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Hello Traders,
I know, I'm getting a little annoying lately but i want to traslate some manual strategy in the FSB.

This is one:


Entry point: To entry on the daily breakout of the first 9 hours(from 0.00 to 9.00) of the daily bar.

Close position: At day closing

Stop loss: If i got long, my stop loss point will be the daily low, and vice versa.

I tried to make it with a hourly chart, but i don't succeed to filter the breakouts,
it takes all hourly breakout while i need just of the first 9 hours breakouts.

Someone has a solution?

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Hard to help you if you do not supply what ypou are working with.

I am not so sure you can expect someone to write the whole code for you.

My 'secret' goal is to push EA Studio until I can net 3000 pips per day....

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Try something like that:

This is on an H1 chart

The entry is at the 0:00-9:00 breakout.
Enter Once (Enter no more than once a day) guarantees that the only first breakout of the day will be activated.
The exit is at the daily low from 0:00  to 09:00 because this is the part of the day we know for sure before the entry.
You can set additional SL in points

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I would like to join to the question at the beginning of this post, and ask your help regarding with my very similar strategy.
The rules are:
- I use the strategy on H1 timeframe. Entry on every week Monday on daily breakout at of the first 13 hours of the daily bar. In other words I would open an open a long or short position above/below the Monday morning range. I would open a position after the range completion, not before (after 13.00 GMT). In my screenshot I marked  that the program has opened positions before 13:00 many times. What’s wrong with my strategy? Why the software opened positions earlier? Probably I made a mistake somewhere?
This way the results are total different than with my original strategy expectation.
Please, I ask your help to find the bug in the system.
Thanks a lot.

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I provide a screenshot also about strategy slots.
Appreciate all your opinions.

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In my screenshot I marked  that the program has opened positions before 13:00 many times. What’s wrong with my strategy? Why the software opened positions earlier? Probably I made a mistake somewhere?

The Hourly High Low doesn't limit the entry time at any way. In the period between 00:00 and 13:00 the program uses the hourly range from the previous day because it is valid till 13:00.

You have to add additional filter in order to set the strategy trading after 13:00
For example Entry Time from 13:00 to 24:00:

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Hello to everyone,

First i want thank  Mr. Popov and you all for the partecipation to this post.

I want better explain the logic over my strategy:

I thought the first 9 hours brekout on EURUSD is very important because the at 9,00 o'clock(8,00 London time) is the opening of all European market, so at that time i can expect so many traders, banks and financial istitutions of Euro Area are in front of their screen to give the first push of the morning.
So if i'm lucky enough, at least 1 daily high/low of the daily bar has already been decided at that time.

Following the settings by Mr. Popov, including an entry time from 9 to 24, i got my strategy at 95%.

The only thing i'm not successful to edit is the stop loss on the daily high/low after entry.
In the strategy on the picture i alternatively put an indicative stop loss of 500pips (or 50?!) and a close at end end of the day.

As equity it seems very good considering my available hourly data, from 02/09/2014 and to not considering the ambiguous bars. How can i delete it?

I used to trade the strategy on real account in manual mode so far, with good results,
but this other "modified" strategy seems me much better(even for the perspective to trade it automatically).
So i would like to know if you get my same results with yours data and deleting the ambiguous bars.

Thank you