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Topic: Free VPS Forex Hosting- free , but only least 300 USD on the account


VPS Forex Hosting. VPS Server for Traders

RoboForex is pleased to provide its clients with a vps forex hosting service - VPS server. It is 24/7. Free-of-charge access to the remote trading terminal!

A remote “VPS server” is, in the first place, intended for those clients who use trading robots - expert advisors (EA) and scripts. The most important features required by these systems are a fast connection to trading servers and an opportunity to trade 24/7.
Main advantages of VPS forex hosting - “VPS server”:
an opportunity to trade 24/7 using experts and advisors. There is no need to leave your own computer running;
an opportunity to access your trading account easily from anywhere in the world without installing any special software intended for trading. All you need is a PC with an Internet connection, and access credentials to the “VPS server” and your trading account;
an opportunity for independent trade on your account from the remote terminal, and from your PC at the same time;
the quality of your internet connection has no influence on your trading process;
an opportunity to run any type of operating system (Windows, Mac OS, Linux) for trading. To connect to the remote trading terminal, you only need to read simple and easy-to-use installation instructions.
Terms and conditions of VPS forex hosting - “VPS server”:
The service is free of charge, but only available if a client has at least 300 USD on his account (or the equivalent in any other currency);
The service is only available if a client passed the verification in Live Account;
The RoboForex Company only grants access to its trading servers and sites, other Internet resources won’t be available. However, you may download and install to “VPS server” any software necessary for trading;
The client recieves full access to the VPS-server with the Administrator password. From then onward only the client could be held responsible for the results of the trade.
If a client doesn’t have a minimum amount of 300 USD on his account for more than three working days (see article 1), the Company reserves the right to stop providing a client with the “VPS server” service.

To gain access to the remote vps forex hosting - “VPS server” and trading terminal - you need to leave an application in your Live Account, “Your VPS Server” section. After your application is processed you will get an IP-address for “VPS server”, login and password. You will need this identification data to connect to the “VPS server”.