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possible to be Off Topic here. Than please just delete this Post.

I want to create a most possible stable Laptop/Notebook for my auto Trading with MT4.
To be as save as possible i will not use a Workstation, because everytime it is possible to have no energy.
So there must be Batteries or something ever.

The easy way in my eyes is to use a Laptop/Notebook. This will habe a Batterie for around 6-8 hours.

Next point is my LAN: In my Router and LAN connection is the same Energy problem.
So i decide to give my Laptop additional a LTE Card inside.

My last problem with this is:
I search for a possibility (e.g. any Software) that check my LAN connection.
If this is offline, the LAptop should reconnect to the internet with the LTE Card ...
If the LAN connection is back, the LTE Card should stop and the LAN connection should be used.

Did anybody knows a solution for this? How do you fix this problem?

Thank you.

Re: switch from LAN to LTE

This is a good question.

I Googled briefly and found a a freeware program for switching network profiles:

I have no idea if it can switch the profiles automatically.

Re: switch from LAN to LTE

Hello Mr. Popov,

many thanks for your answer.
I looked at your given Link and found nothing special aboud this request.
So i decided to contact the Support there.

It is really interessting, that this point cannot be found into the internet ;-)

I will give here the answer too, when i got a reply from the Support.

Have a fine day.

Kind regards,