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Adamant Finance is a financial services company, that enables both private persons and other companies to trade on the foreign exchange market or Forex. Our brokerage company was established in 2014 and our goal is to provide the newest technological solutions, which enable to take our clients' transactions straight to the exchange. Our partners include large banks and funds, whose liquidity is available to our clients. We use ECN-NDD technology, which enables us to offer the best terms of trade to our clients, without any intervention from a dealer, thus ruling out the human factor.

Trading conditions
Transmission of transaction: Market Execution; Speed of transaction: 0.1 sec; Collateral in case of locking: 0%;
Stop out: 100%; Trading platform: MetaTrader 4, Android MT4, iPhone MT4; EA trading: yes; Rejection of transaction: no.

Account types
Minimum deposit: 1 USD/EUR; Leverage: till 1:500; Spread: from 2;
Commission: 0 USD per 1 lot; Minimum volume of transaction: 0.01 lot; Bidding increment: 0.01 lot.

Minimum deposit: 250 USD/EUR; Leverage: till 1:200; Spread: from 0.0;
Commission: 5 USD per 1 lot; Minimum volume of transaction: 0.01 lot; Bidding increment: 0.01 lot.

Minimum deposit: 500 USD/EUR; Leverage: till 1:100; Spread: from 0.5;
Commission: 4 USD per 1 lot; Minimum volume of transaction: 0.1 lot; Bidding increment: 0.1 lot.

Payment methods
- Capitalist; - Skrill; - Payeer; -VISA; MasterCard; Maestro;
- AdvCash; - OkPay; - Norvik Banka; - QIWI.

-Economic calendar; -All analytics; -Technical analysis;
-Wave analysis; Fundamental analysis; Analysis of metals.

Welcome bonus

Campaign rules: … come-bonus

Adamant Finance Ltd. IBCN: 22879 IBC 2015
The Jaycees Bulding, Stoney Ground,Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Official site:

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New method for the replenishment of Bank cards Fondy

Dear clients and partners!

We are pleased to announce a new merchant Fondy to receive Bank cards. Now to transfer funds to the account and withdraw the money will be even easier, faster and more convenient.

What is merchant account?

This is a special trading account that allows you to accept payments from various Bank cards and directly from your Bank account. Thanks to the special interface, you can quickly transfer money to your trading account in Adamant Finance. As for withdrawals, carried out in accordance with the regulations.

The benefits of the merchant can be attributed to round-the-clock service. Now you can Deposit and withdraw money from your trading account at any time of the day. Calculation speed is also significantly increased. Merchant is designed for thousands of operations per minute. Besides, it is safe. Card data that you enter in the corresponding field you will not see anybody, except the acquiring Bank and you.

Adamant Finance continually working to improve service, including creating more comfortable conditions for Deposit accounts and withdrawal of funds. With the new merchant this process will be faster and more convenient!

Team Adamant Finance

Official website:

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Action: Decreased the minimum deposit to the Pro account, Prime, CopyFX

Dear clients and partners!

We are pleased to inform you that in July, you will be able to open accounts Pro, Prime CopyFX and just half of the amount that is required to replenish the deposit. Enjoy all the benefits of the above accounts without any restrictions.

After the completion of the action, you can continue to work on these accounts without additional investment.

Trade Forex currency pairs, precious metals, commodities and even indices with the minimum spread and no re-quotes. Take advantage of the knowledge of the best traders, copying their transactions in real time, together with a trading account CopyFX.

Type of account : MarketPro: CopyFX: MarketPrime
Was : 250 USD / EUR: 250 USD / EUR: 500 USD / EUR
So : 125 USD / EUR: 125 USD / EUR: 250 USD / EUR

To open or MarketPro CopyFX accounts, you need to replenish the deposit at 125 US dollars. In order to start trading on MarketPrime account, make $ 250. The promotion is valid from 1 to 31 July. Do not miss the opportunity to get all the benefits of trading accounts MarketPro, MarketPrime and CopyFX, investing half. For more information about accounts you can get:

Yours faithfully,
Adamant Finance Team

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Return to the trading conditions Brexit

Dear clients and partners!

Due to the stabilization and reduction of volatility in the financial markets the company Adamant Fianance returns trading conditions for all types of accounts in the past. In all the above accounts level Margin Call and Stop Out will be reduced from 100% to 50%!

New conditions and lowering the Margin Call and Stop Out level take effect from 06.07.2016!

The maximum levels of leverage are now available for all customers. All customers who have been amended during the period of entry restrictions related to the referendum in the UK, the leverage level of trading accounts will be changed to before the entry into force of restrictions!

Kreidnogo shoulder level for accounts Classic MarketPro, MarketPrime, Bonus50, CopyFx, SignalFx

Type of account :Maximum shoulder
Classic 1: 500
MarketPro 1: 200
MarketPrime 1: 100
Bonus50 1: 500
CopyFX 1: 200
SignalFX 1: 200

We wish you a successful trading!

Yours faithfully,
Adamant Finance

Official website:

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Demo contest - "Run trader run"

Dear Clients and Partners,

Please, be informed that we have launched our Demo contest, named “Run Trader Run” with real money prizes. Take part in this competition and win money. The contest is conducted on the ongoing basis (Mon-Fri). First ten winners will share the prize fund and will get money!

The prize is the property of the winner. You may decide whether to withdraw it or to invest it in your trading account!

We have created a special rating with detailed stats on each participant allowing you to follow their trading activities.

Terms And Conditions of the Contest

Initial Deposit – 10 000 USD
Leverage – 1:100
Stop level – 100%
Trading with advisors – Allowed
Duration – 5 days

The more participants the more prize money!

The prize fund is formed in the following proportions:
Every participant pays 5USD fee. Adamant Finance adds 30% to the total amount.


There are 100 participants.
The participant’s fee is 5USD
Adamant Finance adds 30% to the total amount.

100 x 5USD = 500 + 30% = 650USD - in this case the prize fund is 650USD

We wish you successful trading and wins

Adamant Finance Team

Official site:

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Changes in Welcome bonus 50 programme

Dear Clients,

Please be informed that Adamant Finance makes some changes in the Welcome Bonus Programme since  18.07.2016. New terms of the programme concern all traders who open their account since 18.07.2016.

Terms and Conditions

Bonus: 50USD
Leverage: 1:200
Minimum lot: 0,01
Step: 0,01
Margin Call: 50%

How to get the Bonus?

Open 100 and more trades
A trade should be open for 60 seconds and more
Total trade volume should be 6 lots or more
Verify your account

It is prohibited to

Trade with two or more account from one IP
Create accounts for different personal data
Use proxies
Provide Adamant Finance with wrong personal data or use third person personal data
In case of any of the above mentioned infringements, your account will be blocked.

If you meet all the requirements you may withdraw your profit (25USD) to your bank account or credit your Adamant Finance trading account without any restrictions.

We wish you a successful trading!

Best regards,
Adamant Finance

Official site:

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MetaTrader 4 Mobile terminal (iOS + Android)

Dear customers

We are pleased to inform you that the available mobile platforms for devices based on operating systems iOS and Android. Mobile terminal MetaTrader 4 allows to perform transactions from anywhere in the world where ever you are, keep track of exchange rates and to be aware of all news in a timely manner and to make the right decisions!

To install the terminal, you will need to download mobile terminal in the phone and find the list of our company (Adamant Fiance).

The mobile version of MetaTrader 4 allows you to connect with a real server and the demo!

Demo server AdamantFinance-Demo
Real server AdamantFinance-Real

Download version for iOS

Download the version for Android

The company Adamant Finance is constantly improving the capabilities and strive to expand the range of services, both for current and future clients, for comfortable trading in the Forex market!

We wish you successful trading!

Adamant Financ

Official website:

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New payment system by BitCoin

Dear Clients and Partners,

Please be informed that Adamant Finance added Bitcoin as a payment method to its list. We are trying to follow all latest tendencies and to make our cooperation mutually beneficial. We expect that this new payment method makes your trading more comfortable.

Bitcoin is the newest currency which becomes more and more popular. You may credit your trading account using this method. Bitcoin has some advantages in comparison with other payment methods.

They are:

  • *Low money transfer commissions
    *High speed of transactions
    *High level of Bitcoin-wallets protection
    *No payment restrictions.
    *Sender’s privacy. There is no verification procedure.

Bitcoin’s popularity is growing. They are not only a financial instrument presently, but also a payment method. We added Bitcoin according to your interest and popularity of Bitcoin payments.

Kind Regards,
Adamant Finance Team

Official website:

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Free VPS for trading with experts

Dear Clients,

Please, be informed that we have launched a free VPS for all our traders. All current and future clients may get access to the free VPS by sending an application form to us.

Virtual Private Server is available 24/7. You may access it from your personal computer. VPS has an installed operational system. The main advantage of the VPS is that it works 365 days per year without interruption. All trading terminals as well as experts work here 24/7 independently from your PC. You may be sure that even when you sleep, your trading robots are on guards and always follow the market situation. They will take decisions right in time according to the strategies, built-in their algorithms.

Traders working with experts need stability and reliability. We have taken a decision to launch a free VPS in order to meet those requirements.
Free VPS is available for all Adamant Finance Clients with deposits equal or more than:

Classic – 50EUR/USD
MarketPro- 125 EUR / USD
MarketPrime - 250 EUR / USD
CopyFx - 125 EUR / USD
InvestFX - 125 EUR / USD

We wish you successful trading. Let your trading systems be stable!

Kind Regards, Adamant Finance Team

Official website:

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Perfect Money - new payment system

Dear Clients and Partners,

We are pleased to inform you that Adamant Finance launched cooperation with Perfect Money. We constantly increase the number of payment methods in order to make your cooperation with us more comfortable.

Perfect Money describes itself as “The pink of absolute perfection”. The main goal of the company is to provide clients with the highest level of financial operations quality.

All payment methods

Service developers tried to make the most safe and easy-to-operate financial product. You may take advantage of the exchange service to convert your money into available currencies.

Perfect Money
system is suitable for both large businesses with multimillion turnovers and private persons who use such payment methods for their personal affairs.

Payments with Perfect Money are credited instantly. In order to use this system, go to your account and click on “Deposit”. Then choose Perfect Money payment system.

Kind Regards,Adamant Finance Team

Official website:

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Payment system WEBMONEY is now available

Dear Clients and Partners,

Please be informed that we have added Webmoney, one of the most popular payment method. Many of you have often asked about Webmoney and we could not ignore your wishes.

Webmoney is one of the most demanded payment methods. The number of accounts is more than 30 millions already and this figure growth constantly. Webmoney offers services for accounting, exchanging currencies, attract investments, solve disputes and make all transactions safe. The commission for transactions is one of the lowest.

<< All payment methods>>

Payments via Webmoney are credited instantly. In order to do it, enter your account and go to the “Deposit” menu where you need to choose Webmoney payment method.

Kind Regards, Adamant Finance Team

Official website:

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Payment system FasaPay - is now available

FasaPay is a brand of PT Fasa Centra Artajaya. This company is well known in the Asian part of continent. It offers good conditions to those who want to exchange USD into IDR.FasaPay is not only the payment system bat also a net of online shops which accept FasaPay wallets as some others Internet retailers.

Both official website and the support service work in English and Indonesian. There is a Live Chat which is a rather rare feature for payment systems. There is a possibility to transfer money in an automatic manner (API, SCI and IPN).

For all transfer between system accounts a 0,5% commission is taken.

There are three types of user accounts – registered, active and verified.

In order to withdraw money from your account you need to have a banking account and verified one in FasaPay system.
To deposit money into your FasaPay account you may transfer it from your banking account (for Verified users only) or any of your FasaPay accounts (available for Active and Verified only). Transfer commission is 0,5%.

There are some transfer limitations:

  • 5000USD for banking accounts
    1 000 000USD for inner accounts
    5000USD for inner accounts (Active users)

This payment system is safe as it is protected by AES-256. Personal data is allocated at different servers and protected by RAID.

Best regards,

Adamant Finance

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Payment system CashU - is now available

CashU is a famous payment system which is popular in the Middle East countries. It was established by Yahoo. The official website works on both English and Arabic. CashU is accepted in many online retail shops.  There is no commission to open an account. However, there is a yearly 1USD commission for using payment system.

The main advantage of the system is that it offers fixed payments in national currencies when you credit your account from other payment systems. There is a list of 20 payment systems from which you may deposit money into your CashU account. There is also a possibility to deposit your CashU account from credit or debit cards (with 3% commission).

There is no withdrawal option. However, you may order a MAJD card to use your CashU money in the countries where there is no possibility to work with this payment system.

All operations are made with 0 commission. MAJD card is completely free. To reorder this card you have to pay 2USD. In order to charge back you are to pay 5USD.

Best regards,
Adamant Finance

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A new report function is added to affiliate accounts

Dear Affiliates,

Please, be informed that we have updated Affiliate personal offices and made some changes within. Presently you are able to create commission reports on all invited clients. This new function allows you choose between all clients you have attracted and to calculate commissions according to a period of time you are interested in (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly).

Please, pay attention to the fact that we pay a commission for all closed positions only. We constantly update our services and are ready to consider all your suggests on how to make our affiliate service even better. If you have any proposal, please, feel free to contact us at

Kind Regards,
Adamant Finance Team

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Dear friends.
Please, be informed that Adamant Finance accepts traders from US and Canada.
We would be pleased to see you among our clients. Enjoy the high quality service that we offer to all our traders.

Re: Adamant Finance -

Automated FX Trading

Investing in professional traders is one of the best ways to diversify your trading risks. Automated trading copy system allows you to create your own investment portfolio, have full control over your risks and start copying trades almost immediately. A detailed statistics on each trader comprises his trading history, including slumps/earnings ratio, coefficients, forecasts and others. It is fun and interesting to create your own team using this detailed data.

1. Create your Adamant Finance account
2. Choose CopyFX
3. Join Metatrader signals and start earning.

Start making money with automated trading copy system today!

Traders’ statistics

Re: Adamant Finance -

FX Assets Management

Become a managing trader today and earn additional money permanently.

CopyFx account - allows you not only to make money on your trades but also on your followers who copy your trades!

Thousands of investors from all over the world will see your trading statistics and will want to copy your signals!
Your trading skills will not go unnoticed and will be rewarded!

Re: Adamant Finance -

Affiliate programme

Our affiliate programme is suitable for all and requires no financial investments. All you need is to add our link to your website, forum, blog, or social networking. 

Web representative

Unique promos along with a special system that chooses the best banners for your website allow to get the highest results in attracting new affiliates. We do all the necessary work for you!

Your eventual profit depends on:
• the number of attracted affiliates
• the number of trades, opened by your affiliates
• the volume of those trades

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Changes trading session for the holidays

Dear customers,

Ahead we all have wonderful holidays, which we hope you will spend in a cozy and festive atmosphere. For those who are planning to continue trading at this time, we have actual information: new year and holidays there will be changes in schedule of the exchanges and support staff of our company!

With the changes in trading sessions you can see below:


23 Dec - Friday unchanged (closing at 23:00 GMT)

24 - Saturday Closed
25 - Sundays Opening at 22:00 GMT
26 - Monday Close 8:00 PM GMT, opening at 18:00 GMT
27 - Tuesday unchanged
30 Dec. Friday unchanged (closing at 23:00 GMT);

2 Jan. - Monday Open 07:00 GMT;

3 Jan. - Tuesday unchanged
Oil (WTI + Brent), natural Gas

23 Dec - Friday unchanged (closing at 22:00 GMT), Brent Zach. 17:30 GMT
24 Saturday Closed
25 Sunday Closed
26 - Monday Opening at 23:00 GMT
27 - Tuesday unchanged
30 Dec. Friday unchanged (closing at 22:00 GMT), Brent Zach. 17:30 GMT
2 Jan. - Monday Opening at 23:00 GMT
3 Jan. - Tuesday unchanged

23 Dec - Friday unchanged (closing at 22:00 GMT)
24 Saturday Closed
25 Sunday Closed
26 - Monday Opening at 23:00 GMT
Dec 27 - Tuesday unchanged
30 Dec. - Friday with No changes;

2 Jan - Monday Opening at 23:00 GMT
3 Jan - Tuesday unchanged.

We also strongly recommend to pay attention to the fact that trade in the holiday season is a particularly risky due to the low volatility and high spreads.
Please, be careful. Happy holidays!

With best wishes,
Adamant Finance

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Merry Christmas And Happy New Year 2017!

Dear clients,

Adamant finance Team thanks you for being with us in 2016 and believes that 2017 will be even more successful and will bring you more profit in Forex trading. We will do all our best to make our cooperation fruitful and beneficial.

We would like to share all our achievements with you in order to summarise our activities during 2016:

1. The number of new traders who joined Adamant Finance reached 21497.

2. The number of all accounts exceeded 65000. The number of new accounts grows exponentially which is a good sign.

3. We have significantly enriched our geography. We offer services to clients from 53 countries and we still have space to progress.

4. Adamant Finance and his official representatives opened more than 200 new subjects on different websites. You may ask your questions to our representatives on every forum you like.

5. You can find our daily analytics on popular websites. We have launched video market reviews, which are more and more popular among traders.

6. The number of those who benefited from Welcome Bonus exceeded all our expectations and almost reached 16557. The number of those who earned money is 4317.

7. Here are the top 3 most significant withdrawals for 2016:

235 000 $ (UK)
203 500 $ (DE)
100 000 $ (US)

8. Total volume of all withdrawals with bonus is 107 925$. We would like to congratulate all those traders who had an opportunity to enjoy our services, orders execution as well as to earn money!

We could announce our future projects in this brief report. However, we prefer to do more and to talk less. We have some projects aiming to further improve our services as well as to introduce new tools. We also aspire to create even more Bonus programmes and campaigns for our clients. Let’s make it real together!

Adamant Finance Team wishes you successful and profitable New Year! We work for you!

Adamant Finance Team

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Margin level changes - exotic currencies!

Dear Customers,

Please, be informed that new marginal conditions for exotic currency pairs are to take place from 17.01.2017. If you have opened trades with the currency pairs from the table below, please, be sure that you have enough money on your trading account.

If you have lack of money, please, deposit your account with any available payments method or close your trades partially.

Those changes concern the currency pairs from the list below only: 

Kind Regards!

Adamant Finance

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Re: Adamant Finance -

Competition on the social networks - 50 USD

Dear clients,

Adamant finance Forex broker launches a unique social media campaign.

Lucky winners will get 50USD on their Classic trading accounts every week!

In order to participate you need to do the following three steps:

Become a member of one of our social media groups -

1. FaceBook -
2. Create a Welcome Bonus account (and get a 50USd Bonus as a gift)
3. Share this “campaign” with your Vkontakte or Facebook friends and leave a comment (I’m trading with Adamant Finance broker)


This comment should be on your “Wall” before the announcement of the competition results.

The results are released every Monday in our social media groups -
FaceBook -

To determine a winner in Vkontakte social media we use - http://вконкурс.рф/

To determine a winner in "FaceBook" we use -


Q: When the results of the competition are summed up?
A: Every Monday

Q: Are there any limitation to withdraw 50USD if I become a winner of the competition?
A: There are no limitations to withdraw your profit you make using this 50USD prize. However, to withdraw 50USD prize, your trading volume should be 2 lots at least

Q: Are there opportunities for those who had already received this Welcome Bonus to get it one more time?
A: Unfortunately, it is impossible.

We wish you success in trading!

Kind regards,
Adamant Finance Team

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Summer time

Dear Client,

Daylight Savings Time (DST) will start as of Sunday, March 12, March 26, and April 2, for US, Europe and Australia, respectively.

There are no changes to FX, Metals and Oil as these are fixed in ET time. However, when looking in GMT terms, please note that all usual times will shift one hour backwards, due to DST in US.

Kind regards,
Adamant Finance

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Get $100 to the account of the like free*!

Conditions of the competition:
1. Follow this community
2. Sign up on the website of and get free $50** to the trading account
3. Like this competition post
*Each week is played out an extra $ 50 for a merchant account Classic, so the winner receives 50 $ welcome bonus + $ 50 on
Classic expense = $ 100 in the trading account. The results summarized and published every Monday in the community

More information FaceBook

**welcome bonus can be received only once