Topic: Trader needed

I have been trading for a year plus now with a portion of some cash I inherited. I have pretty done badly within a year and lost over $50,000. I need to recover this money back as it has affected me.
I am in need of a forex trader with experience who can help manage my trading account of two hundred and fifty thousand dollars ($250,000). If we have a good 6 months run I can invest additional funds up to one million dollars ($1,000,000)
If any is interested, send mail to   please include attachment of trading history for the last 3-6 months.
Please note, I am looking for a minimum monthly return of 5% with maximum monthly risk of 2%. I also welcome any experienced trader who can advice me on how to go about this.
I will be willing to share the monthly proceeds 70:30 (30% to trader)
Thank you.
Kindest regards