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I have some problems with Closing a position. I want to close my position latest at a specific time (dont want to have positions open over night).

So my problem is, i could use exit hour for this purpose - but then i cant define other criteria.

For example i planned to realize a trailing stop and if neither the stop loss nor the take profit was hit, the position should be closed by an indicator signal or latest at a specific time.

Or said in other words - why is it not possible to use more "OR" parameters when I close a position?

Example for Exit:

1.    Trailing Stop    50
2.    Take Profit    150
3.    One Choosen Indicator gives Exit signal
4.    Spedific Time

=    First condition that is fullfilled closes the position

I hope I can realize this. Thanks in advance.

Re: Trailing Stop + other conditions for Exit

We are working on implementing such possibilities in the program.
They will be available in the future versions.

Re: Trailing Stop + other conditions for Exit

Thanks for your fast reply.
So I have no chance to use at least trailing stop and exit hour together??
Would it theoratically be possible to combine these two functions in one custom indicator?

Else it is not usable for daytrading - i have to close all open positions - but when i choose this option i cant define another exit??

Re: Trailing Stop + other conditions for Exit

Well, I am pretty new to trading but I use FSBPro for day trading.

You have a choice of a lot of logical slots, I think there can be a total of 54 slots altogether....

You can structure your ea to work forever and you can also stop individual trades whenever you like. In fact, you can have three running at the same time so that you do not miss any good moves and can stop and start your ea whenever required.

I just know that Popov is working on some nice surprises for the users, some that we do not expect, however, he has, in addition to this software, a family and some outside interests that sorta use a bit of his time.


My 'secret' goal is to push EA Studio until I can net 3000 pips per day....

Re: Trailing Stop + other conditions for Exit

Thanks for your reply.

I already knew about the amount of slots, parallel running tasks . But I cant see a solution for the problem i tried to describe. Maybe I just dont find out how to use it correct.

Feel free to give me a hint how to use trailing stop and exit hour in one setup. Further I asked if it maybe solvable by a custom indicator.

And of course, Popov can spent his time as he wants to.

Re: Trailing Stop + other conditions for Exit

Put an actual strategy file in here or email it to Popov and a very through explanation as to exactly you want to do.

There may be a simple solution, maybe not...  but the best answers will come from seeing something specfic, an actual strategy that can be loaded.

Popov has understanding of the capabilities of the program which we may not know..... give him a chance to have a look at your situation.

Every time someone presents a situation, the whole community benefits, so please do submit your questions and situations.



My 'secret' goal is to push EA Studio until I can net 3000 pips per day....

Re: Trailing Stop + other conditions for Exit

I relate to the situation where you do not want trades open when you are unavailable.

Then I would assume that you do not want to be entering the market after a certain time...... so you can disable the strategy until you want it to start the next day.

You mention in your first post. 150 pips target........  I am not so sure that is always going to be available, perhaps there is a lesser amount that you would use that is more probable of being available.

I would suggest that you stop entries after a certain time in the day. and close out whatever is happening either by the strategy builder or manually.  OR  use a trade manager program, to close at a certain time. There are several available and the code to some of them can be customized to suit.

For myself..  I start at about 2 am....... as I am in North America..... and by 9 am I am sooo tired..... so I stop everything. Most days that works well, it does not always bring me maximum benefits..... but it works.

You can know that a few people who manage money for other people on a professional basis have been using this software and its predecessor for many years..... one of them must have been a day trader of sorts.

In any event, lay out your situation in a concise manner for Popov and he and his staff will be glad to do what they can to make your system work.

My 'secret' goal is to push EA Studio until I can net 3000 pips per day....

Re: Trailing Stop + other conditions for Exit

OK, to avoid a misunderstanding - i just have problems with the Exit (Close) of a position. As you mentioned, opening trades is perfect to control with the "Entry Time" - and it works fine for me.

The 150 pips target was meant for EURUSD with 5-digits Broker, I meant 15 "real" pips, I think it is realistic. But thats also not my final value for that, it will surely be tested and optimized.

Sure it would be not much work to cancel all open positions manually or I use the nono-indi as Popov described in an other thread. I also could write a short script which do this at my broker-account. In Trade-Mode there should be several solutions for that problem, you are complete right. But the big problem is that I cant use these tricks in Generator, Optimizer or Editor. And I dont want to trade strategies which differ much from my tested ones.

So finally I think it is not possible at the moment. Maybe someone could explain me why "Exit Hour" and "Trailing stop" are not choseable as Closing logic conditions just as Closing Point.

My last hope is that it maybe possible to combine "Exit Hour" and "Trailing stop" in custom indicator - I thik I will post it in " Technical Indicators - Paid Coding Service".

Thanks for your help.

Re: Trailing Stop + other conditions for Exit

Miroslav's answer was clear - this will be possible in the future! Currently it is not achievable, even not with custom indicator, because indicators don't have access to position info, which means trailing stop is difficult to get to work. Theoretically there's a chance, but it is too big a risk to take in terms of reliability.

Delta, you have to accept the fact that currently it is not possible, but in the future (no deadline!) it will be there.