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Re: - European broker

Improved trading terms for STP: minimum deposit is only $50!

Dear clients,

Our company is delighted to announce that starting from September 1st trading conditions on STP account have been significantly improved.

In recent months, the most beneficial deals from did not stop cheering up our customers. This is simply because our aim is to provide the cutting edge professional solutions for profitable trading, while considering individual needs of every trader.

Talking to our new customers, we have realized that many would prefer to test our trading conditions at first with a smaller amount before continuing the work with a more hefty deposit.

Taking these reasons into account, we have decided to lower the initial minimum deposit requirements of STP account to $50.

What additional advantages are available to holders of STP accounts at

“Deposit with 0% commission”

This promotion allows avoiding unjustified expenses when funding a trading account.

Promotion terms:

- Fund your account with a debit/credit card;
- Get you commission fully compensated.

Please note: We will also cover your commissions paid for deposits via bank transfer over $3000. Once the payment is made, please email us the payment document to

No-deposit bonus meets the wishes of our new customers and offers a once-off $15 no-deposit bonus to the holders of newly registered STP accounts.

Promotion terms:
- Register an STP account at;
- Let us know about your intention of testing the platform with bonus funds using our live chat or via email:;
- Send us a trading account statement from your previous broker showing a deposit of at least $50 in course of the last year and let us know your active phone number;
- Upon reception of your data, team will be in right in touch before crediting your STP account with a bonus.

What can be better?

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Your premier ECN broker,

Sincerely, Ekaterina Fechina. Company representative

Re: - European broker

Issue №64 from 05/09/2015

Hello, our forum dear visitors.
The European broker analytical department offers you the Analytics.

GBP/USD This week was rather negative for the pound, which showed a considerable decline since opening trades at 1.5406 on Monday. Percentage wise, GBP/USD did show the expected change in price, although in the direction opposite to the one forecasted by analysts. On Monday, the cable’s decline was stipulated by stronger dollar, but negative Manufacturing PMI data of Tuesday did not support the pair either, sending it as low as 1.53. The Construction PMI was also lower on Wednesday, and Services PMI numbers came out in red light on Thursday, too. Eventually, the pair end up trading at 1.5245, almost 6 figures lower than the highs of the previous week. Next week, data is expected from UK, including BRC Retail Sales Monitor, Manufacturing and Industrial Production, Trade Balance and interest rate decision. Extremely high volatility is expected on Thursday and Friday next week.

GBP/USD (D1; September 5 2015)

Trade guidelines:
Taking into consideration bearish movements of this week, it is clear that market will be expecting to see some correction very shortly. While it is unlikely that interest rate will be changed next week, the ratio of MPC member votes will be very important for the direction of GBP. It is expected that the pair will aim to recover its positions and return to its previous consolidation corridor in between 1.5425 and 1.5690in September. Talking long term trades, it seems as a very advantageous time to open long positionsnow with target set at 1.58 for when MPC actually raises the interest rate next year.

EUR/USD stayed within its consolidation between 1.1156 and 1.1330 after opening trades at 1.1174 on Monday, but Friday showed a considerable decline to 1.1174 level.Data showed positive CPI dynamics in euro zone, after which we saw a great contraction of German Unemployment and EU unemployment in whole. However, Manufacturing PMI was slightly lower than expected at 52.2 versus forecasts of 52.4. The PPI data was in line with expectations while Services PPI and Markit Composite PMI came out in green light. Retail Sales were also higher than expected. The Eurogroup meeting is scheduled for next Friday, so the outcome and any comments from theofficialswill be closely watched by investors.

EUR/USD (D1; September 5 2015)

Trade guidelines:
The forecastsfor EUR/USD are mostly bearish in view of few factors. Firstly, it is the inflation expectations in Euro Zone. As was previously stated by European Commission officials, the inflation targets can possibly be missed in view of lower commodity prices. Subsequently, this can lead to adopting further QE measures, which will push the single currency lower. On the US side, the expectations of a rate hike still prevail – it is only the timing that is not clear. By the end of this year, experts are again expecting the parity. In medium term, opening short positions with take profit level at 1.09 seems to be a viable option.

NZD/USD started losing ground on Monday amid strengthening of the greenback despite higher than expected Building Consents number. This week, data from New Zealand also suggested that Terms of Trade Index was higher than expected in the second quarter at 1.3%, while Private Sector Credit rose 0.6%, higher than anticipated. The pair was supported on Thursday when the attention point returned from Chinese turmoil back to the US side. Next week, investors are viewing NZ Current Account and Interest Rate decision, which, can possibly be lowered. The pair is currently trading at 0.6373.

NZD/USD (H4; September 5 2015)

Trade guidelines:
After previously breaking through the strong support level at 0.65 level, the pair set its next target at 0.6196 (lows of July 2009).  Both fundamental and technical data indicate there is still much space for decline with moving averages pointing down. QE implementation in NZ is also possible at the end of this year. The main points of attention are Chinese economy growth, Interes rate decision in the US and NZ fundamental data.

USD/CAD started forming its bullish trend in the beginning of April and the pair did not break out of the corridor even once since then. Moreover, the most recent developments show that bearish activity is forming somewhat a narrower trend corridor close to the current resistance level, which indicates a high likelihood of sharp rise in the near future. Canadian data was mixed with current account deficit widening even more than expected, GDP growing by 0.5% in the second quarter, and Trade Balance deficit contracting almost twice more than expected with 0.59B figure against  -1.30B forecast.

USD/CAD (D1; September 5 2015)

Trade guidelines:
After passing the previous target of 1.32, the pair was expected to soar even more rapidly to the next target at 1.3420. However, this week showed a more modest growth pace. The forecasts remain bullish for the long term, and the current target might be reached as soon as next week, according to the technical data. Support might be found at 1.3122. Moreover, the RSI indicator suggests the “overbought” zone has not yet been reached, which means market can open with a gap on Monday, so beware of the sharp moves.

AUD/USD opened trades at 0.7153 and was moving down for the rest of the week reaching the psychological level of 0.70 and even falling lower to 0.6982 on Wednesday. The Australian data was mostly negative as ANZ Business Confidence was down 29.1% in August, Current Account deficit widened more than expected, GDP did not show the anticipated growth pace and retail sales volumes contracted 0.1%. On the US side, the ISM Manufacturing PMI came out in red light, ADP Nonfarm Employment Change was lower than predicted and ISM Non-Manufacturing PMI, on the other side,showed robust growth in August. Next week, data is expected including Chinese Caixin Services PMI, NAB Business Confidence, Australian Home Loans, employment data from Australia and Chinese CPI.

AUD/USD (D1; September 5 2015)

Trade guidelines:
Talking of AUD, there have not been any major changes to the expectations both in the long and medium terms. The pair continues its downfall within the boundaries of its moving averages, while there is no support seen for the pair in terms of Australian fundamental data. The new target is set at 0.6873, which might be reached in course of two following weeks. On the upside, the pair might see some resistance at 0.7064, from where the bearish move will continue.

Thank you for using the European broker Analytics! Have a profitable trade!

Our other services, as well as trading conditions you can find at our official website.

Sincerely, Ekaterina Fechina. Company representative

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Re: - European broker

Improved trading terms for ECN Basic: up to 1:500 leverage is available

Dear clients, team has been carefully monitoring your feedback and suggestions.
This is why we have come to a decision to implement some improvements of trading conditions on ECN Basic account type: starting from September 1st, the leverage is raised to 1:500.

Seeking to adhere to the highest standards of the Forex industry, we will continue to please our clients with utmost professional trading conditions and new favourable promotions!

How will contribute to the successful results of your trading?

We are well aware of the fact that getting started with a new broker requires an adaptation period. This may be due to resetting the parameters of EAs, tuning up the trading strategy, or for the reason of getting used to the new trading conditions in general. Taking these factors into consideration, we are happy to be of service presenting you with even more winning deals:

Especially attractive conditions for getting started on ECN

For a smooth start on our ECN accounts, offers special terms for the first month of trading.

Promotion terms:

    Register an ECN Basic account and get your commission reduced down to 2.5 units of base currency/1 lot (per side of your trade). The minimum deposit is $200;
    Register an ECN Advanced account and get unprecedentedly low commission of $1 per lot (per side of your trade). The minimum deposit is $1000.

Please note: Having registered and funded your ECN account, please contact us via LiveChat or get in touch with your Personal Support Manager to apply the reduced commission rate to your account.

Deposit with 0% commission

This promotion allows avoiding unjustified expenses when funding a trading account.

Promotion terms:

    Fund your account with a debit/credit card;
    Get you commission fully compensated.

Please note: We will also cover your commissions paid for deposits via bank transfer over $3000. Once the payment is made, please email us the payment document to

What can be better?

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Your European ECN broker,

Sincerely, Ekaterina Fechina. Company representative

Re: - European broker statistics for spreads on ECN accounts for August 2015 is well-known for delivering exclusively professional trading conditions with focus on innovative and personalized solutions for customers.
Aiming to enhance our trading environment even further, we have been working with our liquidity providers to keep the spreads tight and provide you with even more liquidity available on our platform.

We understand how important it is to have a tight spread, especially for algo-traders and those with HFT and EA-based strategies. In order to highlight the stability of our trading conditions, we have prepared the statistics of our narrow spreads for the previous month.

The average spreads for the last two weeks:

(last month’s readings are shown in brackets)

Make a successful start on ECN taking advantage of our new promotion!

- Register an ECN Basic account  and get your commission reduced down to 2.5 units of base currency/1 lot (per side of your trade). The minimum deposit is $200;
- Register an ECN Advanced account and get unprecedentedly low commission of $1 per lot (per side of your trade). The minimum deposit is $1000.

Please note: Having registered and funded your ECN account, please contact us via LiveChat or get in touch with your Personal Support Manager to apply the reduced commission rate to your account.

Remember to “Deposit with 0% commission”

This promotion allows avoiding unjustified expenses when funding a trading account.

Promotion terms:

- Fund your account with a debit/credit card;
- Get you commission fully compensated.

Please note: We will also cover your commissions paid for deposits via bank transfer over $3000. Once the payment is made, please email us the payment document to

Why wait any longer when you can contact us now for consultation on account opening and start trading today?

Your premier ECN broker,

Sincerely, Ekaterina Fechina. Company representative

Re: - European broker

It’s time of Crypto-weekend at!

Have you already decided how you are going to spend this weekend? Will it be a book, a family walk, or a trip to a country house? We are offering you to add something else to your list of plans: “Crypto-currency trading at”! In contrast with the traditional Forex instruments, you can make profit trading Crypto-pairs every day of the week, including weekends (24/7).

In order to start trading Crypto-currencies at, you need to do the following:

Step 1: Register an eWallet account.
Step 2: Open a Crypto account
Step 3: Fund your Crypto account with at least $10 (or other currency equivalent).

Why is it better to trade crypto-currencies at

•    We offer Exchange-like model of Crypto trading, contrary to CFD-like model. Such trading environment is beneficial to our clients in a way that it allows them to momentarily process and execute orders of any volumes.
• Crypto accounts provide direct access to ECN technology making it possible to trade with tightest spreads, lowest commissions while taking advantage of Market Execution.
•    On Crypto accounts, it is allowed to use any trading strategy, including algo-trading, HFT, scalping, hedging, etc.
•    Crypto-currency trading is performed on the well-known and familiar MetaTrader4 platform. Orders are executed by the current market price of an instrument, which is formed according to the supply and demand relation.

Trading environment of Crypto accounts consist of 13 crypto-currency pairs (BTC/EUR, BTC/RUB, LTC/EUR, etc.), the most popular of which is BTC/USD. We offer a convenient size of minimum lot (0.01) and leverage (from 1:1 to 1:3).

Your account base currencies can be EUR, USD or Crypto-currency.
Please note that Crypto-accounts can be opened only on working days. Hurry up to become a Crypto account holder and take advantage of such trading as soon as this weekend!

At, there are no obstacles on the way to making profit – even on weekends.

Sincerely, Ekaterina Fechina. Company representative

Re: - European broker

New $15 Welcome Bonus for STP accounts!

In the beginning of September, introduced a few beneficial offers for our clients. One of those offers was a great gift for new STP account holders: $15 Welcome Bonus.

We invite traders to use this opportunity and familiarize them selves with trading conditions on our STP accounts with a deposit of $15 provided by European broker! You will be able to entirely withdraw the profit you make.

The promotion is available to all clients, who register their STP accounts after September 1, 2015.

Instructions on how to get the bonus:

•    Register an STP account at;
•    Let us know about your intention of testing the platform with bonus funds using our LiveChat or via email:;
•    Send us a trading account statement from your previous broker showing a deposit of at least $50 in course of the last year and let us know your active phone number;
•    Upon reception of your data, team will be in right in touch before crediting your STP account with a bonus.

What are the advantages of trading conditions on STP accounts?

•    Minimum lot – 0.01;
•    Spreads from 0.5 pips;
•    No commission;
•    Leverage from 1:1 to 1:500;
•    Minimum deposit - $50;
•    Absence of trading restrictions on scalping, hedging, HFT and algo-trading;
•    Market Execution.

What can be better in Interbank ECN/STP market environment?

Hurry up to get $15 Welcome Bonus for STP account in order to test our premium trading conditions and make profit with a licensed European Broker

*Promotion budget is limited. – over ten years of spotless reputation.

Sincerely, Ekaterina Fechina. Company representative

Re: - European broker Summer FAQ

The summer of 2015 will go down in history of the markets for the collapses and new minimums set by the commodity prices. This period was not the easiest one for the national currencies of Russia, Kazakhstan and other CIS-member countries, either. With this regard, the nature of enquiries from clients quite accurately reflected the general mood of FX market participants. We’ve even had one less-experienced customer asking if the Forex market is going to close down after the yuan devaluation.

Obviously, there is no doubt that FX market will remain functioning. Moreover, was consistently providing services to its clients throughout whole summer, despite ongoing market developments. In anticipation of questions about our plans, we are informing you that we have prepared a number of interesting promotions and beneficial offers that, hopefully, will surprise you. But let’s discuss this a little bit later as we invite you to take a closer look at the list of summer FAQs, which we found to be of most interest for our clients at this time.

Maybe there is something else that you wanted to ask us?

Q1: When are PAMM accounts going to be introduced? What will be the terms for the providers and the subscribers?
A1: The official launch of PAMM service will be announced in September. The service terms and conditions will be available on our website. At this point, we are inviting all providers for future cooperation!

Q2: When can the clients expect Islamic SWAP-free accounts?
A2: In view of the frequency of this enquiry and the increase of interest for Islamic accounts, we are seriously considering the possibility of introducing this service to the certain scope of traders. The management of the company has made a positive decision on this matter, but the dates have not yet been announced. Please keep posted on the company’s news.
At this point, offers five types of accounts including STP, ECN and Crypto!

Q3: Is a licensed broker and who regulates its activities?
A3: This question has been a rising frequently since the beginning of this year up to this moment. We would like to once again highlight the fact that is in possession of all licenses necessary for providing brokerage services: VVT000334, FFA000133.
We are a European broker by registration (NetStock OU, Moisa street 4,Tallinn, 13522, Estonia), as well as by regulation (The Estonian Ministry of Economy).

Q4: Which one of trading account types will be most suitable for the purpose of scalping and high frequency trading?
A4: HFT and scalping are both allowed on all types of trading accounts. Depending on the size of your deposit and functional characteristics of your trading system (or EA), you are welcome to choose between ECN Advanced and ECN Premium account types. The trading conditions of these accounts are equally beneficial: minimum lot 0.01; spreads from 0 pips; Market Execution; no restrictions on hedging, locking, number of orders placed per given time and the minimum volume of trades. Meanwhile, the differences between those two account types are found in the minimum deposit requirements and the leverage size. On ECN Advanced, the maximum leverage is 1:500 with the minimum deposit of $1000, while ECN Premium offers 1:200 leverage with $25000 initial deposit requirements.
On the platform, we have 49 currency pairs available for trading, as well as GOLD and SILVER. You can select USD, EUR or Bitcoin as the base currency of your account.

Q5: Should we expect the terms of “Hot Summer” promotion to be available again in the future?
A5: Firstly, we are grateful for your great interest for our unprecedented ECN-market promotion – “Hot Summer”. The promotion terms was, clearly, one of the most discussed topics this summer. In the future, we might continue charging such low commission, but this will be only available to our new customers as a welcoming feature.

Q6: What is the total trading volume that I need to generate in order to be eligible for additional commission reduction?
A6: Theis no fixed framework for additional commission reduction or discounts. Each request is considered individually. If it happens that we can clearly identify client’s potential to increase his total trading volumes, while respecting the main risk management principles, additional discount can be offered for the initial period of three months.

You can submit your requests for commission reduction by email to, or contact us in LiveChat on our website.

This is not a complete list of the questions that we have been receiving lately. The beginners often ask for help with account opening procedure, MT4 installation or funding an account. The professionals are mostly interested in the narrow technical aspects of trading.

You are welcome to get in touch with if you have any questions – we are always there to assist you!

Your European ECN Broker,

Sincerely, Ekaterina Fechina. Company representative

Re: - European broker CEO speaks about the partnership program
Dear clients,

Firstly, I would like to thank each of you for having chosen from many brokerage companies out there in the market. We highly appreciate your trust and continue our work in order to provide you with only the best trading conditions and most favourable deals.

Over the past few months, we have seen a significant increase of activity in the affiliate segment of our operations. This is why I would like to draw your attention to the specifics of partnership program.

Who our partnership program is meant for?

The partnership program is developed for any active participant of the FX market who would like to diversify his activities and create additional income without any trade-related risks. Our partners are individual traders, who want to use their contacts for making money, bloggers, who are able to attract attention of the general public, owners of websites dedicated to financial markets, as well as all those who want to start their own business without any significant investments.

What are the advantages of partnership program?

The affiliate program allows partners to get commissions by attracting new clients for trading on platform.

Remuneration is paid to partners on daily basis according to the number of attracted clients and composite volume of their trades. At the same time, we apply multiplier principle so that your commission rate increases in line with augmentation of total trading volume of your clients.

In addition, we offer three reward levels, which allows each agent to benefit not just from their direct clients and traders they invited, but also from the third level referrals.

In order to ensure the highest standard of customer service, a personal support manager is assigned to each partner, making it possible to receive advice and handle all arising situations in a swift manner.

We are able to offer individual terms to experienced partners with a broad customer base.

You can read more about our remuneration system by following the link below:

Why is your most reliable partner? adheres to the operational model based solely on authentic ECN-technology, which implies direct Market Execution and absolute absence of conflict of interests. This means that the company generates income from the commissions paid by clients each time they open new trades. Therefore, is only interested in the successful trading results of our clients, sticking to the principle that the more money you make, the greater your trading volume, the bigger revenue we get. Moreover, we are particularly interested in cooperation with experienced traders, so we do not impose any trading restrictions on any strategies including scalping, hedging, HFT, algo-trading and any other tactics. Thereafter, customers whom you invite to trade at will be fully satisfied by our services and your income will grow in proportion to their trading volume! is truly the most reliable partner with spotless reputation and one of the best trading environments available in the whole Forex market.
Based on our extensive experience working with partners, as well as numerous reviews received, we can identify a few competitive advantages of our affiliate program, which you most highly evaluated:

•    The partnership section of our website provides access to statistical data and tools for effective analysis of agent’s performance;
•    Qualified support team is ready to assist you on any related matter every working day of the week;
•    Individual and flexible approach to each of our partners contributes to a better understanding of the specifics of your business, which makes it possible to always find the most suitable solutions.

The main goal of partnership program is to attract more customers for working in our premium trading environment, while ensuring the most favourable terms for our partners.

Take part and become our partner today! All you need to do is register and obtain a referral link to start inviting clients!

Get a consultation in OnlineChat or call us directly to +372 6143777. CEO,
Vlad Karpejev

Sincerely, Ekaterina Fechina. Company representative

Re: - European broker

European Broker Authentic ECN broker without conflict of interests

The question of conflict of interests will always be relevant in financial services industry, including FX market trading. The solution to this issue needs to be sought for in different aspects of the business, including technology, security, and ethics.  The operational model of our company is based on authentic ECN technology, which allows to fully exclude conflict of interests in all aspects of cooperation with clients.

When does conflict of interests occur?

Conflict of interests is a situation in which trader’s profit is not financially beneficial to the broker, i.e. broker is interested in client’s losses.

Such situation occurs when a broker acts as a market maker. This means all trades are executed internally and it is fully up to the broker to decide whether these positions are to be processed through to liquidity providers or not. If the broker decides to accept the risks and take the other side of client’s positions, the conflict of interests significantly increases, as the broker will be required to pay out the profits to the client whose trades were successful.

In order to avoid paying money out, the broker applies illegal practice of “helping” the trader to lose. Such interventions are different in nature and can consist of “stop-loss” removals, execution at incorrect price, delays in execution, cancelling profitable trades, etc. The trader gets into a vulnerable position and cannot influence the outcome of the situation.

Why is conflict of interests out of the question at processes all orders directly to itsliquidity providers adhering to the principles of ECN operational model, which implies Market Execution. We do not accept the risks by taking the other side of clients’ trades and do not participate in clients’ losses. The company’s revenue comes from the commissions that we charge in course of clients’ trading. Such approach guarantees security of even highly profitable positions and long-term trades. We are interested in the success of our clients, as if they are able to make more profit, more trades will be processed and bigger trading volume will be generated, which positively affects our revenue.
Moreover, we provide individual discounts on commissions to clients generating big volumes.

At you can stay assured that:
•    The quality of price feed is maintained to the high standard with quotes on our platform matching those from biggest liquidity providers;
•    Requotes are absent;
•    Spreads are floating (no fixed spreads);
•    Clients are provided with access to the Level 2 market depth;
•    Orders are processed at the best price available on the market;
•    There are no restrictions on positioning of SL and TP levels;
•    There are no execution delays;
•    No restrictions on modification of open orders;
•    All profits can be withdrawn in full without unjustified delays.

You can receive daily reports of your account operations at In force-majeure situations (technical failure, etc.), we carefully investigate each situation and are ready to compensate any losses caused according to the client’s agreement.

Guided by the principles of honesty and responsibility, European Broker offers mutually-beneficial cooperation to all clients without conflict of interests.

Now that you are sure we are a reliable company, there’s only one step left – selecting an account type on our website and making a start with a licensed ECN broker offering beneficial trading conditions.

Looking forward to cooperation!

Sincerely, Ekaterina Fechina. Company representative

Re: - European broker

Low-frequency trading: Find out about trading advantages at

In view of active proliferation of algo-trading and the desire of traders to make large profits in short periods of time, we have not been hearing a lot about low-frequency trading lately. With this regard, we decided to do justice and draw your attention to this specific trading approach and to the advantageous trading conditions for low-frequency trading at

Low-frequency trading (LFT) assumes low intensity of trading operations. The basic postulate of LFT is that profit volumes should come from the quality of trades, not their quantity. There are many factors that affect the quality of open positions – let’s define the main ones!

What needs to be taken into consideration when applying LFT:

•    The size of deposit should be determined by the longitute of opened positions. For instance, when placing orders that are meant to be open during one month or longer, the deposit size should exceed $100,000;
•    The ability to predict the market direction and to locate the entering points;
•    The volume of open trades solely depends on the applied risk-management practices;
•    The selection of trading instruments (please pay attention to the spread and degree of volatility);
•    The choice of trading strategy: long-term, mid-term or short-term.

In our opinion, applying LFT in short-term trades is not always justified. If you are willing to open just one position per day, its volume will need to be big in order for you to make a significant profit, while the deposit would be placed at risk. In case of LFT, the best option would be to open mid-term (up to one week) or long-term (up to a year) positions. This makes the market more predictible and allows generating profit and keeping risks at a reasonable level at the same time.

The benefits of using LFT:

•    Increasing the profit/risk ratio;
•    Greater predictability of the market direction in comparison with smaller timeframes (as in case of HFT);
•    Lower exposure to daily market volatility, as stop-loss levels are usually placed at a distance;
•    You are able to free-up plenty of time by not monitoring your positions as frequently;
•    Psychological comfort due to lower level of stress related to intraday market shifts;

In view of the specifics outlined above, there are certain trading conditions that need to be provided by the broker for successful LFT.

Advantageous trading conditions offered by for LFT:

•    Low SWAP rates;
•    Narrow spreads and low commissions. is among top-five ECN/DMA brokers with the tightest spreads and commissions in the Forex industry;
•    There are no time restrictions for closing and modifying open positions;
•    Hedging/locking allowed;
•    A wide range of trading instruments;
•    Analytics: Daily and Weekly FX market overview, Economic Calendar;
•    Ultra-fast order execution at the best available market price (Market Execution);
•    No requotes or interventions;
•    Licenses:VVT000334, FFA000133

Whichever timeframe you choose, LFT at will be the safest and the most winning of all offers for every trader regardless of experience level or deposit size.

Looking forward to cooperation!

Sincerely, Ekaterina Fechina. Company representative

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Re: - European broker

Join in Facebook and VK

Dear clients,

Aiming to increase convenience and transparency of cooperation with our company, is delighted to announce the launch of our new social network profile on VK.

We use social networks in order to provide you with our fresh updates, daily market analysis, as well as for the purpose of direct communication with our clients.

You are invited to join us on Facebook too!

Your European ECN Broker,

Sincerely, Ekaterina Fechina. Company representative

Re: - European broker offers best trading environment for legal bodies.

Legal entities are mostly established with one main aim – to earn income. This pushes the owners and managers to look for innovative solutions while maintaining extensive number of staff and competing in the market. Despite all effort and invested capital, the desired volume of profit may simply remain a figure in the business plan.

European Broker offers legal entities to invest their spare capital in the Forex market. Our offer is a great alternative to your usual business. In order to perform currency trading, there is not needed to hire more staff, bear the production expenditures or entrust your money to a third party.

All you need to do is:

•    Complete the legal entity verification process;
•    Open a corporate trading account;
•    Fund your account with the desired amount.

Our corporate clients have access to all types of accounts: STP; ECN and Crypto.

The alternative option for cooperation is the multi-level partnership program.

You can use your company’s resources to promote our brand, attract new clients and even open a representative office of in your region using our help. The size of your remuneration can be as high as 50% of the broker’s commission.

We stay very attentive to our corporate clients, so we know how transparent the cooperation should be in order to comply with legal obligations to regulators and financial authorities. Not all brokers offer their services to legal entities, while only a few can meet with expectations of such clients. is interested in cooperation with legal bodies and is able to fully meet their expectations:

1.    Licenses and regulations. is a European Union registered and fully licensed Brokerage Company with over ten years of spotless reputation. License numbers: VVT000334,  FFA000133;
2.    Formal legal registration of cooperation. We provide Client Agreement to all corporate clients, while complying with our Privacy Policy. Our company’s management is always ready for a meeting in person at our office. We welcome telephone calls, communication via LiveChat or email –;
3.    Security and complete control of your capital. is a true ECN/DMA broker providing Market Execution. We do not intervene in trading operation of our clients and do not manage their finances. The management of your capital is in your own hands.
4.    Low trading costs. has been among top-five ECN/DMA brokers with tightest spreads and lowest commissions for several years. We regularly run beneficial promotions including opportunities to fund trading accounts without bank commission and introducing the lowest brokerage commission in the Forex industry on our ECN accounts – just $1 per lot.
5.    Quick withdrawal of funds. The owners and managers of businesses might urgently need to withdraw the funds from trading accounts (for instance, when there is a need of funding operational costs, paying suppliers, accounting for taxes, etc.). At, withdraws funds without delays and bureaucracy: all withdrawal requests are processed within one working day.

We invite you to go through the most popular FAQs of our corporate clients:

Q1: What legal organizational form should a company have to open an account at
A1: You should provide the following list of documents to open an account:
•    A copy of company’s registration certificate;
•    A copy of association memorandum or a certificate of incorporation;
•    The certificate of registration validity;
•    A copy of Board’s written decision to open a trading account;
•     A copy of Director’s ID.

Q2: What deposit and withdrawal methods are available at for legal entities?
A2: Legal bodies may use all payment and withdrawal methods available on our website: bank transfer, credit/debit Visa/Mastercard, Skrill, Webmoney, Bitcoin, Neteller, PerfectMoney, Payza, Fasapay, Qiwi.

Q3: Can a legal entity open several accounts?
A3: Yes, it is possible.

Q4: Is it allowed for the director to open a personal account for individual use, as well as another account in the company’s name?
A4: Yes, but in this case an individual and a corporate account types would need to be opened.

Corporate accounts at or/and Affilliate Program of our company are both promising direction for financial development of any business. European Brokerage with over ten years of spotless reputation is delighted to offer the most advantageous cooperation terms. is the best business partner in the Forex industry.

Looking forward to cooperation!

Sincerely, Ekaterina Fechina. Company representative

Re: - European broker

Precious metals at highs:  make profit at with winning trading conditions in Gold and Silver!

Financial newsfeeds are reporting new maximums of precious metals. On MT4 platform, Gold charts are suggesting that the price is testing the highs of June. The moves observed in silver can also be  described as bullish, as XAG is covering its losses. The slowdown of Chinese economy and revised expectations of Fed rate hike timing have both contributed a lot to the strengthening of metals.

During the latest trading sessions, clients have been actively adding gold and silver to their portfolios in order to make profit from the current price moves. As a company, we are interested in profitable trading results of our clients and would like to draw your attention to the favourable trading terms that we offer in Gold and Silver. Such trading conditions can be provided byonly the large participants of the Interbank market.

[SIZE=4]What types of account can be used for trading precious metals and how much profit can you make on those accounts?[/SIZE]

Gold (XAU/USD) and Silver (XAG/USD) trading is equally profitable on both ECN and STP accounts at Our accounts differ from what is available on the market due to a number of advantageous conditions:

• offers tight spreads and low commissions for Gold and Silver trading.

On our platform, the average spreads in Gold and Silver are highly competitive: XAU/USD – 2.1 (ECN), 2.6 (STP); XAG/USD – 33.3 (ECN), 38.2 (STP). These are one of the best spreads in the whole Forex industry.
STP accounts are commission-free while ECN account commission is from just $1 per lot (read more about the promotion terms on our website in “Campaigns and Bonuses” section).

* is among top-five ECN/DMA brokers with tightest spreads and lowest commissions in the whole Forex industry.

•    Access to ECN liquidity with better trading terms: it is possible to trade Gold and Silver on ECN accounts with minimum lot 0.01, while the minimum deposit on STP is just $50.
•    Automated slippage-protection tool (Slippage control) is put in place in course of our platform installation. It is a valuable feature, especially in market situations with high degree of volatility.
•    Absence of trading restrictions. We welcome all trading strategies including scalping, hedging and algo-trading with no restrictions on the time of opening/closing of a trade and SL/TP positioning.
•    With security of trading environment you can confidently use precious metals instruments for hedging inflationary risks. is a EU-registered broker in possession of licenses VVT000334, FFA000133.

Is your broker able to provide you with such trading conditions? If so, your broker is!

Catch the Forex wave in precious metals while trading with European broker!

Looking forward to cooperation.

Sincerely, Ekaterina Fechina. Company representative

Re: - European broker

Robots like STP accounts!

Is it better to trade manually or use expert advisors on STP accounts? There is no definite answer to this as both methods have proved their efficiency. However, today we would like to explain why our STP accounts look so attractive for traders who apply automated systems and EAs in course of their Forex trading.

To put it simple, the majority of our clients use EAs and, accordingly, we provide excellent trading conditions in order to meet their expectations.

With use of EAs, some of our clients make up to 500% of profit monthly. Such outstanding results are achieved using the advantages of our trading environment on STP accounts:

Immediate processing of orders takes just 200 milliseconds (0.2 sec.)

Our STP accounts are unique because of direct order processing system implemented by means of special “bridges” that connect our clients with the liquidity providers. This system has no intermediaries between traders and LPs, which allows our clients to win time when placing orders whether it’s a fraction of a second or a few seconds. This benefits uninterrupted work of your EAs and increases the likelihood of profitable transactions.

Low trading costs

On STP accounts, spreads are not fixed and their size depends on the trading instrument and the supply/demand ratio of the market.  No commission is charged because markup is already included into the spread. is among top-five ECN/DMA brokers with tightest spreads and lowest commissions in the whole Forex industry.

Absence of trading restrictions on positioning of SL/TP orders

We allow placing SL/TP orders at any distance from the current market price (even within the spread).

On STP accounts, there are no restrictions on the number of open orders per unit of time and no restrictions on the time of keeping a position open before it can be closed. Presence of such restrictions can be an obstacle to profitable outcome of applying automated trading systems.

Accessibility of STP accounts: minimum deposit is just $50!

We lowered the minimum deposit requirements to just $50 in order to provide access to interbank market even to the beginners. Such low deposit requirements allow testing EAs on our platform with insignificant amounts of money before commencing the work with your usual volumes.

Algo-traders are proponents of innovational technological solutions in the Forex market. This is why they will feel the advantages of our convenient back office based on the multicurrency eWallet feature. We offer a wide range of payment methods including Skrill, Webmoney, Qiwi, PerfectMoney, credit/debit cards, bank wire and other.

Detailed trading conditions of STP accounts can be found on our official website in “trading Conditions” section.

If you require help with installing an Expert Advisor on STP account we will be happy to assist you with setting it up.

STP accounts at European Broker are ready to accommodate your Expert Advisors and such cooperation will be definitely profitable to you!

Sincerely, Ekaterina Fechina. Company representative

Re: - European broker launches PAMM service

Dear clients, team is delighted to announce that PAMM has been successfully added to the range of our services.

PAMM service is a technology solution created to copy trades from Provider account to the accounts of Subscribers, as well as for automated distribution of profits and losses. Provider uses his own capital and the capital of Subscribers to perform trading operations in the Forex market, while Subscribers get the instruments needed for analyzing the performance of the Provider.

The value of this service derives from the possibility of merging the knowledge and experience of providers with the capital of subscribers in order to attain mutually beneficial results.

Another advantage of this service is the protection of Subscribers’ funds from inappropriate actions of the Provider. This is achieved by means of keeping the funds in the Subscribers’own accounts instead of processing them to Provider’s account.

If you are in possession of successful and sustainable Forex trading experience, we invite you to open a Provider’s account. If, on the other hand, you would like to make use of skills of a successful Provider to make profit in the foreign exchange market, please be welcome to study detailed characteristics of different Provider accounts to choose the one that suits your needs according to the level of risk and profitability.

To find out more about PAMM service, please click here.

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Your European ECN broker,

Sincerely, Ekaterina Fechina. Company representative

Re: - European broker

IS MT4 installed on your mobile phone? team is closely following the preferences of our clients in order to provide you with the most flexible trading terms and individual approach in service. One of the most demanded services in recent yearswas the option of using mobile-compatible versions of MT4 platform.

The increase of mobile-trading in our company is not caused by the general trend only. Trading with use of mobile devices allows controlling your account from any place at any time. Traders do not need to limit them selves in travelling in order to avoid missing a profitable deal or worrying about losing their deposit. Now you can take the MT4 platform along wherever you go. The value of mobile trading increases the most in case of force-majeure market situations.

This is why we recommend you to install MetaTrader4 to your phone, tablet or smartphone in order to use the available advantages when needed. clients can choose from several installation options depending on the type of phone they have. It can be Android (smartphones and tablets with Android OS 2.1 or higher), iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad with iOS 4.0 or higher), Windows Mobile (Windows Pocket PC 2002 or higher).

The software that we offer for mobile trading is adapted for functioning on different types of displays, including small resolution displays. The range of options in mobile apps makes it possible to trade with usual facilities even without a PC or laptop.

Advantages of mobile trading:

•    Full access to quotes of financial instruments in real time mode;
•    The full selection of order types, including pending orders;
•    Availability of trading history;
•    Interactive and adjustable charts;
•    Technical indicators;
•    Order execution regimes.

In order to install MT4 on your smartphone, you need to download the app from AppStore or Google Play and login to an existing trading account. Having launched the application, look for NetStock server.

If you have any questions regarding installation of MT4 on your smartphone or about the use of the mobile app, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our support service via email or through LiveChat.

The additional convenience offered by mobile trading also provides high level of trading security wherever you are in the world.

All these features are available on MT4 mobile platform!

Sincerely, Ekaterina Fechina. Company representative

Re: - European broker

Frequently asked questions about our new $15 Welcome Bonus on STP

Our new welcome bonus campaign was launched just six weeks ago. One of the main purposes of this bonus is enabling traders to test our STP technology without any investments or risks associated with switching to working on a new platform.

This promotion has attracted attention of a wide scope of new clients, many of whom have already deposited $1000 and over after testing the trading conditions of STP accounts. Although, this publication is not dedicated to the profitable results of trading on our STP accounts. Today, we will go through the FAQs related to the bonus promotion that we have been receiving lately.

Maybe there are some questions you also wanted to ask before submitting your request for the bonus?

We present all the answers at once so that you can save your time and get rid of doubts related to the terms of the Welcome Bonus Promotion.

Q1: Are bonus funds subject to drawdown?
A1: This is one of the most frequently asked questions that we receive. Yes, the $15 bonus is subject to the drawdown.

Q2: What are the rules of using the bonus before withdrawal can be processed?
A2: There are absolutely no rules or restrictions on that. No restrictions apply on the total volume of trades generated by the bonus, nor timing of opening/closing of your positions.

Q3: Is it possible for a trader to fund the trading account that was credited with the bonus?
A3: Participation in this campaign allows depositing funds to the bonus account. Moreover, it is not a secret we are counting on such deposits as a result of successful testing of our platform. At, any conflict of interest is completely eliminated, which is why we are interested in profitable trading of our clients on all account types that we offer.

Q4: What are the restrictions on trading strategies that can be used after bonus is credited?
A4: There are absolutely no restrictions on trading strategies: we allow scalping, hedging, HFT, etc.

Q5: Is it possible to withdraw the profit?
A5: Yes, you can withdraw the profit you make. First withdrawal is subject to a $15 commission.

Q6: Is bonus offered to the residents of CIS region?
A6: The promotion is available to the residents of CIS region, who register their first STP account after September 1st 2015.

If you still have any questions, we invite you to get in touch via OnlineChat or by email –

If you do not have any more questions, feel free to request our bonus to use advantages of STP trading conditions at European licensed Broker

*The number of bonuses is limited.

Looking forward to cooperation!

Sincerely, Ekaterina Fechina. Company representative

Re: - European broker

Changes to server time settings

Dear clients,

Please note that on Monday, November 2, server time will be set to GMT+2, which will cause the time displayed on MT4 platform to change.

The changes apply to all types of accounts available on our platform, including:

• Live STP, ECN, and Crypto accounts;
• Demo ECN and STP;

We kindly invite you to take this information into consideration when re-setting your EAs and indicators .

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter , LinkedIn and VK.

Your premier ECN broker,

Sincerely, Ekaterina Fechina. Company representative

Re: - European broker

European PAMM service starting from just $100

The initial deposit requirement for providers at is just $100 or $200 on STP and ECN accounts, respectively. Such welcoming terms are offered in view of the launch of our brand new PAMM service. Study the advantages of terms for PAMM Providers and feel free to accept our unprecedented offer.

Provider terms of joining PAMM service:

•    Account types: ECN or STP;
•    PAMM account base currencies: USD, RUB, EUR;
•    Minimum deposit: $100 on STP and $200 on ECN;
•    Provider Remuneration: Commission + Remuneration for effectiveness;
•    Selection of trading span: 4 weeks (28 days) – 1 month, 12 weeks (84 days) – 1 quarter;
•    The minimum deposit requirement for subscribers is defined by Provider according to his offer parameters.

Advantages of PAMM service for Providers:

•    Various offer parameters:
PAMM service allows Providers to create offers with various parameters. Such flexibility of parameters will help Provider in course of cooperation with his subscribers, who might be in possession of different volumes of capital and have different approach to risks.

•    Automated profit allocation:
The profit and loss is automatically allocated by the system between Provider and Subscribers based on the ratio of invested funds. This means that each party is getting the right amount of profit right in time and in accordance with the parameters of the offer. You can concentrate on the profitable trading results without worrying about profit allocation.

•    Informative and accessible system of monitoring the trading operations:
Subscribers select a Provider relying on the displayed statistics, such as profitability graph, that reflect the effectiveness of Provider’s actions.

Online PAMM-account rating is displayed on our official website, which contributes to attracting more agents and subscribers alike.

If you are confident in your capabilities of managing funds of Subscribers using your professional experience of trading Forex, we invite you to open PAMM account using our welcoming terms.

In case you have any questions related to PAMM service feel free to contact us using LiveChat or by email:

You can also leave a comment or ask a question in this forum thread.

Looking forward to cooperation!

Sincerely, Ekaterina Fechina. Company representative

Re: - European broker

Participate in campaign and get 0% commission for PAMM account funding!

Today, we have great news for holders of PAMM accounts and those traders who are considering becoming PAMM Providers at!

You are invited to participate in “Deposit with 0% commission” campaign and fund your PAMM account without any commission!

It is possible for all ECN and STP PAMM Providers to make a commission-free deposit. According to the terms of the campaign, traders can select from the following options for full commission compensation:

•    Funding anaccount with any amount using adebit/credit card;
•    Depositing over $3000 via bank transfer.

Please note: In order to compensate the bank wire commission, please email us the payment document to

In case a Provider is planning to fund his PAMM account with a big amount for the purpose of attracting investors or according to the specifics of his strategy, the commission compensation for $20000 deposit can be from $100 to $800, depending on the depositing method.

Please note that “Deposit with 0% commission” campaign is also available for PAMM Subscribers!

You can fund your PAMM account in EUR or USD. To see the full range of available payment methods, please proceed to “Deposits” section of our website.

PAMM Service allows Providers to create offers with various parameters in order to provide flexibility in course of managing the funds of Subscribers. The minimum deposit for PAMM Providers is just $100 on STP accounts and just $200 on ECN.

Participate in the promotion and lower your expenses when depositing to PAMM accounts! offers the most favourable terms and is looking forward to cooperation!

Sincerely, Ekaterina Fechina. Company representative

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Re: - European broker

Issue №73 from 06/11/2015

Hello, our forum dear visitors.
The European broker analytical department offers you the Analytics.

GBP/USD slid down 6 points after the Bank of England meeting and decision to hold rates and policy. The hawkish attitude from the members should be supporting the pound but it is difficult to make headway against the strong US dollar after Janet Yellen more or less assured markets that a rate increase would happen in December. The pound is trading at 1.5381. Bank of England Governor Mark Carney published the central bank’s latest forecasts for the British economy and the outlook for interest rates at its quarterly inflation report. Next week, Britain is publishing its BRC Retail Sales Monitor, Average Earnings Index, Claimant Count Change and Unemployment rate.

GBP/USD (D1; November 6, 2015)

Trade guidelines:
GBP/USD pair fell significantly during the course of the session on Thursday as the Bank of England developed a somewhat dovish tone. With this, there was an immediate fall to the 1.52 level, which of course is massively supportive. Because of this, the market is waiting to see whether or not cable can break down below the supportive barrier that extends all the way down to the 1.5150 level before having a clear Sell sign. On the other hand, if the pair forms a supportive candle here, it can be considered as a buying sign as the significant bounce should send this market much higher.

EUR/USD is trading at the very bottom of its range after diverging comments from the ECB and the FOMC sent the dollar up and the euro down. ECB PresidentDraghireiterated the stimulus program widening in euro zone, while Janet Yellen testified yesterday to the US Congress indicating that the US economy was doing well and that the Fed would start raising interest rates in December. The euro is trading at 1.0863. Next week, the Euro Zone is publishing the Industrial Production figures, as well as GDP and Trade Balance data. On the US side, investors will be mainly looking at PPI and Retail Sales numbers.

EUR/USD (D1; November 6, 2015)

Trade guidelines:
EUR/USD went back and forth during the course of the session on Thursday, and the publication of Non-Farm Payrolls will clearly display the markets perception of this pair’s future direction. If the pair breaks and consolidates above Thursday highs at 1.0897, this will indicate a possibility of a rise in course of the following week. At this particular moment it is too risky to open any positions whatsoever, as the price might fluctuate chaotically.

AUD/USD is currently trading at 0.7162. The Reserve Bank governor Glenn Stevens says if interest rates were to move shortly, Australians would see a cut rather than increase. Speaking at a conference in Melbourne, Mr Stevens also defended the RBA's decision not to compensate consumers for recent mortgage rate hikes, saying the economy doesn't need the boost and most households could absorb the changes. The global economy is expanding at a moderate pace, with some further softening in conditions in the Asian region, continuing US growth and a recovery in Europe. Key commodity prices are much lower than a year ago, in part reflecting increased supply, including from Australia. Next week, Australia is publishing economic data including Home Loans, NAB Business Confidence and Employment Change.

AUD/USD (D1; November 6, 2015)

Trade guidelines:
The Australian dollar went back and forth during the course of the session on Thursday, as traders essentially were sitting on the sidelines waiting for the Nonfarm Payroll numbers to be announced. With this, there is quite a bit of support just below, but experts also recognize that there is a significant amount of resistance at the 0.72 level as well. Ultimately, this is a market that looks a bit too choppy at the moment, and because of this the price needs to move out of its current corridor before any mid-term decisions can be made.

NZD/USD is flat at 0.6594 after falling against the stronger US dollar. Inflation is low and should remain so, with the economy likely to have a degree of spare capacity for some time yet. Inflation is forecast to be consistent with the target over the next one to two years, but a little lower than earlier expected. In such circumstances, monetary policy needs to be accommodative. Low interest rates are acting to support borrowing and spending. Credit growth has increased a little over recent months, with growth in lending to investors in the housing market easing slightly while that for owner-occupiers appears to be picking up. US Non-Farm payrolls, which are closely watched by the Fed, are expected to show the world's biggest economy added 180,000 jobs last month, while the unemployment rate held at 5.1 percent. Next week, economic Data from New Zealand consists of Electronic Card Retail Sales, Business NZ PMI and RBNZ Offshore Holdings.

NZD/USD (D1; November 6, 2015)

Trade guidelines:
NZD/USD pair tried to rally on Thursday, but turned back around to form a bit of a shooting star. That being the case, the market looks as if it is going to drop from here, perhaps reaching towards the psychologically significant 0.65 handle. Ultimately, there is no interest whatsoever in buying, because even if  the Kiwi break above the top of the shooting star, there is more than enough noise near the 0.6750 level to keep this market down. Ultimately, the New Zealand dollar should lose value.

Thank you for using the European broker Analytics! Have a profitable trade!

Our other services, as well as trading conditions you can find at our official website.

Sincerely, Ekaterina Fechina. Company representative

Re: - European broker runs a PAMM contest

Dear Clients, team is pleased to announce thatin response to numerous requests from our clients the company has decided to run a PAMM contest.

We invite eachof you to participate in the contest for the prize fund of $2016.

Participants will compete on demo accounts aiming to make the biggest profit. The winners will be given the opportunity of becoming real PAMM account Providers and the prize fund will be distributed according to the terms of the contest.

Please see terms and conditions here.

Do not miss the opportunity of starting the New Year in the role of Provider!

Join us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Your European Broker,

Sincerely, Ekaterina Fechina. Company representative

Re: - European broker

Perfect conditions for scalping on accounts!

According to our observations, scalpers are in constant search for a broker that would fit the requirements of the trading system and offer low commissions and spreads.

If you are a scalper, is the right broker for you! If you scalp and have not yet registered with us, please pay your special attention to the information below. We offer perfect conditions for scalpers on trading accounts!

[SIZE=4] is a perfect European scalping broker![/SIZE]

No trading restrictions. Robots, expert advisors, hedging, locking, scalping and high-frequency trading are allowed.

Our company does not set any restrictions on pending orders, Take Profit and Stop Loss – you can place them at only a few points away from the current market price and even within the spread.  There is no restriction on the number of open orders per unit of time; the time of holding the trade open is not limited. Such restrictions can often be a constraint for many scalpers.

Low trading costs. On ECN, STP and PAMM accounts the spread is not fixed and depends on Buy and Sell orders on the traded instruments (from 0.0 points), the commission on STP accounts is not charged as it has already been included into the spread.

For several years has been among the top 5 ECN/DMA brokers with the narrowest spreads and lowest commissions in the Forex market.

Instant speed of processing orders – only 200 ms (0.2 seconds). Execution of orders on the real interbank market through ECN/STP technology lets scalpers win split seconds or even a few seconds. We guarantee uninterrupted operation of robots and EAs that increase the probability of profitable trades.

Personal cabinet with multi-currency eWallet is designed for convenient money transfers while trading.

Advanced trader tools - One Click Trading Level2 plugin, Margin Calculator and Pip Value Calculator, Commission Calculator, modern Personal cabinet.

Slippage control is a unique loss protection mechanism that is already integrated in MT4. Scalpers can rely on the automatic slippage control mechanism for both Market orders (Market Buy and Sell) and Pending Stop orders (Pending STOP BUY/SELL orders).

Favorable trading conditions for scalping.
STP – minimum lot from 0.01, deposit from 50$, available leverage is 1:1 - 1:500
ECN - minimum lot from 0.01, deposit from 200$, available leverage is 1:1 - 1:500

Detailed trading conditions for PAMM accounts can be found on our website in the PAMM menu.

Cooperation reliability. has a European registration and licenses. We have a spotless reputation since 2004! is your perfect scalping broker! Tested by professional scalpers and the Forex market. We look forward to start working with you!

Sincerely, Ekaterina Fechina. Company representative

Re: - European broker launches MT4 Web Trading

Dear clients and partners, team is glad to announce that Web Trading Platform has been successfully added to the range of our services.

MT4 Web Platforms offers you trading FX from any browser on any operating system. Installation of additional software is not required. Among the main features of the Platform are charts and graphical objects, all trading orders, 9 timeframes and history of trading operations.

To start trading via Web Platform click here.

Join us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and VK.

Your premier ECN broker,

Sincerely, Ekaterina Fechina. Company representative

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Re: - European broker

Contest! Get 2016$ on your PAMM account as a gift for New Year 2016!

If you can trade on demo account, enjoy the spirit of competition and want to manage a PAMM account with real capital, take part in the New Year PAMM contest from! Hurry up - the deadline for applications is November 30, 2015.

•    The rules of the PAMM contest are very simple.

The contest is open, so everyone is welcome to take part in it! To win, you need to demonstrate the highest percentage of profit on your ECN demo account. The prize fund is $2016!

The prize funds are transferred to the real PAMM accounts of the winners in the form of Provider’s capital. The profit can be withdrawn from PAMM account without any limitations.

Contest participants can trade any trading instruments available on ECN demo account. All advisors and trading systems are allowed.

•    How to take part in the PAMM contest?

1.    Register in personal area with your valid email address, active phone number and personal details.
2.    Open a Demo ECN account with $5000 virtual balance.
3.    Attach your Demo account to MyFxBook monitoring and set all parameters of the account visible and public.
4.    State your eWallet number, demo love for FSB and a link to MyFxBook account monitoring in the comments to official Facebook or VK account.

The contest trading dates: December 1 – December 31, 2015. The winners will be determined before January 8, 2016.

•    The distribution of the prize fund $2016:

1st place – $1016
2nd place – $500
3rd place – $300
4th and 5th places – $100

Detailed information about the contest can be found on our website by clicking on the full terms of the contest.

PAMM account with real capital will help the winners attract real investors and earn profittrading on the best trading conditions and using modern technological solutions of the PAMM service of European broker

Win and get a New Year gift! Join our PAMM contest and start the New Year with a new PAMM account with real prize funds on it from!

Sincerely, Ekaterina Fechina. Company representative

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