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Topic: Copier from site myfxbook.com to MT4 terminal...

I developed  EA that copyes/sincronizes trades from
myfxbook.com site to MT4 terminal for my own practice.
Results are not so bad, so I need advice - has this EA any commercial value ?

Synchronization period is specified by the parameter of the expert in seconds.

Filtered out orders, copied from the site, on such grounds:

- The name of a financial instrument,

- The opening of a warrant,

- The price of the opening price.

The volume of orders opened in MT4 can be adjusted:

- Fixed lot,

- The percentage of the current balance,

- Ratio of the initial volume.

Re: Copier from site myfxbook.com to MT4 terminal...

For example, see this myfxbook.com leader:
My EA on VPS followes this leader, you may see  as investor :
MetaTrader Login: 7221357  invest password - 2fmiokq, server : Alpari-Demo - Alpari Limited