Topic: Get Free $25 For Like STO - SuperTradingOnline FaceBook Fan Page

After Greetings

There is a new offer from STO broker ( SuperTradingOnline )
now u will get None Deposit Bonus $25 just for like STO FB Page

1st u have to make registration by clicking on next link … camp=22592

then u will need to upload ur documents and

after that ..
go to this page ( copy and paste on ur browser )

then click on ( like ) box
then type anything and share
then u will see ( Get your Reward )
click on it ..

then agree with terms and click ( Existing Client )
then login
then u will see ( Special Offers ) with title ( Like & Share )
click on ( Agree )

thats it !
u will be e-mailed by the account details after accepting ur documents ..

Enjoy !

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