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This might be a "too simple" strategy but I have noticed that the 13EMA and 34 EMA crossover is very often an excellent buy signal that can generate 100+ pips on the 1H and D1 Chart.

However sometimes the price is ranging (hence the price oscillates crossing up and down the 34EMA) and this are clearly "loosing" trades.

I was wondering what would be a good indicator to help me avoiding entering this small oscillations.

(The squares in the attached chart)

It might be too simple to experience traders but eventually if we can find an indicator that selects only the movements with more strenght this can be a profitable strategy.

Thank you



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Re: I need an indicator

another ma rising may help or an oscillator rising, there are lots of alternatives.

Set the criteria that you want to use and lock it and then let the generator seek a solution.

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