Topic: Problem to scan time

I have noticed with the latest updates ( EURUSD - GPBUSD )a general tendency to always stop at a certain value . An example : If we take the period of three years from the beginning of 2010 to the end of 2012, the result will always tend to be between 40.000-50.000 of all time (one hour , four hours) .

Also, I noticed that the program works with some acceleration in the first five or ten minutes, but after several hours the result is always the same value stabilized without change .

Perhaps, the particular market conditions do not allow us to go beyond these values ?

In previous versions always on the period of three years at the results after many hours were different with obvious updates even after many hours of waiting.
But now, nothing !

I am confused about these new versions : surely I preferred the previous versions.
There is the possibility of receiving a previous update that I found it more stable, thanks .

Merry Christmas

However, a great job this program.