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About us

P2PChange.is - service is intended for those who want quickly, safely and on the favorable rate to exchange such types of electronic currencies: Bitcoin, BTC-e, Litecoin, Perfect Money, Payeer.

P2PChange.is successfully works since June, 2013.
Instant exchange (without confirmations of a network) with Bitcoin on other directions, in case of observance of small conditions.
Protection against failures of access to payment service providers.

Certified partner of Perfect Money, TrustScore more than 500.
Discounts for regular customers to 50%.
More than 50000 clients who trust us.

Our exchange service of electronic currencies – the system created based on the modern software and containing all set of necessary functions for convenient and safe converting of the most widespread types of electronic money.

By means of our P2PChange.is service you can always exchange without any difficulties in such directions as:

  • Bitcoin

  • PerfectMoney

  • Payeer

  • Litecoin

  • BTC-e

Our contacts :
ICQ: 671365084
Jabber: support@p2pchange.is

Partner program:
In our service the loyalty program, an accumulative discount and the partner program works, having taken an advantage of which, you will be able to make an exchange of electronic currencies on more advantageous conditions. For this purpose it is necessary just to be registered on the website.
- We offer the partner program to all clients and webmasters.