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Good morning Mr.Popov
I have a question to ask you:
In the past I have mentioned some problems with the operation of the trailing stop, for example it often happens that even if the candle is moving in the direction of the position, the trailing stop will not move (especially occurs in the first candle).
Then I studied a bit the code of the EA and I found that removing a part of the code the problem disappears.
My question is, what function does precisely this piece of code that I deleted? and that problems could give me deleting it?
The code is:
      if(m_PositionType==OP_BUY && m_PositionTime>m_BarHighTime)

      if(m_PositionType==OP_SELL && m_PositionTime>m_BarLowTime)

Re: Information about EA code

This code checks if the price makes a new high after the position has been opened.

Re: Information about EA code

I do not know why, but I tested it works better than before