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Topic: Try Best MT4 ECN from $10 ONLY! 100% Deposit Bonus

100% Deposit Bonus

Trader's Way widens your trading opportunities providing you with a 100% bonus on your deposit. You only need to make a deposit, send us an email and the bonus will be credited to your trading account. The bonus is cashed to your account on a daily trading volume basis.

Terms & Conditions:

    The bonus is 100% of the deposit, limited up to $5,000 per client
    The bonus is applicable for MT4.MICRO.,MT4.FIX., MT4.VAR. and MT4.ECN accounts ONLY
    The bonus is cashed to your account at the end of every day (except Micro accounts). Rebate = 0.5USD per lot
    The bonus CANNOT be withdrawn
    The bonus is cancelled in case of ANY withdrawals
    The bonus is EXCLUDED from the balance during StopOut calculation and is cancelled at the StopOut. Note: In the MetaTrader 4 trading platform the bonus is included in the equity. To calculate your real margin level you need to deduct the bonus from the equity shown in MT4 and divide this amount on the margin used.

    MetaTrader4, cTrader, Mobile Apps
    MICRO, ECN, FIXed and VARiable Spread
    Full NDD/STP & DMA/ECN access
    Minimum Deposit - No Limitations
    Maximum Leverage - 1:1000
    Tight Spreads - from 0 pips
    Minimum Order Size - 0.001 Lot
    All EAs, Scalping & Hedging Allowed


    MinDepo $0.2, MinDealSize — 0.001 lot,
    MinFixedSpread — 3 pips

    MinDepo $2, MinDealSize — 0.01 lot,
    MinFixedSpread — 2 pips

    MinDepo $2, MinDealSize — 0.01 lot,
    MinVariableSpread — 1.5 pips
    MT4.ECN. & CT.ECN.

    MinDepo $100, MinDealSize — 0.01 lot,
    MinVariableSpread — 0 pips