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After the free trial of FSB, it should not be free.

The monthly subscription offer is by itself  a very generous one but the the free version is unfair to the developer of the software.

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I totally agree with you, Pradeep.  Very few users are like you.  You immediately purchased FSB once you saw it's value and capabilities.  You didn't sit and wait till your 30 days trial over and you gave your support immediately.  I wished more users are like you.  Thanks for all your contribution and thanks for testifying the strength of FSB, coming from an 30 years of experience trader.  That speaks a lot.

Finally someone express this out.

Thanks for your added perspective.

FSB is an excellent software that stood the test of time and competitors.  I'm confident there is none that come close to it in terms of user friendliness, pricing, capabilities, functionalities, constant improvement and updates, excellent users support (irregardless whether you purchased or not), HUGE potential growth...the list goes on and on.  Although I'm a Moderator, don't forget, I'm first and foremost a user, customer and a trader. 

Secondly, I'm not paid by FSB (how is Popov going to pay any staff when he has to fork out his own savings to sustain FSB?, honestly, we are ripping Popov off by not buying FSB.  We are taking advantages of his generosity and his precious time and efforts and not giving him his fair share of reward for all that he has done. 

I know I sounded like a broken recorder on this topic.  But let's think for a moment, what will your reaction be if one day, Popov announced that he is closing his FSB project (because he has depleted his resources? or (hypothetically - his wife is nagging him why he spent so much time on this project, taking his time and money away from his family) and there will, no longer be any more updates/improvement made, no more free FSB (basic) software and Full membership software will remain as it is for the rest of your life?  Because I fear that day will happen if everything remain the same as now (low conversation rate from users to full members, a small % of users are paying members) and because I don't want it to happen and hence, I kept repeating the same.  If we don't want the above scenario to happen...then do something different from now on, start supporting Popov, if we still want constant updates and improvement.  Popov works from 6am till the next day 1am on FSB project, think for a moment the implications of such sacrifice on his family dynamics.

Popov, trust your product.  We need FSB more than you can ever imagine.  I'll be at total loss if I don't have FSB.  It's so easy to translate my theory into all those opening and closing need to drag this box to that box, no need to have confusing flow chart etc.  So do consider ending the free software after 30 days trial.  I'm not here to tell you what to do, we are just giving our feedback.  The free software concept, only perpetuate users to continue to sit on the fence and not start paying for what they want.

If people don't want to use FSB and FSB doesn't meet their needs, even if you offer 100 days free, they aren't going to use it for that 100 days.  30 days is sufficient for a user to make up their decision, whether FSB is the product to suits their needs or not.

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quote:'30 days is sufficient for a user to make up their decision, whether FSB is the product to suits their needs or not.'

yes i agree the free trial for a month is enough:it took me not more than 2 days to realise how powerful it is.

Will it generate profitable ea? it depends on what you want:20% a day? 100 % a day? 1% a day?

be realistic and it will deliver.

you also need to invest in a powerful computer if you want to save time.which i am doing also. on wednesday i will be investing 800 usd on the processor alone.cant wait for that!

but we do need to have patience to find a good strategy-FSB WILL REDUCE THE SEARCH TIME but it is still a long journey.