Topic: Using FX Blue Live to analyze your EA performance

Dear all,

I've finally found what I've been searching and hoping for, a programme that can analyse all my EA and rank my EAs according to their performance results.

I've 15 MT4 terminals with hundreds (close to a thousand) of EA running simultaneously and can you imagine the nightmare of having to tabulate the profit and results in order to sieve out the good EA from the bad ones?!!

Now I've finally found a website that provide what I needed all these years and best of all for free.

These are the advantages:

1. Link up your account details and you can see the performance of each account and analyse your EA/Magic Number/Strategies via profit factor, net profit etc.

2. If you have multiple accounts like mine (total 15) and you want to collate all of the EA into 1 spreadsheet for easy comparison, then link up all these acccount (registered with the same email address) under the Portfolio section and then go to the statistic section and click under the "Strategy" tab (far right hand side).  And you will have all your accounts information, statistic, EAs combined together for easy comparison.

3. If you want to use your account to publish your signal or copy your trade, there is free software in this website/company whereby you can utilize it for accordingly.

All the while, I felt overwhelmed by the number of EA, I've to monitor and I sometimes doesn't have the confidence to delete some EA for fear that I may have accidentally deleted any by mistakes because I didn't have a software whereby I can make my decision purely on facts and statistics instead of human estimation based on my overall observations.

Now with this software/website, I can finally delete my EA and select the best one (for my live account) with confidence.

I can't tell you how extremely happy and relief I am feeling now.  I'm delighted (is a understatement).

I hope this information would also be of great help to those out there searching for the similar tools that I've been wishing for all these while.

Best regards