Topic: Yadix Forex Broker- – Official Introduction

Dear Forex traders and forum readers,

My name is George Miller, I am the official forum representative of Yadix Forex Broker. I’d like to introduce to you our brokerage, the high level of service and trading advantages we offer.

Yadix is a no dealing desk (STP/ECN) brokerage that offers institutional level spreads from 0.1 pips, high leverage, fast order execution and no trading restrictions to support your forex strategies, Expert Advisor or Scalping Robot.

Core Spreads from 0.1 Pips

Yadix offers tight spreads from 0.1 pips using best Bid/Ask on the interbank Forex market and liquidity depth across all trading instruments.

Welcome Bonus or 1 Pip Rebate    
New clients can choose a 100% cash bonus on the Yadix Classic Account or a 1 Pip for every trade on the Yadix Rebate Account (for life).

Fast Order Execution + Free VPS
Average execution speeds of under 5 ms gives Scalpers and News traders a market advantage. Use the Yadix VPS to execute orders as low as 3.5 ms.

Best Broker for Scalping    
Scalpers and EA traders benefit from fast order execution, low latency server networks and accurate fills to support your trading systems.

Unrestricted Leverage

Leverage of up to 1:500 that is not restricted by account type or balance, margin will not be changed during rollovers, weekends or holidays to give you stability.

Benefit from Commodities and Indices trading with Leverage up to 1:400.

If you have any questions or would like to ask us any questions, please contact us.



Re: Yadix Forex Broker- – Official Introduction

George, please give a comprehensive overview of the company you are promoting/marketing. Location, regulation, owners. If you mean serious business, tell about capitalization, for instance.

Re: Yadix Forex Broker- – Official Introduction

Dear Trading Community,

It's my pleasure to introduce some new benefits offered by Yadix to its clients.

New Website Launched
We are proud to have launched our new website that features latest browser and mobile site development technologies to deliver an improved user experience for all of our clients.

We have proudly launched our new website that features latest browser and mobile site development technologies to deliver an improved user experience for all of our clients.

New features include an upgraded Economic Calendar, with flexible user settings and greater detail to help traders access the economic data releases important for their trading strategy. 

The new site will allow clients’ access to more valuable tools and services that are planned for release in the nearest future.

Yadix Daily Trends Report

We have launched a new Daily Trends service that allows us to deliver the latest market trends featuring major currency pairs and high impact economic data releases to our community of traders on a daily basis.

The Daily Trends Reports can help traders make more educated trading decisions based on independent Technical Analysis from industry professionals. Because trends in the Forex markets are influenced by high impact economic data releases, staying up-to-date on the latest news can have a positive impact on trading results.

If you have any questions about these or other services offered by Yadix, please feel free to respond or contact our professional support team.


George Miller   

About Yadix:   

Yadix is an STP/ECN Forex Broker that provides exchange quality execution & market depth with complete pre and post-trade transparency. Market Execution directly to the inter-bank Forex markets allows no dealing desk intervention and delivers institutional trading benefits including core spreads, low latency execution and a best execution policy to support auto-trading and scalping.

Re: Yadix Forex Broker- – Official Introduction

Happy New Year to all Yadix clients and forum members

We are happy to share that extra liquidity has been added to Yadix that has not only lowered spreads but also tightens spreads during normal trading conditions, but mainly during economic data releases.

We have recorded the spreads on our ECN trading accounts for the first 14 days of January, and the average EUR/USD spread is 0.31 pips, with a low of 0 pips.

When adding more liquidity to the already deep pool also ensures faster execution and more accurate order fills.

Maintaining and improving liquidity is key to being able to support all EAs, scalping and profitable trading.
To learn more about how Yadix can welcome your trading style/strategy or robot, please feel free to ask on this forum or contact our professional support team.