Topic: Day Trading Indicators/Strategies

Dear All,

I found this website helpful with the recommendation of what types of indicators to use for Day Trading and what trading theory to use.  Helpful for those who doesn't have a trading theory in mind to consider which strategies suits them better.

It has many other recommendation.  Easy to read and straight to the point. … ndicators/

Here, it mentioned the best moving average to use for Day Trading is period 10, which I totally agree, you can use it even in your 1 min time chart.  Those who try to convert period 10 in 1 hour chart to 1 min time chart will not able to use the 1 min time chart in FSB successfully.  I personally don't use more than period 70 even in 1 min time chart. And my most common ones are 10 and 15 in 1 min time chart. … y-trading/