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Topic: LTF and EAs compatibility

strategies with longer time frame shows a completely different results when using as EA

Do the LTF concept compatible with Mt4 or we need to run LTF strategies using the bridge?

Re: LTF and EAs compatibility

My car provides completely different driving experience comparing with the car of my wife.
Do the concept of my car is compatible with the car of my wife?

Do I need to use the car of my wife, to drive mine or to use a taxi?

Here is a screenshot of a strategy using LTF.
Main market: EURUSD M15
Entry At MA [EURUSD H1]
When Momentum rises [GBPUSD H4]


I don't see a "complete difference".

Probably if you provide more details, we can find the problem.

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Re: LTF and EAs compatibility

And more:


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You are right pop  , May be iam confused , the problem was the LTF '' Moving average repaint''  , the traders use the previous bar using the smaller time frame not the LTF !!!

for example i open 5 Mins chart and using 15Min Moving average '' position open below MA '' the FST use the previous 5 Min bar not the 15 Min bar

Re: LTF and EAs compatibility

It looks that the problem is in the trader. I'll publish  a fix in two days.

The expert must work properly with LTF.

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Popov wrote:

It looks that the problem is in the trader. I'll publish  a fix in two days.

The expert must work properly with LTF.


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Ahmed, this bug still persists and relates to FSB and the experts.

I'll publish an update with a fix tomorrow.

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Please can we get an update when all LTF usage and 'exporting') is checked and confirmed to be OK?

I don't want to waste time mistakenly thinking I'm a genius again due to a bug.

"There was a bug with the LTF (longer time frame) indicators - incorrect "Use previous bar value" option. As a result, some strategies using LTF showed unrealistically higher result from the backtest. This bug was fixed on the beginning of May 2015.

It would be good to be reassured generally that what we see in FSB is routinely rigorously tested to ensure it always gives exactly the same behaviour in MT4 (as FSB evolves). And if there are any known MT4 issues or discrepancies - perhaps they can be included in the User Guide and/or a forum 'sticky note'.
I.m.h.o. ensuring the robustness of the powerful functionality FSB makes accessible to us - after many years of excellent development - is as important as our 'desirable new features wishlists'.

Always much appreciated, thank you.

Re: LTF and EAs compatibility

And if there are any known MT4 issues or discrepancies - perhaps they can be included in the User Guide and/or a forum 'sticky note'.

All known bugs are fixed so far. If we find and confirm a critical bug, especially with the backtest and trading, we fix it immediately.

No matter our efforts bugs happen. Test your strategies carefully with all the available tools and known methods before starting a real trade.

Trade Safe!

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Guess that's why they're called 'bugs'..
Thank you.

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Re: LTF and EAs compatibility

Hi Vidagig,

I understand your frustration, with all the bugs issues sometimes I wonder "who" should I trust, FSB statistic results (fantastic or bad ones) or my trading theory.  That's why often I still go ahead to export my EA despite my EA, not so fantastic FSB statistic results....and true to my theory, some of these EA did well.  So with each FSB update or improvement made, I "re-run/test" some of my old EA and surprisingly it started to work well.  Sometimes I feel whether I've then "accidentally" deleted some good EA because of the bugs issues.  At times, I feel really exhausted and frustrated with the testing and retesting.  But when I asked myself, "what would it be like if there's isn't any FSB Pro?", I begin to be thankful with whatever I have and the opportunity FSB Pro has given to me.  And that's part and parcel of life, having a thankful spirit make my journey lighter and being frustrated would only make my EA development journey hard to bear.  So I decided to let the hand of God direct my path.

With regard to having the bugs fixed...I think it is part and parcel of the development of FSB progress and we need people to participate in the customer improvement programme whereby FSB will generate report and send to Popov whenever error occur.  In this way, the FSB community can help to "spot" bugs and report them for fixing.  It's like, we help out in proof reading a novel before it is published.  I don't think Popov would ever ignore a known bug...whenever there's a bug, Popov is diligent and super prompt to fix it, he is quite a perfectionist in this aspect.

I think (in my opinion) there were few people using 1min or 5 min charts in the past and hence, few utilize the LTF features and hence, there were bugs that didn't surface or reported.  But now as LTF features get more attention and more users, more attention is given and reported for the bug issues.  I'm happy about it, cos I do notice with each improvement made to the EA coding and LTF features related bugs, my EA's performance improved and I can start to rely on the statistic results more and more.  But I still think that people should have a strong and sound underlying theory and use the FSB to fine tune it...not the other way round whereby, they hope FSB would find them find the "pot of gold" or the "holy grail".  Who knows, one day...this is possible especially if FSB calculate the statistic via profit missed, then it's easier to pin point a starting point and an ending point (but I'm not a mathematical genius, so I believe Popov has a way to work around this issue).  Till then, let's us work together to improve the overall development of FSB by participating in the customer programme to help improve FSB performance.

Best regards

Re: LTF and EAs compatibility

There are far fewer bugs today, with all the new applications, than there were 6 months ago.

Popov has set aside a lot of time each month for the purpose of bug swatting.

What he needs is pictures and documentation as to the problems people have and he will jump on it right away.

I am pretty pleased with FSBPro even though there is slight inconveniences from time to time. There is no product available that can match it for speed, accuracy, skill and price, even up to $1,500.00

My 'secret' goal is to push EA Studio until I can net 3000 pips per day....