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Topic: Looking for a Broker

Hello to everyone,

i'm actually looking for a MT4 Broker with making available of at least 5 years or more, of intraday historical data(5,15,30 and 60min).

All Brokers i tried allow just one year or two max of historical data(up to 60 min).

Someone of you know some Broker with this offer?

I've already tried: Activetrades, Oanda, and  IgMarkets, all with the same limit.

Thank you

Re: Looking for a Broker

Options are the key to success. The good thing about the internet is that we have a variety of brokers available and if we are not satisfied with one, we can always move on to another.  I've personally worked with FeshForex for a short-bit of time, but I made the switch to Financika https://www.businessvibes.com/companyprofile/Financika and I think they are a bit better in helping with the learning process. Their academy is rather useful. Perhaps someone else has a different broker they want to suggest. I am always open to new things.

Re: Looking for a Broker

A list of good brokers for you to refer: