital received ISO certificate that is applicable to such fields as advisory services, auditing, design, development, implementing, testing and maintenance of software, automated information systems, robotic systems, system solutions, business applications.

How it benefits our clients?

ISO certificate is not mandatory, but it’s a kind of benchmark of quality for companies. The presence of the certificate guarantees that the company provides reliable and safe services that meet the international standards.
Grand Capital cares about quality of the services it provides. We hope that our clients will continue to enjoy our products and services.

Grand Capital team.

Re: Grand Capital

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2017!

Re: Grand Capital

Happy New Year 2017!

Stanislav Vaneev, CEO Grand Capital:

Dear clients, partners and colleagues!

I wish you a happy New Year from the bottom of my heart! As tradition has it, every year we round-up all the results of our work so that together we can evaluate our efficiency, achievements and map out plans for the future.

2016 turned out to be quite exciting and eventful, thanks to which a lot of traders were able to reap a very good return! The world has surprised us once more, having shown that the predictions are just that, someone’s predictions, while the result is often unpredictable. For example, when there are sudden market crashes, or a presidential election upset. It is quite illustrative and once again supports the notion that you should only trust your own forecasts and manage your risks properly.

2016 was a successful year for Grand Capital. The company grew bigger, expanded to the new markets. Here are some figures that prove my point:

Total average monthly revenue went up by 2,5 times in the last two years and reached $4,7bln.

102 000 traders became clients of Grand Capital.

13 new offices opened in Russia, Kazakhstan, the Netherlands, South Africa, India and Ukraine.

The company granted 7 309 bonuses to clients and organized 103 contests for traders.

In 2016 Grand Capital grew in technology, flexibility and size. The company received “Best trading technology”, and “Best affiliate program” awards and went up in the top-brokers rating. Grand Capital started its own educational project — a financial newspaper, available in Russian. The company adopted new languages: Arabic, Portuguese, Polish, Malay, Thai, Vietnamese.

This year Grand Capital celebrated its 10th anniversary. 10 years is an impressive run for a financial broker. Back in 2006 we started out with one office in Saint Petersburg. In these 10 years GC grew into an international financial company, having become a reliable intermediary on financial markets for thousands of traders worldwide.

We all deserve the credit of all these achievements together. I thank our partners for the enormous amount of work done this year. I thank our clients for choosing Grand Capital as their personal broker. 10 years marks a new beginning. I’m sure that even bigger successes and records lay ahead of us. We have huge plans for 2017 — receiving CySEC license, the launch of mobile Binary trading app, updated WebTrader version for Binary Options, better execution, launch of new services and interesting promotions.

Once again, I wish you a happy New Year!

Let this year be a year of achievements. Let your most daring financial ambitions be fulfilled, and let you and your loved ones always be in good health! May all your dreams and wishes come true!

Have a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

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