Topic: Zulutrade Trader Over 200% ROI in Three Months

I would like to welcome investors of Zulutrade.

Now that I have three months performance I feel it is a good time to post here and introduce myself.

Trading Style

This is a consistent growth strategy for followers to build up their accounts. I am a technical trader paying attention to overbought/sold conditions in order take advantage when price is stretched away from the near term trend. I am also watching high impact news events and positioning accordingly afterwards to take advantage of current fundamentals.

Recent Performance for Mazumafxbot

Just closed out the month well with +1,354 pips. Third month in a row booking over 1,000 pips. Average pips per trade remains high at 45 pips.

I am very happy with performance and looking to continue as is.

Investors can view my full performance and join me here,

As always,
My best!

Re: Zulutrade Trader Over 200% ROI in Three Months

There's always a catch on these lucrative scheme but has someone else tried this out already? I'd like to see some thoughts if possible please.