Topic: Programmatic access

Hi guys,

maybe a very primitive question, but excuse me I'm new to this...

is there an easy way to programmatically access live rates and execute decisions without using any windows-based apps?

Re: Programmatic access

You need a web based trading platform. There are many in the net:, ... has conditional orders. Like these:
ord1 pending buy stop 1.2334
if ord1 is executed place ord2
if ord1 is executed cancel ord3

I've traded with them several years ago. Maybe this option is still valid.

Re: Programmatic access

Thanks for the links, I will have a look!

What I had in mind is an algorythmic trading system based on my machine, rather than something server-based.
I can't imagine a server-based web app being flexible enough ;o)

Gain capital group seems to provide an API for obtaining XML rates and SOAP-based interface for executing  - have you tried that?