Topic: Forex VPS Cloud

Hello everyone!

My name is Ricardo Malveiro, i live in Portugal and i've started trading one year and half ago and now i just love it!

Since I was very young i love everything related to computers and money that's why i took my degree in computer science.

Actually i work as System Administrator at a very large telecommunications company Portugal, i have a lot of knowledge about computers and servers.

I tried my way coding some EA's for my self, well.. the code part went very well, but the profitability not really, so i decided to trade just manually but during my journey i've met amazing people (as person and as traders) and they had their own successful systems already coded so i just followed them!

My family needs my help and I want to support them so at the beginning of this year i started a new project, something that could make me happy, because that would have forex involved and at the same time computer things (forex, sites, servers, vps, linux - AMAZING!), so i decided to open a Forex VPS Company called "Forex VPS Cloud".

In this service i provide Forex VPS for people that would like to run others systems and i provide something that i call "Testing plans", why testing plans?!, i lost some money testing my coded strategies in live account, because in demo ones i wouldn't let it run for more than a week without changing it... So my solution would be to outsource my strategy test.. and VOILÁ thats where my "Testing Plans" came from.

The truth is I am here to help. My support is personal and I am dedicated to helping you.

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